After much investigation and analysis, Patek Philippe decided to choose to participate in the 2012 China? Chengdu International Top Lifestyle Brand (Luxury) Expo held in Chengdu from November 3rd to 5th, 2012. At present, it has signed an exhibition cooperation agreement with Chengdu Huayu Brothers Exhibition Co., Ltd., the executive unit of the organizing committee, and celebrities and high-end personalities from all walks of life are welcome to come to the conference to give guidance.
Patek Philippe 5150
     According to Ms. Chen, the person in charge of the exhibition of Patek Philippe, the western region will be the key area for the company to explore in the next two years. This time, Rong will show your limited edition watches and the most complicated functions in the world to watch lovers in all circles. Pocket watch, I hope to be able to exchange and cooperate with friends at the scene.
     In 1839, Antoine Norbert de Patek founded Patek Watch Company in Switzerland, and then invited watch designer Adrien Philippe to join. The duo changed the company name to Patek in 1851. PHILIPPE). It is currently the only family watch company that has not joined any watch group. It has produced it from beginning to end, creating outstanding and most valuable watches, and becoming a typical representative of luxury watches. The distinguished people who have Patek Philippe include not only Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, Madame Curie, who has won the Nobel Prize twice, physicist Einstein, musician Tchaikovsky, writer Charlotte Bronte, but also Today’s celebrities.
     Patek Philippe launched a limited edition watch based on the company’s celebrations, increasing its scarcity. In 1989, in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the company, the ‘Caliber 89’ with 33 functions, the most complicated pocket watch in the world, was launched, limited to 4 pieces. In 1997, ‘Pagoda’ was limited to 2,750. In 2000, it launched the ‘Star Caliber 2000’ complication pocket watch with 21 functions and 6 patents, limited to 5 sets of 4 each. In 2001, in order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of cooperation with Tiffany, the ‘5150’ watch was launched, with 150 models each in gold, red and white gold.
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