Month: April 2014

Ulysse Nardin Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon Casting Red Temptation

UlysseNardin Athens The ‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ bursts into a red charm, presenting a seductive look with precious gems, and exerting red temptation. The dial boldly uses bright red to add a hot beauty to the watch, attracting the wearer’s attention, while showing the complex device of the flying tourbillon.

The watch is based on the principles of the famous Swiss watchmaker James Pellaton, using ruby ​​crystal and bridge. Ulysse Nardin The ‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ in Athens floats on the base plate as if resisting gravity, and the hollow movement parts are neatly arranged on the dial, showing a rare balance aesthetics; with the invisible winding mechanism Very elegant. These nuances flow away magically over time, increasing the mystery of the flying tourbillon.

The masterpiece ‘Royal Ruby flying tourbillon’ is light in appearance and refined by hand with precious stones. The inner ring is set with 12 rubies and 48 diamonds, which reflect each other. Ruby is the hardest gemstone besides diamond, and it is definitely the confidence choice for this new watch material. Each ruby ​​is perfectly cut and shaped by a gem-cutting master to create a 41mm platinum case in this series, complemented by a gorgeous alligator leather strap and platinum folding buckle, which complement each other and highlight the luxury of the watch .

The ‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ takes full advantage of the watchmaking process and is the same as the ‘Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon’, except that the latter is inlaid with sapphire. Some people believe that rubies can protect warriors on the battlefield; maintain peace between enemies; ensure health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. The ‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ shows exoticism through precious deep rubies, and also has an Athenian watch Consistent precision and superior quality.
‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.

ROYAL RUBY flying tourbillon
Model: 799-88 Platinum 950.
Limited edition: 30 platinum 950 models are issued worldwide.
Movement: UN-79, 12 ¼’’’; 16 gems, sapphire crystal plate.
Power reserve: about 96 hours.
Winding method: Manual winding.
Function: flying tourbillon; hour and minute display; winding the movement through a circular gear device.
Case: Platinum 950.
Dimensions: 41 mm.
Diamonds: Case: 92 diamonds, Bezel: 60 diamonds, Inner ring: 48 diamonds and 12 rubies, total
Weight: 3.27 carats.
Water resistance: 30 meters.
Table mirror: wear-resistant sapphire crystal.
Case back: Sapphire crystal.
Strap: Alligator leather strap with platinum folding buckle.


Amy Is Committed To Promoting Movie Public Welfare Activities

Nowadays, the deterioration of the living environment and the increase of social pressure have caused many men to have problems with diseases. These problems have attracted everyone’s attention in some developed countries. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, Le Méridien, a well-known watch brand, launched a public welfare event called movember.

 In fact, the main content of this public welfare activity is to encourage men not to shave in November of each year. The word “movember” is a combination of the words “November” and “moustache”.

 This event has been around for a long time and was originally organized by public health organizations to support research on male cancer patients. Of course, it originated from a bar in Melbourne, Australia. A joke is that who can not shave in a month, the influence gradually expands over time.

 The Le Méridien brand has launched a limited edition watch in order to better support this health-friendly craft activity, and the entire sale of this watch will be donated to movember’s event organization for men’s diseases. Treatment and research.