The eighth FIFA Women’s World Cup (FIFAWomen’sWorldCupTM) was staged in France from June 7th to July 7th. 24 teams will shine in nine stadiums and join hands as fans Love 52 exciting games. After the French men’s football team won the 2018 World Cup a year ago, football is attracting more and more female audiences, so this women’s football event is destined to attract many new supporters. The women’s football World Cup semi-finals will be held on July 2-3, and the highly anticipated finals will be grandly held in Lyon on July 7. As the official timekeeper of the 2019 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup, the well-known Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot strongly supports the development of women’s football, fully demonstrating the brand’s firm conviction and passion for this sport with a history of about 100 years.

  Since the French men’s football team won the championship in Russia, the number of women’s players in the French Football Association has increased by 15%, achieving an incredible increase in less than a year. We are passionate about football and support it vigorously, because the sport shares the same basic values ​​with us: dare to challenge is often a persistent belief in future achievements.

  This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup will be dominated by male fans, attracting women to the green field to watch the game. Perhaps among them, there will be talented football players like our brand friends in professional football. ——Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Hublot

HUBLOT Hublot brand friend Alex Morgan

HUBLOT Hublot brand friend Ada Hegerberg (AdaHegerber)

  At present, three women professional football players have become Hublot’s brand friends. They are former French player LaureBoulleau, who played for the left-back at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and has coached the Bordeaux team for almost a year; the American female football star Alex Morgan ), Currently playing for Orlando Pride, a forward; young Norwegian player Ada Hegerber, currently a striker at Olympique Lyonnais, and her sister, André Huge Andrine Hegerberg played for Paris Saint-Germain.
  Surprisingly, the first women’s football match in France dates back to the period of World War I, but the women’s football tournament was not established until 1919 two years later. Fifty years later, the French Football Association was formally established in 1970. Today, the French Football Association has a total of 2.2 million players, including 165,000 women players (eight years ago, there were only 54,000 women players). There is no doubt that this FIFA Women’s World Cup will bring a wonderful sports feast to the media, female friends and the public, and promote the rapid development of women’s football.