The Sportevolution series is also the sports series of Glashütte. The entire series is full of sports sense. The unique luminous stick-shaped hands and time scales are its outstanding features. They are solid, firm, bold and bold, outstanding in appearance, and combined with precision. Accurate characteristics, multiple functions, in line with the temperament of sportsmen.

The Sportevolution series is divided into many small series according to different functional designs, including the SportevolutionM series, the Sportevolution large calendar series, the Sportevolution timing series, the SportevolutionGMT series, and the Sportevolution perpetual calendar series. Let’s meet these series together.

SportevolutionM watch

At the same time, the portevolutionM watch with functional practicality, precision and sports beauty is outstanding. The engineers of Glashütte Watch Factory have integrated the existing men’s sports watches with the desire and demand of modern women for watches, creating a brand-new women’s sports wrist. Watch, the portevolutionM model is 37 mm in size, whether it is business, leisure and entertainment or social occasions, the variety of portevolutionM models meet the needs of modern active women’s timepieces, let alone discard the luxurious precious metal materials and Brilliant diamonds and gems.



Standard luminous rod-shaped pointer design, diameter 37 mm, thickness 12 mm, bezel set with 48 diamonds, for a total of 1.4 cards, TWif (also bezel set with 59 square diamond models, for a total of 2.8 cards, TWvvs). Available with belt or stainless steel strap.

Sportevolution Grand Calendar


 The Sportevolution Grand Calendar series watch is equipped with a 39-42 self-winding movement, a large 4-point date display, luminous rod-shaped hands, diameter 42 mm, thickness 13.45 mm, rotatable diving bezel, watch bezel, The hand is carefully modified, the figures are raised, and the rest of the surface is filled with paint, so the word is flush with the surface. The watch also has 18K rose gold, as well as belt matching options.

Sportevolution Chronograph


 The Sportevolution chronograph watch is equipped with a 39-31 self-winding movement produced by Glashütte, a chronograph stopwatch, a luminous rod-shaped hand, 42 mm in diameter and 14.15 mm thick (another 47 mm diameter). The bezel has a speed scale, which can be used to measure speed and is 100 meters waterproof. The Sportevolution chronograph watch is relatively easy to distinguish. It has a speed bezel and the dial has three small dials. That is the Sportevolution chronograph watch.

Sportevolution GMT watch


 Sportevolution GMT series watches, as the name suggests, the watch has GMT function. This series of watches is equipped with a 39-55 self-winding movement, a rotating bezel design, the bezel’s 24-hour scale can set the time in three time zones. At 4 o’clock, the watch also has a large calendar display window. The watch is 42 mm in diameter, 14.4 mm thick and waterproof to 100 meters. The Sportevolution GMT series is also available in rose gold.

Sportevolution Perpetual Calendar Series

The perpetual calendar is a proud achievement in the watch industry. It can automatically identify the leap year and the length of the month. In the model of Glashütte, as long as you find that the dial has a small hole like the picture above, then this watch It is a perpetual calendar watch, this small hole is used to display the leap year.


The watch is equipped with a 39-57 self-winding movement produced by Glashütte, a second time zone rotating bezel, a perpetual calendar function, which can display the date, month, leap year and moon phase, and a large calendar display at 4 o’clock The window, the watch is 42.5 mm in diameter, 14.5 mm thick, and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters.