Month: December 2011

Breitling Became Concours D’ Elégance Suisse Official Timing Partner

The origin of Breitling and cars can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. At the Concoursd’Elégance Suisse (Swiss Elegance Competition) held from June 22nd to 24th, 2018, the brand appeared as the official timing partner. This event provided the world’s most outstanding classic and antique car owners the opportunity to display their collections. This year, a total of 70 well-preserved models were displayed in four categories in Châteaude Coppet near Lake Geneva.

 The theme of Concoursd’EléganceSuisse in 2018 is “1920–1939: From Modernity to Design”. This theme resonates especially with Breitling, as it was at that time that the brand formed a strong connection with cars and aviation. That era was full of groundbreaking design, building a bridge between the past and the present, and many Breitling’s current products use this as a source of inspiration.

 As the Breitling CEO Georges Kern pointed out, participating in this year’s Concoursd’EléganceSuisse opens a new chapter in Breitling’s connection to premium cars, a partnership that is a natural extension of the brand’s car legend. ‘Participation in motor activities and motorsport is indeed part of Breitling’s DNA, which can be traced back to the early stages of the brand. It is a pleasure to be a member of Concoursd’EléganceSuisse. The focus and value of the event are consistent with Breitling.’

 Breitling took this opportunity to highlight the heritage of the brand. Representatives of the board of directors and watch collector FredMandelbaum participated in the discussion and went back in time. At the same time, Breitling also exhibited some antique models, which contributed to the brand’s early success. In addition, Breitling also opened a pop-up shop on the grass of Châteaude Coppet, displaying the latest timepiece products, as well as historical models from the 1920s to the 1930s. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Seiko 100th Anniversary Watch

To celebrate the centennial of Seiko (Seiko) ‘s home-made watches in Japan, Seiko launched a series of centennial watches at the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland. The Presage commemorative replica of Japan’s first domestic watch ‘Laurel’ in 1913, relive the timeless classics, limited to 1,500 each in the world. And the Brightz series, which is specially made for Huanyu Business Yashi, also launched the 100-year anniversary limited edition. With gorgeous pearl white and dazzling rose gold, it brings the confident and honorable elite leaders the refined and honored taste, with a limit of 500 worldwide. Seiko’s century-old watchmaking style reappeared in 2013, leading fans around the world to appreciate and appreciate this long-established brand development.

 Presage centennial commemorative watch

Presage commemorative model reproduces the centuries of Japanese watches and clocks

 Seiko, a Japanese watch leader with more than 130 years of history, celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first self-made watch in 2013 and upheld the brand vision of ‘always ahead.’ The founder of the Seiko brand, Kintaro Hattori, began selling and repairing imported watches in 1881. In response to market demand, he began to manufacture wall clocks. At the time when pocket watches were the key product at the time, Seiko was aware of the needs of the era and began its own research All parts and self-produced enamel dials finally gave birth to the first homemade watch ‘Seiko Laurel’ in the history of Japanese watches in 1913. This is a product that combines aesthetics and technology and takes into account the needs of the times. An important starting point for the world’s top watchmakers. At the beginning of the next century of watchmaking, 2013 is a year of important milestones. Seiko not only designed a commemorative mark for the 100th year of watchmaking, but also launched a ‘Presage 100th Anniversary Remembrance Watch’ that reproduces classic mechanical technology.

 Japan’s first domestically produced watch Seiko Laurel (1913)

The Presage 100th Anniversary (SRP385J1 / SRP389J1) meticulously reproduces the characteristics of the ‘Laurel’ watch of the year in the overall design and many details of the watch: the Arabic numerals unique to the 1920s led us to revisit the era Elegance and vintage style, specially made into bright red at 12 o’clock, inheriting the essence of pure watchmaking a century ago, and at the same time concise and easy to read; the hands are designed with glazed black lancet needles, with track-type graduation marks , More ancient and elegant. The Presage 100th Anniversary commemorative watch commemorates not only the continuous improvement of watchmaking technology, but also the transmission of emotions that go with time, integrates timeless ancient techniques into the footsteps of the times, and reinterprets the vitality of watchmaking for 100 years.

 Brightz Centennial Limited Edition, White Titanium Case

The unique craftsmanship of ‘Universal Brightz’

 The ‘Brightz Centennial Limited Edition’ (SAGA142J) uses pearl white, a symbol of timelessness and classics, as the base design of the watch, and reproduces the pioneering spirit of the first homemade watch 100 years ago with gorgeous elements. The white titanium case with Seiko’s patented technology creates a light texture; the bezel is made of sapphire crystal, and the ultra-hard coating (DiaShield *) technology developed by Seiko has greatly improved wear resistance, and it can increase visibility and perfection. It presents a dazzling metallic color; the center of the dial is decorated with fine textures and embellished with magnificent rose gold, exuding grace; and the diamond display is set boldly at 9-11 o’clock, with three-dimensional structure, The thick case with a height of 13.3mm and the magnified Roman numerals at 12 o’clock shows the overall presence and exudes a century-old commemorative luxury taste.

 Brightz commemorative model SAGA142, limited number engraved on the back, with exclusive case and alligator strap

 The Brightz Centennial Limited Edition uses an environmentally-friendly solar movement that can receive radio waves from Japan, the United States, and China. It also has a world time display and two places. The mirror surface uses double-sided non-reflective sapphire crystal glass, and also uses Super Clear Coating technology, which can suppress more than 99% of light reflection, provide natural and clear visual effects in a nearly glass-free state, and achieve excellent recognition. Wear practical and integrate into business fashion, let the urban gentleman show the ultimate man’s character.