On May 9, Cartier Institute of Fine Watchmaking announced the winners of the 21st Design Competition. This design competition is aimed at apprentices in the third grade of watchmaking in Switzerland and Lange, Germany, and requires the innovative design of the ‘Day and Night Display’ scheme based on the ETA 6497 movement.
Champion-Dion Ehrat from Perret AG, Liechtenstein. The butterfly spreads its wings for the day and gathers its wings for the night, giving the artistic interpretation of the day and night display.
Runner-up-Joël Baldegger from Schaffhausen. The sun and moon models of the celestial body are placed on the top of the arm to display the day and night respectively, which is very technical.

Third place-Martin Kloos from Lange. A very low-key and elegant design with clever use of color contrast.
Fourth place-Florian Meichtry, from Zeit Zentrum, Grunchen, Switzerland. Stylized description of the day and night sky with independent seconds hand indication.

  A total of 85 effective design works include major watchmaking schools, apprentices working for luxury watch and movement manufacturers, and some private workshops. The jury is composed of 5 independent experts, and selected 50 award-winning works based on four different criteria: creativity, quality of completion, movement function and surface cleanliness.
Fifth place-Jérémie Kneuss, from the watchmaking workshop of Cartier La Chaux. Off-centre global view, translucent smoked crystal plate and unique inscriptions.
Sixth place-Tamara Bucher from Schaffhausen. Inspired by nature, a unique artistic interpretation.
Seventh place-Loris Spitzer from Schaffhausen. In black and white, the rotating globe displays day and night in a three-dimensional manner.
Eighth place-Grégoire Droplet, from the Ecole Technique de la Vallée de Joux school in Le Santille, Switzerland. The technical look is inspired by the traditional watchmaker’s magnifying glass.
   Dion Ehrat won the jury for his artistic butterfly design and won the design competition. The artist is from a private workshop at the jewelry store of Perret AG, Liechtenstein by the state of St. Gallen, not far from the Swiss watchmaking valley. The wild creativity, low-key and elegant design, as well as the extraordinary artistic and technical accomplishments, depict the bright future of Swiss movement design.