High Luxury Quality Tasting Chanel Mademoiselle J12

CHANEL is the vane of fashion trends. Every year’s fashion shows can attract many celebrities to watch the scene. Stars are afraid to miss the trend. The reason why this new MADEMOISELLE J12 watch launched in 2017 has attracted more attention and ingenious design is to move the cartoon Chanel lady wearing a black and white classic suit to the dial, making the entire model extremely energetic and humorous. This MADEMOISELLE J12 (watch model: H5242) is only 555 in the world, and the over-limit is one of the reasons that attracts everyone’s attention. It is said that 100 black and white watches in China have already been booked, and friends who like it have to try their luck abroad.

Fun dial design

MADEMOISELLE J12 dial front

MADEMOISELLE J12 hands are rhodium-plated black, white and silver lacquered hands

   In order to reflect the tribute to Ms. Chanel in the design, the dial adopts the classic image of Ms. Chanel: the black and white contrasting Chanel classic set, with exquisite pearl earrings and exquisite shallow-brimmed hat. The hour and minute hands are designed for the left and right hands of the image of Ms. Chanel. Chanel’s arms are designed with rhodium-plated black, white and silver lacquered hands. And this image is not standing straight in the dial, but a playful and relaxed standing position. From this image design, we seem to be able to see a lifelike Chanel lady, and see her pointing in the fashion empire she created.

High-tech precision ceramics and steel

MADEMOISELLE J12 uses high-tech precision ceramics and stainless steel

   CHANEL first introduced the women’s sports watch J12 series in 2000. It used high-tech precision ceramics, which were rarely used in watches at that time, as the main material for watches. High-tech precision ceramics mainly refer to high-temperature-resistant hard ceramics. The noble metal titanium or metal iridium is added to the material, which increases the hardness and high-temperature resistance of ceramics. The use of new materials has broken through tradition, enriched the appearance and performance of watches, and opened up more possibilities for watch brands. MADEMOISELLE J12 uses high-tech precision ceramics as the brand’s classic black and white. With the stainless steel of the case outer ring, you can switch between masculine and feminine at will in simple and simple. Can reflect the wearer’s pursuit of quality of life.

High luxury positioning

Black and white MADEMOISELLE J12

J12 logo on the back of the case and diamonds

   MADEMOISELLE J12, as the boutique of CHANEL in the transformation of watchmaking technology, CHANEL itself is synonymous with quality and classics. This watch is limited to 555 pieces worldwide, and each case has a diamond and J12 logo on the back of the case. This watch has become a fashionable plaything sought after by celebrities. Compared to the positioning of this watch, the price of about 50,000 yuan does not look high.

Useful functions

MADEMOISELLE J12 Arabic numeral time scale
   Fashion watches, generally rarely consider practicality when designing. Of course, when we are tasting a fashion watch, we do not take practicality as the criterion for measuring it. But the designer of MADEMOISELLE J12 not only made the dial very interesting, but also considered that the watch is actually a practical tool. This watch uses Arabic numerals, the black dial is dotted with white timescales, and the combination of black and white makes the time clear and elegant. In addition, the 38 mm diameter design also reflects ease of wearing, and the 200-meter water-resistant depth is more than enough to deal with situations where water may be encountered in daily wear.

Tribute to Ms. Chanel


   As a fashion benchmark, CHANEL has been in existence for over a century since it was founded in 1913. Chanel’s founder Ms. Chanel is good at breaking through traditions. Every product she involves, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and perfumes, can be called classics. 2017 is the 30th year of CHANEL’s launch of watches. In this sense, this watch reinterprets J12 in a humorous and interesting way, paying tribute to the great Chanel for breaking through the traditional style and attitude.

MADEMOISELLE J12 real shot

In summary: Ms. Chanel’s greatness is not only the creation of CHANEL, a fashion empire. Her pioneering spirit, fearless style, and pursuit of quality of life are worthy of our respect and study. MADEMOISELLE J12 is not just a fashion watch, it is worth more attention than the watch itself. With it, you not only have a watch, but you also have affirmation of the quality of life.

Longines Wemes Second Hand Setting Watch

Reference price: not priced
Model: L2.713.8.13.2, equipped with movement L699 (ETA A07 111), automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of 46 hours. Rose gold case with a diameter of 46.5 mm. The uncovered caseback is engraved with a pattern and number, and the ‘Louis XV’ crown. White lacquered dial, black dual-track minute scale, blue stainless steel ‘Breguet’ hands, central rotating inner ring surface adjustable to synchronize with the radio signal of the second hand, brown alligator leather strap with ‘Charleston’ telescopic buckle.
Recommended reason:
Everyone knows Lin Bai, and everyone knows Longines’ classic ‘Lin Bai’ watch. Longines launches this Wilms second hand setting watch, paying tribute to Wilms who invented the famous navigation system. As the captain of the navy, Wilms was actually a teacher of the flying home Lin Bai. Such a mysterious relationship makes this watch very meaningful.

Classic Design Bucherer Patravi Autodate Automatic Watch

Carl F. Bucherer (Bauchilai) Patravi AutoDate automatic watch, sharp outline, classic design, simple appearance retains the most practical functions.
Carl F. Bucherer Patravi AutoDate
The self-winding mechanical watch allows fresh people who are just out of the society to wear full of confidence and vitality.
Carl F. Bucherer Patravi AutoDate
    The Carl F. Bucherer Patravi AutoDate is also the first entry for newcomers to mechanical watches. The meticulous and shiny stainless steel case is matched with the excellent black / white alligator strap or stainless steel strap. The simple three The large needle and date display function make the panel present a professional and neat personal style. The 38 mm diameter is full of charm.
Carl F. Bucherer Patravi AutoDate
This series of timeless watches is not only suitable for various occasions, but also the most meaningful and memorable gift for the fresh people in society.

Second Eye Beauty Radar New Hao Xing 1616 Watch

Radar was born in 1917. It is also the first brand to use ceramic material. Through the skillful use of ceramic material, it has laid the foundation for the rise of radar. The name is associated with a watch with a personal design made of non-fragile materials. Today, what I want to accept is not a radar ceramic watch, but a new HyperChrome 1616 titanium watch model launched by Radar at the Baselworld 2016, the official model of the watch is: 764.0172.3.101.

   The radar Haoxing series is a new series launched in 2012. Inspired by the classic models of the Radar, it has a watch series suitable for various occasions. This titanium Haoxing series watch brought today is from The shape is still very novel from the material.
This radar 1616 watch is a new interpretation of RADO’s classic Cape Horn series. It is designed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of humanity’s brave exploration of South American headlands. In this 400 years, radar launched the The Series 1616 watch underscores the brand’s eternal pursuit of avant-garde design and superior materials.



 Titanium case design, the hardness of titanium metal is far more than ordinary metal coating or coating. Rado Swiss radar uses a hardening process to make titanium hardness up to 1000 Vickers, close to 5 times the hardness of steel, and the weight is only half of the same volume of steel.


 The 46 mm diameter case design is also a highlight of the watch. The case design has sharp edges and corners, and there is a circle in a square. This design is honest. At first glance, it feels average when seen in Basel, without highlights. , No desire to buy, but now turn around and take a closer look and feel more and more beautiful, this is a ‘second eye beauty’ watch.


 The watch uses a 46 mm diameter design and a hardened grade 5 titanium case. The silver-white dial is equipped with golden hour hands and hands. The watch has a date display window and a day display window at 6 o’clock. The weekly display window of the watch is a vertical line display, which is obviously different from the current mainstream horizontal line display. It is awkward at first glance, and it looks good again, with personality and aesthetics, and the crown of the watch. There are two upper and lower bridge design to ensure the safety of the crown.

 The watch uses a dense bottom design, so the precise movement inside the movement cannot be seen, but it also ensures the watch is 100 meters waterproof. The watch is equipped with an ETA C07.621 self-winding movement, which can provide 80 hours of power reserve when fully wound. At present, many Swiss brands use this movement or slightly modify it to achieve 80 hours of power. Reserve small long-powered watch.

Summary: This watch introduced today is a hardened grade 5 titanium case, and there is also a black-faced ceramic watch for selection. Although this model is a 46 mm diameter design, it is worn. It doesn’t look overwhelming on the average wrist, similar to Panerai’s models.

Compass Camera, Self-made One

The Compass camera is avant-garde, extremely sophisticated, and made a name for itself in the photography world with its unique and extraordinary quality. It has only been issued in a limited number of 4,000 units and has been popular with collectors since 1937. About a century ago, Jaeger-LeCoultre left footprints in the photography world. During World War II, Jaeger-LeCoultre produced a unique camera: Compass.

   The adventure unfolded in the UK. The protagonist, Noel Pemberton Billing, is a businessman and pilot who founded an airline in his hometown, a freight company in South Africa, and a casino in Mexico. He is also a poet, writer, and engineer, and has about a hundred inventions, including prototypes of Spitfire fighters. One night in the late 1920s, the distinguished inventor and man bet that he could invent a camera that was superior in quality, had all the functions, and was even small enough to fit in a cigarette case.
   However, he soon realized that to develop and manufacture such a camera, he needed the assistance of a well-equipped watchmaker who fully mastered the miniaturization technology and was ready to take on the challenge. At this time, LeCoultre & Cie, the predecessor of Jaeger-LeCoultre, had made hundreds of movements, including the smallest and thinnest movement in the world at the time, and the classic Atmos air clock. As a result, Pemberton Billing made a special trip to Ru Valley in 1934, and the watch factory was also interested in his invention plan.

   After three years of development and the necessary fine-tuning, the 290-component camera Compass was completed. This camera was formally launched in 1937, and caused a great response due to its avant-garde design and multiple functions. Its functions include: exposure meter, rangefinder, retractable hood, built-in filter, extinction meter, exposure indicator, right-angle viewfinder, and panoramic and stereo viewfinder devices. It is also equipped with a special ultra-light tripod.
   With the outbreak of World War II and roll film issues, the Compass camera was no longer in production and has since become a collector’s favorite.

Tengfei Beijing Watch Factory China’s Pioneer Of High-end Watches

Watch enthusiasts admire and admire the movement of the watch, put the ‘engine’ on the wrist of the Buddha. When staring at the watch, the ‘click’ sound created by the watch craftsmen is always deep. Attracting, so, in addition to timing, watches and clocks have gradually become a sustenance of people’s feelings. As we all know, Swiss clocks have always enjoyed a good reputation in the world. Swiss-made clocks are exquisite and complex. However, in the pursuit of fine watchmaking, the Chinese brand-Beijing has never ceased its efforts and innovations.
  Although there is still a big gap between our domestic brands and foreign timepieces in terms of technology and craftsmanship, relatively speaking, Beijing watchmaking is still exploring on the road of struggle, and the brand’s achievements are still worthy of recognition. For half a century, Beijing watches are like a awakening dragon, which will release more energy, show more glory, and constantly achieve the perfect fusion of Chinese culture and watches.

 Brand development
  The development history of Beijing Watch Factory incorporates the brand’s spirit of struggle and represents the rise of Chinese brands. Beijing Watch Factory was founded on June 19, 1958. At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, there were only 21 cadres and workers. They were all transferred from the public-private joint-venture watch factory in Xuanwu District. In order to present a gift to the 9th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, they had no factory, no equipment, and no capital. With the experience of developing and producing alarm clocks, with the help of teachers and students from the second department of Beijing Institute of Technology, they were surveying and mapping the Swiss ‘Great Rome’ watch On the basis of more than three months of hard work, the first batch of 17 watches were developed in September, filling the gap in the Beijing watch industry.

  In 2006, the ‘Beijing’ tourbillon platinum diamond watch ‘Yu Long Xi Feng’ exhibited at the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland. In the same year, the watch was collected for 1 million yuan, becoming the first watch of its kind in China.

  Since ancient times, the Chinese have a spirit of self-improvement and tenacious struggle. With the continuous innovation and hard work of staff, today’s Beijing Watch Factory has become more complete, and has mastered the tourbillon, double tourbillon, three questions about tourbillon, dual axis The design and manufacturing technology of highly complex watches such as three-dimensional tourbillons and long barrels and power, mastered the production of advanced watches such as micro-engraving, hollowing, enamel, precious metal processing and gem setting, becoming the core of high-end watches with completely independent intellectual property rights Technology watch maker. I believe that in the future, Beijing watches will bring us more miracles.

  The above takes you to understand the history of the brand’s struggle. The following watch homes will take you into its core soul-watches. Different series of watches will bring you a new experience.
 Hand Carving-You Long Xi Feng

  Since ancient times, Dragon and Phoenix have been regarded by the Chinese as a symbol of rights, nobility, and good luck. The dragon has always been a symbol of Chinese monarchs, while the phoenix represents the ancient concubine. You Long Xi Feng is the most auspicious scene in ancient legends. According to this legend, the Beijing Watch Factory named the Chinese tourbillon watch that it presented to the Basel International Watch Fair as ‘Dragon Dragon and Phoenix’. This watch is not only one of the representative works of Beijing watches, but also represents traditional Chinese culture. head to the World.

  Every detail of this watch fully displays Chinese elements. In the center of the ring dial, the registered trademark of Beijing Watch Factory, Tiananmen Tower, is directly carved on the main splint, which is hidden between the rising clouds. A dragon in Xiangyun appears and disappears from time to time. Dragon Lin, Dragon Claw and even the glazed tiles on the Tiananmen Gate are clearly visible. This gorgeous color is as noble and elegant as the palace of the Forbidden City. The pendulum of the tourbillon mechanism is just like a Chinese Lingyan flying with wings. The little swallow is engraved with layers of feathers.

  The engraving master also ingeniously on the back of all plywood (that is, the assembly reference plane), the box wheel, the box cover, the fork plywood, the turntable, the double sides of the second wheel, and the side of the box wheel and the spokes of the center wheel 2. The movable outer ring and even the screw surface are engraved with exquisite patterns. Every detail is polished to be very delicate, and each part is full of the unique style and creativity of Beijing watchmaking. The creation of this spiritual Chinese tourbillon watch has gone through a lot of heat and cold. The carving of the splint and the main splint has lasted for more than three months, which is enough to reflect the masters of excellence in quality.
 Enamel Movement-Butterfly Love Flower

  ‘Zhuang Sheng wakes up in a dream, and there are flying butterflies in love with flowers’ is a distant legend, and Beijing watchmaking draws inspiration from it to create another realm. On the whole, this watch conveys a dreamy world. The colorful dial is a beautiful sky garden. The colorful flowers bloom in the sun and let the butterflies swim. ,dance to tune.

  The front of this watch is made of silver enamel main splint, and the hollow tourbillon window does not affect the complete enamel pattern. The hands of the watch are also decorated with yellow, green and blue, blending with the hue of the large background, making it more harmonious and beautiful. When it is less than 2 mm wide, there is a blooming tulip and lush green leaves on the minute hand, showing a spring blooming scene. A blooming rose on the large steel wheel on the back of the watch, and a spider plant on the umbrella-shaped plywood, named ‘Fuchsia’. Silver billet and gold wire enamel is the most classic and most colorful representative of all enamel technologies. ‘Butterfly Love Flower’ is also the world’s first silver billet filigree enamel splint watch (the main splint double-sided enamel). Maybe its details cannot be impeccable, but on the road of innovation, it is still a boutique .

  In addition, other enamel watches also have different design concepts and styles. Each dial is like a beautiful scroll, telling the history and culture of China for thousands of years.
 Accurate timing-mechanical watch

  In addition to complex styles, Beijing watchmaking also pays attention to the production of general mechanical watches, including hollow-winding mechanical watches, bracelet mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches. The simpler the watch, the more it will make people feel addicted.

  A simple mechanical watch does not require much decoration. This watch uses a small three-hand design, and the brand logo at 12 o’clock echoes the small second hand at 6 o’clock. Silver Arabic numerals and time scales reflect a simple modern style. The wide application of leather straps can make the watch feel lighter and more comfortable.

Summary: Any brand is a development process from scratch, small to large. There are periods of depression, rise, and success. For Beijing watchmaking, the road ahead is still far away and there is still room for improvement. Big. From any perspective, we have no reason to reject a growing brand, because the opportunity is for those who are brave and rapid. As one of the few domestic watch brands and authentic national watches, we believe that Beijing watchmaking will continue to progress and innovate, opening up a new world for China’s watchmaking field. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)

2013 Lange Watchmaking Competition

Lange once again presented the International Young Watchmaker Award. This year’s € 10,000 prize was won by Austrian participants. Lange held the award ceremony of the 4th Lange Watchmaking Contest on December 5, 2013. This event emphasizes the importance of nurturing a new generation of precision watchmakers. Vienna entrant Paul Wudy (23) from the Technical School of Karl­stein in Austria received a prize of 10,000 euros for his second time zone display. The young watchmaker received the award from Walter Lange, founder of contemporary Lange brand, and Wilhelm Schmid, president of Lange, at a press conference in Glashütte.

   Lange invited famous watchmaking colleges from all over the world to participate in the competition. In the end, eight new watchmakers from Germany, Austria, Japan, Denmark, Finland, France and the Netherlands were qualified. They visited the Lange watch factory together this summer, familiarizing themselves with Lange’s traditional watchmaking culture during the one-week study. On the last day of the event, the contestants accepted the competition task. Each of them should design and produce a fully functioning second time zone display device based on the ETA 6498 movement within five months. A jury of five experts began reviewing each entry in November. In addition to Walter Lange and Anthony de Haas, Lange Product Development Director, other judges include watch reporters Gisbert L. Brunner and Peter Braun, and Peter Plaßmeyer, director of the Mathematical Physics Salon in Dresden. Uniqueness and innovation are the primary scoring criteria. The technical performance, workmanship and aesthetic elements of the work are also important criteria.

Overview of entries in 2013
   In Yun Yun’s work, the four-handed device designed by Paul Hudi can show the difference between 30 minutes and 15 minutes between the two time zones, which impressed the jury. Experts especially appreciate that the table is clear and easy to read, and simple and practical.

   Paul Huddy (right) received awards from Lange President Wilhelm Schmid (center) and company founder Walter Lange (left).

Complex Machinery Tasting Roger Dubuis Excalibur White Gold Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon Watch

For a long time, Roger Dubuis Excalibur series models with its iconic case provide a new display space for various large complex functions, presenting its Excalibur high-end watch series with its unique sense of power and charm. Today, the Watch House brings you a Roger Dubuis Excalibur advanced watch series watch that combines two exquisite craftsmanship of a hollow movement and a dual flying tourbillon. The official model of the watch is RDDBEX0396.

   As we all know, Roger Dubuis is particularly good at making tourbillons, and only produces the most sophisticated and charming flying tourbillons. In terms of movement hollowing, Roger Dubuy has been committed to the research and development of new hollow-out movements since the establishment of the watch factory, and strives to develop a lighter, smarter, creative and bold modern hollow-out movement.

45 mm white gold case

   This watch, a combination of openwork and a double flying tourbillon, comes in a 45mm white gold case. The shape follows the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protector and three lugs to secure the strap. The arc-shaped convex sapphire crystal has a rigid and rounded curve. The 1200-hour skeleton-decorated double tourbillon calibre has been made at a glance. The splints and bridges are streamlined to the extreme, so that the essence is truly preserved and the gorgeous interior layout is created with extraordinary technology.

Platinum crown with Excalibur’s exquisite crown protection design

   The side of the case is brushed for a more precious metal feel. The platinum crown on the side adopts the exquisite crown protection design of the Excalibur series. The crown occupies almost one-half of the side of the case.

Hand-stitched black alligator strap

   Hand-stitched black alligator leather strap with clear and neat texture. It is accompanied by an adjustable folding buckle in white gold. The buckle is engraved with Roger Dubuis English, and the details show the brand’s subtlety.

Highly recognizable design of the three-choke lugs

   The design of the Sancha lugs is extremely high, and the three lugs are linked to the strap, giving a very strong and durable feel.

Hollow decorative double flying tourbillon dial

   Viewed from the front, this hollow decorative double flying tourbillon dial, the carbon gray foreign aid is printed with the white transfer minute ring and Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) lettering, separated by platinum screws by 5th. With the gold hollow hour and minute hands, the reading is simple and clear. Star-shaped appearance design, Celtic cross tourbillon frame at 4, 5 and 7, 8 o’clock, treated with gray anthracite, equipped with seconds dial and small second hand. As if looking at a patchwork metal city.
   The Geneva mark is engraved on the movement at 6 o’clock. The Geneva Seal is the highest proof of the world’s watchmaking process. A small shield like ‘eagle’ and ‘spoon’ engraved on the movement is the most sacred glory of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Only official watch movements that are entirely handmade, assembled and tuned in the Geneva area and meet stringent watchmaking quality requirements can receive this official certification. Although it may not be a good watch without the Geneva mark, meeting the criteria of the Geneva mark can almost represent the excellence of watchmaking. A total of 20 million watches are produced in Switzerland each year, of which only 24,000 are eligible for the Geneva Seal. Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker to have the Geneva mark engraved on all its movements.

RD01SQ skeletonized double tourbillon movement

   The skeletonized double tourbillon movement with RD01SQ is composed of 319 parts. From the splint to the smallest screws, all parts of the movement are hand-processed, adhering to the most traditional watchmaking techniques, such as polishing chamfers, side pull All the visible surfaces need to be polished, the screw heads need to be polished or rounded grained, and the edges are chamfered. 1200 hours of production time, of which 360 hours are used to meet the strict requirements of the Geneva Seal. The thickness of the movement is 7.67 millimeters and 28 stones. It can provide a 48-hour power reserve.
   This movement is characterized by a dual flying tourbillon with differential gears, two tourbillon frames located between 4 and 5 o’clock, and 7 and 8 o’clock, each wheel rotating once a minute, Accurately adjusted in six directions. Provides 50 water resistance.

   Summary: This watch earnestly magnifies the ‘art’ characteristics of the mechanical watch. It is a new idea for the structure function of the movement, a unique design of the layout and shape. It is a new concept work, superb craftsmanship and modern design Combined, it is an exquisite work with a strong sense of modernity.

A Tribute To Watchmaking Tradition

Tissot Leglock Standard Hand Watch is a member of the popular Leglock watch series, named after the birthplace of Tissot in the small mountain town of Jura, Switzerland. This watch inherits Tissot’s long-established watchmaking tradition and is firmly committed to the future. The detailed design, including the large hands indicating the minutes, is intended to pay homage to the original ‘normative hands.’ In the 18th and 19th centuries, early watchmaking workshops used standard pointer technology to verify the accuracy of pocket watch movement. At that time, the time of the watch was not as accurate as it is now. The deviation is in minutes, but it has not been calculated in seconds. Because of this, minutes were the most accurate quantification at the time. To reflect this feature, this watch puts a chronograph dial to indicate the seconds at the bottom of the dial, and an hour counter at the top of the dial.

 The gentle and elegant temperament exudes romantic retro feelings. The classic design of the Tissot-Rock standard pointer watch will surely be favored by watch lovers, like a historical work of art, which has been renewed in the long river of time. This watch has a variety of styles to choose from, including a modern stainless steel model, a stylish gold PVD two-tone model, and a classic black model with a rose gold case. Different appearances can meet various life scenarios. Need, above classic and fashion, enjoy your elegant moment.

Technical Parameters
• Made in Switzerland
• Automatic winding mechanical movement
• 316L stainless steel case, transparent case back, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
• Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 3 bar
• Leather strap with butterfly clasp; sturdy 316L stainless steel strap with butterfly clasp and buttons
• PVD process for gold and rose gold plating
• Table diameter: 39.3 mm

Nomos Launches Tangente Bauhaus Centennial Limited Watch

In 1919, the world famous Bauhaus School of Art and Design was established in Weimar, Germany. Despite its closure in 1933, the Bauhaus had an important influence on 20th-century design. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, NOMOS launched the Tangente 100-year limited edition watch.

 The NOMOSTangente Bauhaus Centennial Collection contains a total of 9 watches with different themes. The new watches are made of stainless steel and are available in 33mm, 35mm and 38mm sizes, each with three dial options. The dial is in sketch paper color, with a matte yellowish tint, and the minute circle is decorated with three primary colors of red, blue or yellow. It is also equipped with black hands and transfer hour markers for a simple and low-key look.

 Each of the 9 watches is limited to 100 pieces, and the solid steel cover on the case back is engraved with an exclusive limited number. On Thursday, August 23, NOMOS will open the Tangente Bauhaus 100-year limited edition reservation on the official website.

NOMOSTangente Centennial Bauhaus
Diameter: 33 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm
Thickness: 6.4 mm (33 mm), 6.2 mm (35 mm), 6.6 mm (38 mm)
Material: Stainless steel
Color: sketch paper with blue, red or yellow accents
Time scale: Arabic numerals or stick scale
Hands: Black oxidized
Fluorescence: None
Water resistance: 30 meters
Chain strap: Black Holvin premium Cordova horse leather strap
Movement: NOMOSAlpha
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Diameter: 23.3 mm
Thickness: 2.6 mm
Power reserve: 43 hours
Winding: manual
Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 times / hour)
Number of gems: 17
Stop-second mechanism, adjusted in six positions, blue steel screws and rhodium-plated bridges
Price: $ 1,660 (33 mm), $ 1,800 (35 mm), $ 1,930 (38 mm)
Listing: Thursday, August 23, opens reservations on the official website; expands to authorized retailers later this month
Limitation: Each model is limited to 100 pieces (900 pieces in total)