Month: September 2010

During The Summit Of Zermatt, Zenith Opens A New Store

On December 17, 2014, Zenith ushered in the grand opening ceremony of the new boutique in Zermatt, Switzerland. Zermatt is a well-known ultra-fashion resort in Switzerland and is known as the ‘Glacier City’.

   This brand new boutique is located at 14 Bahnhofstrasse in the centre of the town. The opening ceremony on Wednesday followed the purest mountain tradition, full of enthusiasm and laughter, and about 100 specially invited guests participated in the day’s activities to witness this wonderful moment.

   Schindler’s chief watchmaker CEO Daniel Sieber and Zenith International Sales Director Nicolas Meda attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and delivered a warm speech to celebrate the partnership between the two companies. . Nicolas Meda said: ‘Zermatt is an important iconic tourist and cultural destination, and being able to take a place here is essential to Zenith.’

   Daniel Sieber is also encouraged by the opening of Zenith’s new boutique. ‘Zermatt is the most popular resort in Europe. Opening two 45 square meters boutiques here can be a big challenge. , We have four sales representatives here to meet the needs of international travelers. Launching this project with Zenith and TAG Heuer is a natural step in our partnership, and now it can be seen that it has become a reality. A very enjoyable thing. ‘


Athens Manager Dual Time Zone Watch

Athens manager dual time zone watch
之一 One of the most convenient dual-time watches, stainless steel 43 mm case, buttons made of high-tech ceramic, UN-24 movement
Features: Unique display of off-site time and time in the form of a window, patented large calendar window at 2 o’clock
Adjustment method: Equipped with patented dual time zone quick adjustment device, the 10 o’clock button moves forward for one hour, and the 8 o’clock button moves backward for one hour.
The function of the watch is nothing more than that. Manufacturers launch new products every year, while discontinuing outdated products, all kinds of patterns can be seen on the face. The length of the book was exhausted, but I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t the cup of tea I belonged to.
In fact, as long as it is clear which features are most needed, the watch is not so difficult to choose. I do n’t see him. In today’s waiting halls, there are a lot of people buried in iPads. Everyone is enjoying it, and no one feels that there is anything wrong with the same thing. It is not difficult to draw the three necessary conditions for the so-called killer application, namely convenience, practicality and popularity. It is based on these three points that watch consumers will be divided into: some people only wear automatic watches, some people love the simple version of the junior calendar, some people go out and do not leave their perpetual calendar. However, from the perspective of compatibility, GMT watches are recognized as a killer application.
感觉 GMT watches want this feeling. Ordinary mechanical watches, under normal operating conditions, we cannot adjust them, at most they are wound, otherwise it will affect the normal running time of the watch. GMT watches do not have this concern. Users can play according to their own wishes without changing the time in the main time zone. The entry-level GMT model, the adjustment of the off-site time and the main time zone are all realized through the 3-point crown. For more high-end models, the adjustment of the off-site is independent of the crown. This adjustment has profound meaning. Earlier human beings realized the independence of hands and feet. They started with grasping tools and finally grasped the fate of human beings.


Inheriting The Classic Glory, Creating A Splendid Feast, The World Premiere Of The Celebrity Watch Series

Baume & Mercier, a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating classic and elegant high-end watches. Today, born in the ‘Golden Fifties’ classic model, inherited from the long-established Brunnet watchmaking technology, Baume & Mercier launched the new Clifton series.

Baume & Mercier watch 1950 stainless steel watch (left), 1950 pink gold watch (right)
   As the perfect companion for men’s professional elites, spanning 182 years of pure watchmaking history, drawn from the New York metropolitan style in the 1950s, the Crichton series landed in Xintiandi, Shanghai-this is the prosperous landmark of the modern era, which was first revealed to the world face. Baume & Mercier CEO Mr. Alain Zimmermann, Design Director Mr. Alexandre Peraldi, together with Baume & Mercier’s best friend and well-known movie star Ms. Dong Jie appeared at the world premiere of Baume & Mercier’s new Clayton series. On the same day, many industry elites visited the event, including Zhang Xiangdong, the founder and president of 3G Portal, the famous pianist Sun Yingdi, the well-known sculptor Gao Xiaowu, and Leo Hwang, executive director of Parkview Green. The stars hold the moon, and they are prosperous, witnessing the unique charm of the new Clifton series.

Mr. Alain Zimmermann (third from left), CEO of Baume & Mercier, and Zhang Xiangdong (first from left), founder and president of the industry leader 3G portal, Leo Hwang (second from left), executive director of Parkview Green, and famous pianist Sun Yingdi (Second from right), well-known sculptor Gao Xiaowu (first from right)
Traveling through 182 years of history, tasting watchmaking culture
   Today, Baume & Mercier has created a unique space to showcase the 182-year history of the brand to watch lovers. This time, a total of 15 antique watches arrived from Shanghai for the first time for display in the Swiss Brand Museum, each of which reflects the classic and timeless beauty. The most striking of these is undoubtedly the inspiration of this release of the Clayton series. Its easy-to-read classic arc-shaped dial condenses elegant retro gentlemanishness. In addition, there are many antique watches that represent the masterpieces of watchmaking achievements and heritage. The tourbillon chronograph in 1893 won the first place in the Royal Observatory timing competition. And set a record high of 91.9 points at that time, this record has been maintained for ten years; an 18K gold manual winding mechanical movement pocket watch in 1940 won the mark of Geneva-the highest glory in the watch industry; launched in the late 1940s One of the most successful watches in history: Marquise, the dial of this jewellery watch is completely built into the strap, and the superb craftsmanship is amazing, until the late 1960s, it has been the brand’s star watch . Listening to the sound of the movement of the movement, time seemed to freeze and stagnate. What’s more worth mentioning is that for the first time for this event, the Musée Jurassiend’Art et d’Histoire Museum in Switzerland lent out the Baume? Family crest and family album, which records the precious history, so that the viewers can stop and linger.

Baume & Mercier Creighton Collection World Premiere History Hall
   Traces of time of the last two centuries are engraved in the nostalgic furnishings on the site. Old photos and historical records of the family quietly tell the brilliant history of the celebrity family. In 1830, the brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume founded the fine watchmaking workshop in the small town of Les Bois, Switzerland. They soon gained a good reputation in the field of fine watchmaking. In 1851 ‘Baume Bros’ was founded in London, and continued to expand its international business, creating a legend in the watch industry. By the end of the 19th century, the brand began to gain international fame and won numerous awards at international exhibitions held in Paris, Melbourne, Zurich, Amsterdam, London and Chicago, becoming the leader in the watch industry.

Baume & Mercier Creighton Collection World Premiere History Hall
   In 1918, the third generation leader of the Baume family, William Baume and Paul Mercier met in Geneva. With their passion for watchmaking, they co-founded the Baume & Mercier brand. From generation to generation, from fraternity to deep friendship and entrepreneurship, from sophisticated and sophisticated watchmaking technology to far-sighted innovation, Baume & Mercier has always adhered to the motto of ‘Aestheticism and only manufactures watches of the highest quality’ and has won numerous Awards, gold medals and awards from international watchmaking authorities. In 1920, Baume & Mercier became the manufacturer of movements with the most Poinçon de Genève seals, and was awarded a certificate. Today, the brand is still a perfect example.

Baume & Mercier Clayton Series World Premiere Watchmaker Class
   Following the pace of time, people entered another room. The retro display was like a New York office in the 1950s, all revealing a gentle and gentle gentleman. The design inspiration of the new Clifton series is drawn from a classic watch from the 1950s. It has a modern elegant appearance and sophisticated traditional high-end watchmaking techniques, showing unique taste and outstanding style of successful people. Every watch enthusiast present was amazed.

Baume & Mercier Clayton Series World Premiere Watchmaker Class
Baume & Mercier Collection: Reinventing Reality
   Keeping abreast of the trend of the times and sticking to traditional craftsmanship, the new Clifton series has smooth lines, perfect proportions, and simple and elegant designs that show low-key luxury. 1950 was a golden age recognized in the watchmaking industry. The classic circular arc dial of Crichton, the unique lugs and the double beveled design on the side of the watch were inspired by the delicate lines of an antique wrist at the time. All are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with a stainless steel or 18K red gold case and a crocodile leather strap, which is both classic and elegant, and contains the essential characteristics of high-end watches. Whether in Manhattan, New York or Shanghai Xintiandi, it perfectly integrates with the characteristics of the times and the urban prosperity, and interprets the male elegance, perseverance and aggressive style.

Baume & Mercier Clayton Series World Premiere Watchmaker Class
   The urban elites, including Zhang Xiangdong, the founder and president of 3G Portal, the famous pianist Sun Yingdi, the well-known sculptor Gao Xiaowu, and Leo Hwang, executive director of Parkview Green, all wore different Clayton watches and wrists. The elegant elegance revealed between them complements their elite identity, and the essence of classics and modernity is sublimated. For Clayton men, while coping with the fast-paced life, they also know how to enjoy quietness alone. They work in the workplace and enjoy happy moments with their families. They are brave enough to accept challenges and seek peace and fulfillment in their hearts. The timeless values ​​and fine design shown by the Crichton series watches are a perfect interpretation of the brand’s motto: Life is about moments. As a precious commemoration of a special moment, the Crichton watch seals every profound precious memory, leaving eternal monumental meaning and sincere emotion.

Baume & Mercier Clayton Series World Premiere Watchmaker Class
   With her elegant and intellectual image, Ms. Dong Jie, a well-known friend of the famous brand and well-known movie star, also set off the Cleton men. ‘I have always been a loyal fan of Baume & Mercier watches,’ said Dong Jie. ‘The Clifton watch is low-key and simple, yet it has the classic and modern atmosphere, which is very in line with the ideal male image.’

Ms. Dong Jie, a good friend of Baume & Mercier watch brand, and a famous movie star
   In order to celebrate the world premiere of the Clifton series, Baume & Mercier specially set up a Clifton series exclusive website On the website, you can admire the fashion watches and ‘Life is about Moments’ from various industry leaders. ‘Micro Movie Series. At the same time, netizens can share their insights on life and precious moments in life through interaction with the official microblog

   The Clifton series is inspired by historical models from the 1950s. The New York fashion of 1950 is still modern today, and it is similar to Shanghai’s Shanghai style. This cultural fit is also the world premiere of our choice of Shanghai Xintiandi. One of the reasons, ‘said Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier.’ Today, Baume & Mercier launches the Clayton series. We look forward to this extraordinary and time-honored new collection that will accompany more elite men in the workplace Chase the rhythm of the city and enjoy the feeling of life! ‘
About Baume & Mercier
   Baume & Mercier, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating watches of exceptional quality and restrained luxury. Today, the brand’s main collections include the classic glamour Linea, the dynamic and elegant Capeland, the classic and everlasting Hampton, and the perfectly matched brand’s new motto 2011, Clesme ( Classima). In 2011, Baume & Mercier opened a whole new chapter. The philosophy of Humberton’s seaside life fits perfectly with the genuine brand values ​​that celebrities want to convey: joy, sharing and endurance. This magical land of Humberton has also inspired a new motto of Baume & Mercier watch: condensing precious moments. Baume & Mercier watches will become the most unique and intimate companions of precious moments in life, sharing warmth such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, first employment or family gatherings.