Month: June 2011

Unique And Elegant Tasting Oris Multi-functional Moon Phase Watch

As early as a few years ago, the Athens watch was famous for its ‘astronomical trilogy’ with a lunar eclipse and a display of the coordinates of the moon. Now the moon phase watch is more loved by countless watch lovers. Oris has been adhering to the creation of perfect mechanical watches based on traditional Swiss craftsmanship since 1904. From built-in to appearance, it embodies high-quality innovation and pursuit. Today, the House of Watches will bring you a mysterious watch journey, taste Oris multifunctional moon phase watch. Official model number: 015816176635351-0751870FC

  Wearing an elegant watch with moon phase function, keeping abreast of the changes in the moon’s gloomy and clear, and feeling the mystery from the cosmic sky, this will undoubtedly add endless fun to our lives.

  This Oris watch comes in 35mm and 40mm compact sizes. You can choose the dial and strap according to different styles. The case is made of multi-piece stainless steel, and the upper ring of 18K rose gold looks shiny and shiny, and the whole looks generous and elegant.

  Viewed from the side, the stainless steel crown is decorated with the Oris logo, and the coin pattern around it is more indicative of the brand’s noble pedigree. The two small buttons above and below are integrated into the crown.
  The silver-gray guilloché dial with luminous paint hands and graduations adds a bit of playfulness and refinement to a single dial in color. In addition, the watch also has the date, day of the week, and the second time zone small dial, which is suitable for any occasion, day or night.

  The non-crown side of the watch is very smooth and polished. The advantage of stainless steel is that not only the surface is beautiful, but also the maintenance is simple and convenient.
  The moon phase function must be the essence of this watch, which can clearly show the moon’s trajectory. At 12 o’clock, there is a delicate moon phase window, which is presented in the shape of a meniscus, and the mysterious night sky is filled with shining stars.

  The strap of this watch is a dark brown leather strap, which can clearly see the natural texture on the strap, and the gaps between the positions of the buttonholes are very uniform, which reflects Oris’s attitude of excellence.

  The stainless steel folding buckle is very convenient to open and close. When the buckle is closed, the logo of Oris appears on the wrist, which is definitely an honor for many people.

  The model engraved on the bottom of the watch must be the pursuit of many watch fans. Each watch has its own model. The string of numbers is a status symbol. The back of the transparent mineral glass allows you to fully feel the charm of the mechanical watch.

Summary: Since the ancient times, the literati saints have forged an inextricable bond with the moon: toasting Mingyue, facing the shadows into three people; Ye Kuangyun, a low tree, and Jiang Qingyue being close to him … If you own this watch, At this moment, we will also follow the shadow of the moon, travel ancient and modern, and spend every happy hour together. Official model number: 015816176635-0751870FC; reference price: 26,400 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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2014 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair Interview With Mr. Chen Sichu, Deputy General Manager Of Rossini

The Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair 2014 will be grandly opened in the Convention and Exhibition Center from June 26th to 29th. As a domestic watch industry, a watch and feast with a lot of brands is full of expectations. Rossini, a famous Chinese watch brand, performed well in this exhibition and launched many new watches. This year coincides with Rossini’s 30th anniversary and is also Rossini’s ‘Year of Brand Building’. Rossini’s decision-makers attach great importance to the successful holding of a series of brand events. Participating in watch exhibitions is another label of brand innovation. In the meantime, we had the pleasure to interview Mr. Chen Sichu, the deputy general manager of Rossini, to explain the future development direction of Rossini.

Q: What’s next for Rossini? Will it focus on improving Rossini’s brand positioning?
A: Our vision is to ‘open a century-old store, a Genesis brand’. From this vision, we can see the direction of Rossini’s development. We are market-oriented, economically focused, and we follow the path of sustainable development. We will gradually develop, focus on brand building and promotion, control watch quality, quality is our life, and enhance brand image. We have undergone a series of reforms to exchange blood, in exchange for the quality of our current watches has improved significantly. Our future development direction is still focused on improving watch quality and brand image.

Rossini 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch 8617

Q: What do you think of online media?
A: Online media is undoubtedly a nightmare of traditional media. Some people say that the industry is going to die, including media. We are also changing to online media. This is an irreversible trend.

 We are currently doing electronic business. The next era is definitely the era of online and offline integration. In the past, when we bought products, we would go directly to department stores and specialty stores. Now most of us will first obtain information confidence from the Internet, and then consider where to buy? Please expand with your own decision to decide whether to buy online or offline. In the future, we can not only see Rossini’s specialty stores offline, but also see Rossini’s information on the Internet. There are also some video websites, self-media and other media in full bloom, we are also paying attention to the development of online media.

Rossini’s new business watch 2014

Q: This year marks the 30th anniversary of Rossini’s establishment. Are there any major events for the brand?
A: We will have a 30th anniversary brand event in Zhuhai on August 6th. At that time, we will invite our brand spokesman Hu Jun to come to the scene to make a new product show.

Rosinho Invigorating Fashion Women’s Watch

Question: Why did Rossini ask Hu Jun as a brand spokesperson?
A: Our Rossini brand has been the top seller for more than ten years in a row. Rossini, which was just announced on June 25, ranks first in the industry with a brand value of 6.6 billion, with all kinds of honors in one. We ask Hu Jun as the spokesperson of the brand, not only for its high popularity, but also for his reputation. We do not want to choose a star to bring negative news to Rossini brand, such as some time ago The Huang Haibo incident and the article incident made us vigilant. Hu Jun has some unique things on his body. He is a tough guy himself. He has also created a lot of tough guy heroes on the screen. His positive energy is relatively obvious. His family is also very harmonious and filial to his parents. Although he has a very high popularity, he has always kept a low profile, very restrained, and it is in line with our corporate culture.


Omega Seahorse Series Nzl-32 Chronograph

In commemoration of the brilliant achievements of the New Zealand team in the America’s Cup regatta, Omega specially released this NZL-32 chronograph of the seahorse series (the NZL-32 sailing ship which won the America’s Cup regatta in 1995) And got its name). In order to meet the special needs of the sailing competition, Omega specially equipped this watch with a ‘countdown to the sailing boat’ function. This function is realized through five special circular indicator windows on the dial. Within ten minutes before the signal is sent, the first five minutes will gradually turn the blue window, and after five minutes, it will turn red to remind Crew time remaining from the official start. Equipped with the Omega 3602 self-winding movement certified by the Swiss Observatory, with a power reserve of 40 hours

Five things in common between watches and sailing
    Power: Neither watches nor sailing boats need any energy. Sailing boats rely on the wind to run both downwind and upwind. A sailing boat that is purely for leisure and does not participate in any race can be fitted with a diesel engine according to personal wishes to deal with the situation where the sea is completely windless. Coincidentally, the watch can also use two methods of automatic winding and manual winding to provide power for the mainspring. Some people think that winding is too much trouble, so they only wear quartz watches.
    Complex mechanical structure: The complexity of the sails and masts and the mechanical movement of the watch have a fight. The structures of different grades of sailboats, masts and sails are completely different, but they are all designed to maximize the use of wind, improve speed and take into account safety. The mechanical movement of the watch is also in many categories, giving rise to various dazzling complex functions. But no matter how complicated the watch is, the accuracy and stability of the timing is always an issue that cannot be ignored.
    Manipulability: Neither watches nor sailboats are used to show off. Both are manipulative and can be fun to drive. However, the watch we call it play, it is a person’s pleasure, and the large sailing boat is a team sports, very challenging. The two kinds of driving pleasure are perfectly combined in the big sailing sport, whether it is the ten-minute countdown before the start of the race, or the control of time and various unexpected events during the race. The so-called maneuverability, power is not the most important, and many times it requires you to make accurate judgments.
    Masculinity: Traditionally, sailing is regarded as a man’s sport. Men challenge nature by driving the sailing boat. They want to have their own space and do not want women to participate. Many women are unwilling to try sailing, which may be related to personal factors, such as being unable to tolerate inability to take a shower, hairdressing, makeup, and fear of tanning. Watches are also dominated by men. Men have a deeper understanding of watches and use it to control time. In the eyes of women, it is not so much the person who likes a watch as the person who likes to give them a watch. This is the same reason that they want to live with their lover.
    Connotation: Watches and sailing boats are also expensive, and they are not understandable when they are young, but people like them very much in middle age. Although sailing can be participated by men, women, and children, sailing people are usually older, so we sometimes call sailing a ‘Gentleman Race’. People who wear watches also have to go through the years to learn how to use their watches to lock in their own achievements.