Month: April 2012

New Preview Of Baselworld 2013-omega Ladymatic Female Watch

The Ladymatic series combines the fashionable and avant-garde design with the revolutionary Omega 8520 coaxial movement, which is an excellent choice for delicate women’s watches. The new model features a glamorous dial that makes the Ladymatic collection even more gorgeous.

Gorgeous dial, fashion pioneer

   Charming purple; unique pink mother-of-pearl; touching blue mother-of-pearl; unique gradient gray.

   Since its launch in 2010, the Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch has become a model for highlighting the brand’s style and innovation with its unique and attractive design.

   The dazzling Omega Ladymatic Women’s Watch features a 34mm polished stainless steel case with a distinctive white, black or rose-colored ceramic ring located between the decorative ripple on the outer ring and the main body of the inner ring case. Each watch comes with a satin brushed leather strap or polished stainless steel bracelet that matches the color of the dial.

   The Ladymatic women’s dial is dazzled with unique sun rays. The 11-hour scale is embellished with diamonds set in 18K white gold arched brackets, which are full of brilliance, and a calendar window at 3 o’clock. The polished beveled minute, hour and second hands are made of 18K white gold with a white luminous coating. Double-sided anti-reflective arched anti-wear sapphire crystal provides comprehensive protection for the gorgeous dial.

   The screw-down crown is set with ‘bright omega-cut’ diamonds, which complement the dazzling snowflake diamond bezel or the pure and elegant polished steel bezel.

   Through the polished sapphire back, the Omega 8520 coaxial movement inside the watch is clearly visible. The coaxial escapement and Omega’s unique Si14 silicon balance spring ensure the watch’s stable and reliable performance. Omega therefore provides a four-year after-sales service guarantee for this precision timepiece officially certified by the Swiss Observatory.


A Precious Moment, Accompanied By A Lifetime Montblanc’s World’s First Concept Boutique Was Completed In Taipei 101 Xuanang

June 16, 2015, Taipei-Recently, Montblanc’s world’s first concept boutique was unveiled at Taipei 101 Shopping Center. Mr. Jérôme Lambert, President of Montblanc, visited the opening scene and Chinese brand ambassador Miss Gui Lunmei cut the ribbon together. To celebrate the opening, the brand specially invited Montblanc pen-making masters to create unique and unique writing style pens for the guests present. At the same time, the brand also specially launched the ‘Taipei Charm Blue Time Series Hollow Model 149 Pen’ and Taipei 101 Limited Edition products, which perfectly explained the brand-new concept of this boutique-‘Precious moments, lifelong companions’.
Opening ribbon photo- (from left) Ms. Ding Zurong, general manager of Montblanc Taiwan, Mr. Jérôme Lambert, global president of Montblanc, Ms. Gui Lunmei, brand ambassador for China, Ms. Song Wenqi, chairman of Taipei 101, and president of Montblanc Asia Pacific Mr. Julien Renard

Interactive interactive experience to create a new concept shopping environment
   Montblanc’s new concept boutique is located on the first floor of Taipei 101 Shopping Center. It is designed by French space designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. Through its unique artistic vision and aesthetic aesthetics, it is based on iconic black and white elements. With unique decorative materials, it creates a brand new shopping space and presents a design concept that is closely integrated with the brand’s foundation. The curved curve can be seen everywhere, like smooth line handwriting, echoing the brand’s timeless writing culture. The black lacquered wall is rendered with animated ink, which blends the appropriate shades of ink rhyme to create the brand’s unique emotional atmosphere. The artistic inspiration of the animation ink is taken from Montblanc’s unique resin materials, which vividly outlines the brand’s vitality and the creative soul that keeps pace with the times. The entire store is specially made of brass, leather, precious metals and wooden materials, which interprets Montblanc’s extraordinary achievements in the fields of watchmaking, leather goods, jewelry and writing instruments.
Montblanc Taipei 101 Global New Concept Boutique Store

   Montblanc 101’s new concept boutique also incorporates a “prompt” brand experience, designed to enhance the customer’s interactive experience during the shopping process — specially set up interactive screens that allow customers to experience the supreme craftsmanship of the Montblanc watchmaking world at close range ; In the leather workshop area, customers can feel Montblanc’s requirements for high-quality products by touching, observing and sniffing a variety of top Italian leathers; and in the specially customized area, various writing instruments, pens and The ink allows customers to experience different writing pleasures here.
   Montblanc Global President Mr. Lamborgie said: ‘This new concept boutique aims to create a sophisticated and stylish shopping environment and a ‘proximity’ interactive space, attracting more connoisseurs and young customers, so that they can be as authentic and simple as possible. Appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of each Montblanc product, and explore the rich brand heritage of Montblanc. In the long history of Montblanc, the completion of this concept store is a major milestone. We look forward to a more diverse customer base. With our consistent support for Montblanc, work with us to write about the future of the brand. ‘
Montblanc Taipei 101 is the world’s first new concept boutique shop

Montblanc China brand ambassador Gui Lunmei made a splendid interpretation of the brand’s timeless philosophy
   On the same day, Montblanc China brand ambassador Gui Luanmeng appeared in a red backless pantsuit. Modern jumpsuits with neat tailoring, sexy and elegant style added Montblanc fashion charm, perfectly interpreting the classic and continuous The essence of the brand that shapes aesthetics. Gui Lunmei shared: ‘I am very honored to join the Montblanc family, and I am very proud to have the world’s first concept boutique choose to open in the city where I live-Taipei. Taipei is a metropolis compatible with technology, culture and fashion. Montblanc chose to start a new journey for the brand here, which is of great significance for the times. ‘
Montblanc Taipei 101 World’s First New Concept Boutique_Leather Accessories Experience Zone

Montblanc Bohème Perpetual Calendar Watch Sets the Infinite Elegance of Modern Women
   At the opening scene, Guilun Magnesium, the brand ambassador of China, chose to wear the Montblanc Bohème Perpetual Calendar watch. The exquisite watch is designed for independent and intelligent modern women. Machined pattern decoration, surrounded by floral Arabic numerals, and equipped with the MB29.15 self-winding movement, making reading and perpetual calendar functions clear at a glance. This watch, made of 18k rose gold, is set with 60 top Wesselton diamonds. It not only incorporates sophisticated and traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, but also perfectly presents the noble elegance of women.
Montblanc China Brand Ambassador Gui Lunmag Experiences Pen Custom Service in Store

Personalized pen and nozzle custom service to write your own life story
   In the Montblanc Global Concept Boutique, Bespoke personalized pen nib customization service is also launched, and international pen masters are specially invited to create pen nibs tailored to their writing habits for customers. After the writing method is measured, recorded, and analyzed by specially developed software, a writing analysis expert makes a complete evaluation and confirmation based on the writing speed, writing pressure, pen rotation angle, swing range, and tilt angle. The master of the craftsmanship produces a perfect and accurate pen tip that matches the customer’s writing habits by hand polishing. The brand master Ms. Gui Lunmei also experienced the service in person, and discussed the unique writing philosophy and production process with the production master, and explored a unique writing journey. Gui Lunmei said: ‘The commentary and analysis of the master pen-maker made me know more about my writing habits, and I also look forward to owning a personal writing tool, such a special piece of work that is worthy of permanent collection.’
Montblanc China brand ambassador Ms. Gui Lunmei and Mr. Jerome Lambert, global president of Montblanc

The world’s first Montblanc Meisterstuck Charm Blue Time series hollowed out 149 fountain pen, a low-key interpretation of urban charm
   Along with this opening, Montblanc launched the Taipan Charm Blue Time series hollow model 149 fountain pen for the first time. The collection is inspired by the gorgeous and charming dark blue twilight. The pen body uses a translucent design with hollow drawing and the outer layer is covered with colorful metropolis camouflage-the interlaced lines are intertwined into a hazy and peaceful dark blue tone, which captures the city ingeniously. The mysterious atmosphere of dusk and night alternating. This hollow-out 149 fountain pen features a Montblanc classic hexagonal white star logo with quartz and black onyx at the tip of the cap. The nib is made of gold rhodium-plated (Au 750) and each is engraved with a hexagonal pattern. Montblanc has specially designed a unique packaging for this pen, engraving smooth interlaced lines on the wooden lacquered box, echoing the hollow design of the pen body; it also has a light blue transparent glass window to reflect the pleasing design of the series, Whether used for collection or display, it has its unique value.
Montblanc China brand ambassador Gui Lunmag showcases world premiere works _ Montblanc Meisterstück Charm Blue Time Series 149 hollow pen (price NT $ 280,300)

Montblanc series works, witness every important moment in life
   To celebrate the grand opening of the new concept boutique in Taipei 101, Montblanc has created a special limited edition 101 sets of ‘Montblanc Meister Masterpiece 149 Masterpiece Series Taipei 101 Limited Writing Tools’. This limited-edition work uses fountain pen nibs to sculpt the architectural features of Taipei 101. The pen body is made of high-quality black resin, and the details are decorated with rose gold plating to show the brand’s modern luxury. In addition, the ‘Montblanc Taipei 101 Limited Three-Card Business Card Holder’ has also been launched, carefully crafted by the Florence Leather Workshop, printed with the embossed relief of the Taipei 101 building, which sets off the pure beauty of leather. In addition to two limited-edition items, Montblanc’s heritage timepieces and ultra-thin watches, as well as Montblanc’s new leather goods series, the Taipan Sfumato ink leather collection, have also attracted much attention. Montblanc’s products are diverse in design, from writing instruments and watches to leather goods and accessories. Every piece of work exists for an important moment in life. Montblanc China brand ambassador Gui Lunmei also said that on every important occasion she attended, she was accompanied by Montblanc, as if she was a close friend to record the story of her life and compose a wonderful life journey.
Celebrities at the opening reception gathered to open a beautiful chapter for Montblanc
   At the subsequent opening reception, celebrities from all walks of life gathered together, shining stars: film superstar Nagase Masatoshi, social celebrities Chen Yanlan, Dong Xiaohui, Wu Jiheng, Chen Jianheng, Cao Shilun, Wen Xiaohong, supermodels Lin Ruoya, Ji Yawen, stylist Chen Sunhua, Tony, designer Lin Xiaotong, Huang Jiaxiang, superstar photographer Huang Tianren, and young talent actors Fu Xiaoyun, Gao Yingxuan, and Zhu Yiying all attended the scene to witness this important moment with Montblanc.


The ‘breitling’ Aerobatic Performance Team Performed In Singapore

On March 9, the ‘Breitling’ aerobatic flight demonstration team performed aerobatic stunts over the waters of Sentosa Island, Singapore.

 In 1884, La Chaus-Fonds was founded by founder Louis Breitling (La Chaus-Fonds). Initially, the company mainly produced timers such as pocket watches, and in 1914 began producing watches with seconds and luminous for the army. In 1936, when Breitling piloted the ‘Spirit of St Louis’ and flew across the Atlantic Ocean, Lyon’s grandson, Willy, saw a huge demand for accurate timekeeping in aviation and transportation, and began to provide control for aircraft. The instrument panel is equipped with the production of precision timepieces, and has since embarked on a production path that is closely related to the aviation industry. To date, large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing Douglas and Lockheed are still customers of Breitling.
 Ernest Schneider later took over the company in 1979. Since then, through a series of unique designs, Breitling has become the leader in the production of new, unique and durable multi-purpose watches. The experience of making watches for the aviation industry over the years has given Breitling products a remarkable feature. It always pays attention to the functional orientation of watches, giving its products continuous adaptation to the needs of special industries such as aviation, navigation, navigation and diving, making its watches become The perfect combination of practicality, functionality and diversity. Therefore, the Breitling watch is not only a timer, but also a precision instrument, known as the ‘aviation computer’.