Among the various women’s watches, which one is better? It’s like choosing the most beautiful flowers in full bloom in a flowery garden. In the world of flowers, roses deserve to be everyone’s favorite. In the world of watches, the watch with rose element is more enduring. Next, let the editor introduce four rose jewelry watches for you to feel its fragrance and listen to her heartbeat.

 White jade flowers Piaget Limelight Garden Party rose watch If you are tired of the same shape and material, then this Limelight Garden Party rose G0A37183 watch from Piaget must meet your wishes. With a pear-shaped diamond, it is enough to make it stand out from the crowd. The carved petals of white chalcedony make people feel its fragrance and luxury. This beautiful design brings out the colorful light of the watch.
 More Piaget watch information: Patek Philippe rose jewellery watch with crystal-covered leaves If you are eager to admire the only craft in the world, Patek Philippe Ref. 4909/108 rose Twenty-4 Haute Joaillerie high jewelry watch Meet your needs. The combination of pavé diamonds, rubies and emeralds creates a rose pattern. Even better, this watch not only has flowers, but also traces the shape of the leaves. The sapphire crystal cover also casts a mysterious veil on the rose.
 More information about Patek Philippe watches: the temptation of mother-of-pearl, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Wild Rose date rose symbolizes romantic love, while mother-of-pearl represents freshness and elegance. The two combined into one, creating this Rendez-Vous Wild Rose date wild rose watch. The entire watch is composed of white, pink and purple. The gradient of mother-of-pearl on the dial is full of love. The diamonds set on the case, bezel and lugs shine with unparalleled luster. Wear it and your Prince Charming will be there.

 Snowflake-set gems Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Extraordinaire La Rose top jewellery watch In the innovation of watches, there are always so many brands pursuing endlessly. For example, this new Extraordinaire La Rose top jewellery watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre uses its original and most sophisticated snowflake mosaic technology. The manufacturer cut and adjusted 1,420 diamonds of different sizes one by one, and arranged them closely until they covered the entire platinum dial.
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