When the modern trend meets the classical tradition, what is produced is an ingenuity that breaks the rigid and icy industrial design, and it is a new way of expressing the inheritance and development of watchmaking skills. In 2017, adhering to this innovative thinking, at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, Amyron launched the Amyron heritage series of needle-free timepieces, displaying the time in a refreshing way, refreshing and new The unique charm of timepieces.

   The digital window on the dial shows the hours, minutes, date and week respectively. This complex mechanical structure not only has the pure blood of Swiss mechanical watches, but also shows the original aesthetic value in the design.

   In the choice of color, a calm dark gray dial is used. The delicate brushing process adds elegance to the gentleman’s temperament. With the classic retro case of the heritage series, there is no shortage of stunning artistic sense in the low-key. This watch is indispensable. More collections.

   The polished stainless steel case shows a round and full sensory enjoyment, perfectly integrated with the radiation disc surface, showing a refined and elegant, classic and classic posture.

   Equipped with a fully automatic mechanical movement, transformed from ETA2834, to ensure the accuracy of the time display of the watch.

   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: