At the recently announced Oscars in sports, the 2013 Lawrence World Sports Awards ceremony, British tennis player and Swiss radar global brand spokesperson Andy Murray relied on the US Open Championship and the London Olympics The men’s singles gold medal and mixed double silver medals performed extremely well, winning the ‘Best Breakthrough Award’. He also used his outstanding performance, and another tennis event shined in the world sports for four consecutive years.

¬†2012 was a challenging and breakthrough year for Andy Murray, and also the beginning of RADO’s association with the future star. All the way out of the siege, Murray constantly challenged himself, but also broke through history. From the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the London Olympics to the U.S. Open Grand Slam, RADO has become Andy Murray’s ‘lucky watch’, witnessing his winning moment all the way.

¬†There is no doubt that Andy Murray has become the best endorser of RADO’s pioneering image in the spirit of constantly surpassing himself, pursuing precision and perfection. Let us applaud the outstanding performance of this young tennis star!