Oris announced that it has reached a cooperation with British food expert Hemsley + Hemsley. Sister Hemsley is focusing on food and a healthy lifestyle and is sweeping the diet. The Hemsley + Hemsley story begins in 2010, with sisters Jasmine and Melissa starting a company that focuses on gut health and helps clients solve digestive problems.

Swiss independent watch brand Oris enters partnership with sisters Hemsley + Hemsley
   Since then, Hemsley + Hemsley has grown rapidly, and has partnered with top brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood to further expand its international business and earn praise from companies worldwide. They advocate the use of high-quality sustainable ingredients and call on everyone to enjoy the fun of cooking delicious and healthy dishes with their friends and family, which is widely recognized by fans.
   Today, the two sisters are the authors of the best-selling food books The Art of Eating Well and Good + Simple, and they run a coffee shop in London’s famous Selfridges department store. The TV series documentary ‘Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley’, which premiered in 2016, has been broadcast in 28 countries. They are self-confident and passionate, they are a model for modern women, and they always reflect the attitude of real people.
   ‘We focus on the nutritional and health benefits of food. It is not difficult to become a gourmet from a novice, and everyone can enjoy it.’ They said, ‘We cook naturally, pleasantly, and of course easy to be The foods your body absorbs, they keep you healthy and full of energy. ‘
   For Oris, this collaboration fits well with the brand’s philosophy since its inception in 1904. Oris has always been committed to creating exquisite and practical watches to increase the enjoyment of daily life. Today, Oris is one of the few Swiss independent watchmaking brands to freely create watches with practical daily functions and match the rich lifestyle of watch friends.
   “When we learned about Oris’s brand philosophy and actually felt the quality of the watch, we immediately felt that it was in line with the spirit we have always adhered to.” Melissa said, “The right choice, whether it is the choice of cooking method, food combination , Eating time, or choosing a watch, can make life more beautiful. We love the feeling brought by Oris. ‘
   Oris co-CEO Rolf Studer said: ‘This is really an exciting collaboration and one of the future directions for Oris. We want to come together with more real people, especially those who are not only in their own field Achievements that have a positive impact on others. Oris can provide them with not only precise, more exquisite watches. Jasmine and Melissa spent seven years building their own healthy and happy gourmet ideas and calling on people Enjoy the fun of cooking with family and friends, the health brought by food. The fast pace of life makes modern people ignore the importance of healthy eating. We gradually forget the joy of cooking with family. It is their efforts Let us regain the simple happiness. Oris is very happy to work with them and looks forward to more interesting cooperation in the future. ‘