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Recommend From Thrift To Luxury 4 Models Of Advanced Women’s Diamond Watches

Nine out of ten women like diamonds. Necklaces, earrings and rings are eager for diamonds, and watches are no exception. For women, is it a mechanical watch? It is not important whether there is timekeeping, perpetual calendar, or flyback. The most important thing is that the watch conforms to its own style. Good looks are always the most important part of women. If you add diamonds, The embellishment will definitely make them more emotional. Of course, the price of diamond watches naturally rises, but fortunately, they are not all out of reach, from 6,000 to 100,000, see if the four watches below are good for you.
Amido Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch
The Amami Helmsman series is a good choice to show the intellectual charm of women. The entire watch is trying to show the beauty of female curves. The 31 mm diameter dial is water resistant to 50 meters and protected by the sapphire scratch-resistant mirror. The vortex Geneva wave dial can be clearly seen. This watch is distinguished by 8 natural diamonds. A few diamonds show the feel of rivets under the swirling background, without too many complicated details, in exchange for a chic and able temperament, this watch is a relatively low-key diamond watch.

Mido Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 6,400
Tissot Kutu Diamond Women’s Watch
The Kukutu series is intended to explain women’s ever-evolving diversity of light. Like women, they sometimes need to show their fashion and generosity, and sometimes they need to convey a gentle and elegant temperament. The line of the women’s watch of the Kutu series is round and smooth. The simplicity reveals the introverted fashion of the diamond women’s watch. The outer ring of the dial is inlaid with 52 small and exquisite precious diamonds, reflecting the colorful light.

Tissot Kutu Series Diamond Women’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 11,000-11,400
Omega Constellation 27mm Diamond Women’s Watch
Two words to describe the Omega constellation diamond female watch can be: bright, retro. The watch has a diameter of 27 mm. The case and bracelet are made of 18K red gold and stainless steel. The bezel is set with 132 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing a total of 0.5 carats. The blue dial also features 12 single-cut diamonds with hour markers totaling 0.12 carats. Powering this constellation is the Omega 1376 quartz movement, a acclaimed movement for its high accuracy.

Omega Constellation 27mm Diamond Women’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 71,900
Cartier Blue Balloon Diamond Women’s Watch
The Cartier brand itself is an “Emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor”, and its diamond watch must not be wrong. This diamond-studded blue balloon can be described with luxury and luxury. Choosing the finest diamonds and perfect gorgeous designs, the blue balloon watch has become the cherished treasure of women’s dreams. The clear diamonds set on the dial and the pink alligator strap convey a feminine look.

Cartier Blue Balloon Diamond Women’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 124,000

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Exploring The Mystery Of The Legend

Tudor watches opened a new path in 1954, continuing its watchmaking legend. That year, the brand’s first diving watch, the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner (model 7922), was launched. Adhering to the brand’s purpose, this watch has reached the highest standards in terms of durability, reliability, accuracy and water resistance, and the price is moderate, and it was widely welcomed by professionals soon after its launch. This original professional watch has evolved over the next 45 years, further catering to the specific requirements of the brand’s customers, especially diversified divers. The first generation of the Tudor Submariner has successively launched multiple versions, each of which has significantly improved performance. For example, the maximum functional dive depth was initially set to 100 meters, and the model 7924 introduced in 1958 had been increased to 200 meters. During this period, the brand has repeatedly tested to determine the characteristics of the ideal diving watch, and to save it. As a result, each model of the 7900 series has its own characteristics, regardless of whether related functions are retained during the product development process, all of which lay the foundation for the legendary creation of the brand. In fact, the Tudor Submariner’s creative principles and technical specifications have been gradually established since the early 1960s, and the last model 7928 was equipped with an easily recognizable arc-shaped crown shoulder guard.

   The second historical era of the Tudor Submariner began in 1969, until the last appearance of the series in the 1999 catalog. Although this model is based on the 7900 series, its development has not stopped. From a technical point of view, the ETA automatic winding movement replaces the existing movement. Aesthetically, the Tudor Submariner debuted in a new look in 1969. To meet the exact needs of diving, this watch is not only equipped with a unique dial, square hour markers, but also hands that collectors call ‘snowflake’. This watch has been in the catalog until 1981. In 1976, the brand introduced a smaller case style.

   Tudor Submariner is not only promoted and sold in the mass market, but also gains favor from important army members. The French Navy (MN), the United States Navy (USN) and other military organizations have successively adopted this watch, which fully proves its ruggedness and reliability.

First series: Tudor Submariners series 1954 to 1968

   The first Tudor diving watch (model 7922) was introduced in 1954. A few years later, the TUDOR SUBMARINER of the model 7928 made its official debut in the brand’s catalog.

   At the same time, Tudor watches are seeking different technical solutions to improve the performance of this diving tool watch. Although the brand did not print promotional information for the first generation of diving watches, it did not hinder sales. Related products were immediately praised after the launch, especially in the naval forces of many major countries.

   Although the models 7922, 7923, 7924, and 7925 are all 37 mm and do not have crown guards, each model exhibits different characteristics in accordance with brand research. Model 7922 has a water-resistant depth of 100 meters; model 7923 is equipped with a manual winding movement; model 7924 has a water-resistant depth of 200 meters; model 7925 has all the features of 7924, but the water-resistant depth is only 100 meters. Model 7928 is the last model in the 7900 series. It has a crown guard that protects the winding crown, guarantees a water resistance of 200 meters, and is equipped with an automatic winding movement. Most of the Submariner launched by Tudor have the above characteristics. In the late 1990s, the model 7928 was introduced, which is a collection of experimental results of diving watches for many years.

Tudor OYSTER series SUBMARINER 7923

   Model 7923 is the only Tudor Submariner with a manually wound movement. The structure of this diving watch is particularly flat because of this technology. Its screw-down caseback and crown, unique Oyster case design, and domed crystals make the Tudor Oyster Submariner water-resistant to 100 meters.

   As this watch is no longer equipped with a self-winding movement, the words ‘ROTOR’ and ‘SELF-WINDING’ engraved on the black lacquered dial at 6 o’clock have been changed to ‘ SUBMARINER ‘and’ SHOCK-RESISTING ‘. The dial is not marked with water resistance, and the hands are also switched to a rod design, which is different from the first generation Submariner models.
Model 7923 is equipped with the ETA 1182 manual winding movement with a swing frequency of 18,000 times per hour. The model 6636 oyster strap comes with rivet links and the Rolex logo. In the example shown here, two round bars replace the more common curved links, connecting the end of the strap and the case.

Second series: Tudor SUBMARINERS series 1969 to 1999

   In the late 1960s, Tudor launched a number of Submariner models based on the brand’s best diving watches at that time. The characteristics of each watch were fully revealed in the last model 7928. In fact, two new models-7016 and 7021-appeared in the 1969 product catalog at the same time. Both are equipped with a new automatic movement and a new dial. The new dial has a unique square hour mark, and the collectors call it ‘Snowflake’ indicator. Model 7021 is the first Tudor Submariner watch with calendar function. Later, the brand launched another combination of blue dial and outer ring.

   Different models appeared in the middle of the 1970s. One of them, a small diving watch, the Tudor Submariner Princess Date, debuted in the catalog. In the following years, a number of small models such as the Tudor Submariner Prince Oysterdate, Prince Oysterdate Mini-Sub and Princess Oysterdate Lady-Sub were also launched.

   In the last years of the Tudor Submariner series, various models still incorporate a number of significant innovative elements, including a highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a concave directional outer ring, and different dial and outer ring designs. In general, from 1969 to 1999, the Tudor Submariner series launched a total of more than 20 different models, the relevant versions are even more numerous, and each section retains the main features of this series.


   Two new Tudor Submariner models-7016 and 7021-appeared in the 1969 product catalog, marking the beginning of the brand’s second generation of diving watches. The model 7016 introduced here was produced in 1969 and contains a lot of details. Among them, the most striking are the dial and hands. This watch is paired with clear oversized square hour markers and replaces the original rose logo with a shield that symbolizes solidity and reliability. As for the pointer that collectors call ‘snowflake’, combined with the luminous square design, it makes reading easier. This new dial is not only easy to identify, it has become a major feature of Tudor.

   Another major change of model 7016 is to replace the 390 automatic winding movement with the ETA2483 movement. Both of them have a swing frequency of 18,000 times per hour. The line of the watch continues the design of the previous generation and is equipped with a 39 mm Rolex case, which is water-resistant to 200 meters; and a round crown shoulder, a Rolex screw-in crown, and a 60-minute graduated outer ring with two-way rotation, the outer ring It is divided into 5 minutes and the first 15 minutes are in units of one minute; the watch is also equipped with a Rolex Oyster strap with folding links. In addition, the Plexiglas Plexiglas mirror surface is modified from a dome shape to a flat and protruding design.

Military dive watch

   If a professional tool is adopted by the relevant organization and the tool is fully utilized in its main activities, this is undoubtedly the best evidence for determining the quality of the tool. Over the years, the French Navy, the US Navy, and other important military organizations around the world have equipped the army elite with Tudor Submariner, and they have been widely praised. They have been repeatedly affirmed in terms of quality and sturdiness, and have gained increasing reputation. In fact, Tudor diving watches used by military organizations are not specially customized or specially developed. The models selected by these agencies can be found in the product catalog. The only difference from a publicly available watch is the engraving of its screw-in caseback. For example, the Tudor Submariner used by the French Navy is engraved with the abbreviation ‘M.N.’ and the last two digits of the year the watch was shipped.

   In view of the fact that these watches have often been used in extremely harsh environmental conditions for many years, it is very rare that these watches are still intact. Because these watches are relatively rare, coupled with their own stories and different perspectives on the world, this series of watches has been watched by collectors and is very precious. The following content selects some military Tudor Submariner models for detailed explanation.


   Navy divers often use parachute safety straps to make straps, and this model 9401, introduced in 1977, is an example. This material is full of elasticity, it is very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust even when wearing a wetsuit. ‘M.N. 77’ is engraved on the back of this watch.

   The straps shown here are not produced by Tudor.


Audemars Piguet Ambassador Joekovic Came To Taiwan To Hold A Vip Photo Meeting

AUDEMARS PIGUET, Switzerland’s top watch brand, sponsored the ‘Audemars Piguet Classic 2012 World Tennis Tournament in Taiwan’ this year, and specially invited two world-renowned tennis players: Audemars Piguet Brand Ambassador─ Novak Djokovic and Nicolas Almagro of Spain came to Taiwan on September 29 at 2:30 pm for Taiwan’s tennis lovers The audience played a ‘2012 Taiwan World Tennis Championship’.

    On the afternoon of September 28, the day before the competition, Audemars Piguet Taiwan specially invited a number of VIPs to come in close contact with Audemars Piguet Ambassador Joekovic and held a VIP photo meeting. Weng Tiansheng, General Manager of Audemars Piguet, Taiwan, said: ‘The opportunity to invite the world-class AP brand ambassador, Joekovic, to Taiwan is a rare opportunity. We have specially arranged this VIP during his busy and tight schedule. The photo meeting is to give back to the VIPs who love AP, so that everyone can have the opportunity to personally contact the world’s king of the ball and take a group photo.
    Chokovic was wearing Legacy, a limited edition of 1,500 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore Arnold heritage commemorative watches. He shared the origin of his cooperation with AP during the meeting: ‘My father is a watch collector, and still collects all kinds of watches, and his favorite watch brand is Audemars Piguet, so When I had my first AP watch, I had a dream come true. ‘
    He also talked about the characteristics of Audemars Piguet in the interview: ‘Audemars Piguet is currently the only century-old watch factory still in the hands of the founding family. Audemars Piguet’s passion for meticulous watchmaking, meticulous respect for tradition, professionalism and innovation are What I appreciate the most is also in line with my sports philosophy. ‘

    To express welcome, Taiwan Audemars Piguet presented Mr. Weng Tiansheng, general manager of Taiwan Audemars Piguet, with a calligraphy ‘World King of Balls’ and Djokovic. This ‘World King of Balls’ was written by Taiwanese calligrapher Mr. Xu Yongjin. It was written by Mr. Xu imagining the vigorous swinging movement of Joekovic. Not only is it magnificent, but the handwriting is also quite vigorous and powerful. ‘World King’ also represents Audemars Piguet’s expectations and confidence in Chokovic. Mr. Xu Yongjin once helped the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to write TAIWAN slogans that combined Taiwan’s tourist attractions with local human characteristics. At the same time, he was also a master calligrapher for the opening theme of the movie ‘艋舺’.
    Audemars Piguet VIPs who came to the event also wore all kinds of Audemars Piguet watches. When taking photos with AP brand ambassador Jokovic, they did not forget to show their watches. Two large TVs before and after the scene also showed a unique moment of Joekovic: he told the fifth set of a major match he played with Roger Federer in 2011, and he will always remember to pull off at the end The shot at the match point, because it was a perfect shot that broke the routine and exceeded expectations, completely responding to Audemars Piguet’s theme this year: ‘To break the rules, you must first master them . ‘