2012 Women’s Watch Popular Trends Detailed Explanation

Jewelry and mechanical watches have always been the two ends of women’s watches. This year, the two mainstreams have their own innovations. Extremely luxurious snowflake diamonds in jewelry watches have attracted attention, while mechanical watches use floating tourbillons, Perpetual calendar and other super-complex functions open up women’s appreciation of functions. In addition, some brands have also made developments in the field of women’s sports watches that have not been paid much attention to. For example, TAG Heuer invited the Perak Jiawa racing car girl Melon Diaz to endorse, and the Omega Seamaster series ‘James Bond 007 five The ‘Tenth Anniversary Collector’ also designed a 36.25 mm women’s model. Chanel and Dior watches, which are good at new materials, are more serialized. New materials have become one of the important choices for women when they buy watches.
Luxury watches for women’s watches
Patek Philippe 7099R Women’s Watch
The Patek Philippe 7099R ladies’ watch, which was unveiled at Baselworld this year, and the enamel watch that Chanel and Ms. Anita collaborated on, all use the snowflake setting method, but unfortunately, Chanel’s rare set of 4 limited edition enamel wrist The watch can only meet fans in September, but this also leaves us more suspense.
独一无二 This unique and extremely elegant watch is the latest model from the Gondolo ‘Haute Joaillerie’ haute jewellery collection. It is accompanied by an elegantly curved barrel-shaped rosette case, paved with non-directional inlaid diamonds, and the precious hand-carved dial also set with diamonds. Ref.7099 is equipped with an exquisite hand-wound rectangular movement.
宝 玑 200th Anniversary Edition of Naples Women’s Watch Series
玑 Breguet, famous for its Naples women’s watch series, launched the ‘200th Anniversary’ banner and launched four different women’s watches in various styles, including a large number of luxury models with diamonds.
Women’s watch four major mechanical articles
Patek Philippe Lady First Ref. 7140 puts the perpetual calendar and moon phase on the stage of women’s watches
百 Among the many brands that have pushed women’s watches to the throne of complex movements, Patek Philippe is the leader this year. Since the introduction of the three-question women’s watch and the two-second chronograph women’s watch last year, this year’s Lady First Ref. 7140 of Patek Philippe has moved the perpetual calendar and moon phase to the stage of women’s watches, becoming the brand’s first slender for women A wrist watch with a perpetual calendar.
Exquisite and elegant ‘Première Flying Tourbillon’
Chanel’s ‘Première Flying Tourbillon’ No. 5 floating tourbillon female watch is a perfect combination of aesthetics and function, the shape of the flower on the dial comes from Miss Chanel’s favorite camellia. However, the theme of the flower is also subtly integrated into the movement of the hands: the flywheel makes one revolution per minute, and the petals represent the second hand.
Four major sports trends for women
TAG Heuer invites Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz to endorse
TAG Heuer, a watch brand that has always been associated with racing cars, always gives men a sense of fortitude, but in the face of the female watch frenzy, it also invited the Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz to endorse this classic ‘Perak’ The racing women’s watch gives an image that can not be more vivid. The strong launch of the Lincoln Women’s Watch Series is extremely feminine on the dial performance, while the strap retains the unique S-shaped link design of the Lincoln Racing Watch, as if the warm marks left by burning tires on the racing track.
The heroic women are also selected as the endorsement of the new watch is also the engineers of BALL (BALL) engineer hydrocarbon series ceramic medium-sized watches. Edurne Pasaban, who joined the Bollist Explorers Association this year, is the only woman among the few explorers in the world to conquer 14 peaks over 8000 meters.
材质 Ladies’ Four Trends in New Materials
Aunt Chanel J12 GMT White Ceramic Watch
Hublot Fruit Collection Pavé Tourbillon Ladies’ Watch
Chanel’s original best-selling J12 series has launched a new material model. Hublot then played high-tech contrast colors, and black ceramics and colored diamonds made a gorgeous choice. Dior’s watch series never played with the black charm of ceramics. This year, the white ceramics market has matured, and it has finally opened up a variety of female watches with pure white ceramics.