Month: September 2016

Cavaldomatic Steel Belt Watch Of Movado Red Museum Series

The famous Swiss watch brand Movado MOVADO is distinguished and elegant, elegant and concise. It is famous for its iconic museum collection dial (Museum & reg;) and its modern design. Movado earlier launched the Red Label ™ Meseum Calendomatic ™ Strap watch, which is based on the highly collectible, fully automatic, full-calendar 1946 Calendomatic & reg; model, perfectly combined with the museum collection dial Simplicity and the dynamic date display function of Calendomatic are suitable for both movements and statics. Movado has now added a new stainless steel style to this collection-an elegant chain link bracelet and a highly polished push-button folding clasp.
     The pure black dial with concave silver-toned dots, crown prince hands and exquisite red lettering is unique and eye-catching; the original rotating date display ring is even more original. Through the translucent flat sapphire crystal, the date display window at 6 o’clock is clearly visible; and through the transparent sapphire crystal back, you can admire its exquisite Swiss automatic movement and the red ‘M’ automatic plate. Movado Red Label Museum Calendomatic ™ watches are water resistant to 3 ATM.
     Movado MOVADO’s most famous museum dial was designed by Bauhaus artist Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. It only has a dot at 12 o’clock, symbolizing the noon. The sun, hailed as the most concise design in the history of timekeeping, was selected into the permanent design collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1960, becoming the first dial to receive this award in history, and also derived the reputation of ‘Museum Collection Watch’.
     ‘Perpetual motion’ is the driving force behind Movado’s continuous creation of high-quality Swiss craftsmanship and design features. Adhering to the tradition of innovation, focusing on the future era, we strive to be unique and extraordinary. It is a perfect fusion of artistic temperament and genius design. It combines flexibility with rationality and rigor, and presents a beauty of rigidity and softness. Let us marvel at its amazing beauty, and at the same time have another layer of insight into the story of time .
     Not only sticking to the art design concept of ‘The Art Of Design’, but also closely linking time with the theme of life, Movado MOVADO will pay more attention with you.
ETA caliber 2824-2 self-winding mechanical movement; 25 diamonds, 39 hours power reserve; specially designed red ‘M’ shaped automatic disc.
Black Museum & reg; museum collection dial with rotating ring date display; clear date display window at 6 o’clock; silver crown prince hands; classic sun pit design at 12 o’clock; red lettering.
Pure stainless steel case. Flat anti-wear sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 3 ATM.
Pure stainless steel strap with 7 rows of highly polished links; push-button folding buckle.
Men’s clothing (42 mm)


Turn Because Of Love, Stay For Love’ Together With Piaget, Romantic Qixi

Jinfeng Yulu meets each other, they win but countless on earth. Qixi Festival is approaching, and the charming wind is filled with strong affection. The stars are twinkling in the vast and quiet night sky, and the lovers are cuddling with each other, telling touching emotions in the ears. Count Piaget, the Swiss master of jewellery and watches, presents the colorful Valentine’s Day with colorful jewellery watches, engraved the sweet declaration of ‘turning for love, staying for love’, conveying eachother’s eachother, and praising the eternal friendship of the hands.
Exclusive pink for sweetness in love
   Pink opal is the magic stone of love that is born with a magical touch of pink. On this Chinese Valentine’s Day, Piaget will launch a limited edition Possession Pink Opal Necklace (G33PV900) on August 1st and will only be available at Piaget WeChat boutiques. Unique pink gemstones are paired with Possession’s iconic rotating ring. The delicate and elegant necklace seems to be rotated because of the magic of love, adding a touch of romance and sweetness to the Qixi Festival, and remembering the best moments of love during the rotation.

   The delicate and moist pink opal with soft and charming rose gold is adorned with a crystal diamond. Gently turning the Possession to rotate the ring, the happiness and love at that time poured into my heart, so that each morning and evening with each other was full of warm colors.

Freedom to turn, passion for love
   The orange sunset covered the entire street, and it fell on the Piaget Possession bracelet (G36PC600-G36PA600-G36PD500-G36PW300), which was gently shaking on her wrist. The sunlight and rose gold swelled, and the dazzling gems danced lightly. Show her innocence when chasing love.

   Piaget’s Possession necklace (G33PB300) is wrapped around a pink neck, and the green malachite on the chest turns with the footsteps, proclaiming an optimistic image of the true self. The oncoming breeze resembles a Possession ring between fingers. The rotating ring slowly releases a vibrant and positive atmosphere. The 36 brilliant diamonds set on the rose gold ring (G34P3D00) are like dots in the dark night. Starlight, became her intimate partner to accompany her bravely on the journey of love.

   The new Possession color watch commemorates the most dazzling moments in life with unrestrained color creativity, and the circular movements encourage her to never stop following the footsteps of love. The stainless steel, white gold and rose gold diamond styles are matched with the colorful straps (G0A43080-G0A43081-G0A43082-G0A43084), showing unique personality. She could not help turning the rotatable bezel because of her love, and the diamond-wrist watch poured a lot of confidence and enthusiasm at random, and went to a romantic appointment with her.

In full bloom, revealing love for love
   At the beginning of the shower, the lovers strolled in the earl’s garden after the rain, and the transparent water droplets looped back and forth on the rose petals. The moist fragrance burst out, and the rose full of love fell on the ears of the neck, turning it into a beautiful jewelry, listening to the lovers’ mutual complaints. Hollow flowers reflect the delicate skin under the ring (G34UV600), rose gold earrings swaying in the wind, glittering diamonds looming between the hair (G38U0077), and the PiagetRose necklace around the neck, adding a bright light to the elegant pink neck (G33U0900). The lovers gently raised their hands to shake the hair in their ears, and three roses bloomed for the second time, revealing the beauty of love.

   The ten fingers are intertwined, the heart is full of rhinoceros, and the dazzling platinum reveals a moving charm that ripples around the fingers, and a single diamond stands in the center of the swaying and stretched petals, like love staying in the heart. The Rose ring is brilliant (G34UV700). The Rose bracelet on the wrist is magnificent and elegant, embellished with warm and pure Akoya seawater pearls, and he has the deepest affection with his heart (G36U4400).

Perfect elegance, swearing for love
   Love is the precipitation of time. The ultra-thin PiagetAltiplano watch becomes a testimony of lovers’ hearts, listening to the eternal vows of love with a never-ending timepiece.
   The creamy dial and strap contrast her creamy skin. The eccentric dial and cutout design show a unique personality, exuding fresh and elegant beauty (G0A42110). The timeless Altiplano 910P ultra-thin watch continues to write Piaget’s ultra-thin legend, echoes the classic and unique dial with a slim and lightweight shape, and perfectly shows the movement’s dynamics in a hollowed out manner (G0A43120). The count is carefully written in the details Aesthetic rules and rigorous concentration, restore the serious attachment in love.
   Between Black and White, the natural collision of black and white reveals elegance, and the beauty of love is engraved and treasured in time.

   Whether it is a classic ring that keeps spinning, a Piaget rose that is tender and watery, or an ultra-thin ultra-thin watch, it is transformed into a symbol of deep love during the Qixi Festival, and the affection is set in the wonderful In an instant, they complained about the lingering friendship. Piaget and his loved ones together celebrate romantic Tanabata, celebrating the long vow of ‘turning for love, staying for love’.


Jaeger‑lecoultre Craftsmanship Introduces Three Reverso Tribute Enamel Watches

In order to emphasize the enamel craftsmanship and carving crafts, the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop gave the Reverso two watch dials, showing the exquisite craftsmanship with a new design. On the front is an exquisite hand-guilloche dial, and the surface is covered with a translucent large fire enamel. On the back is a miniature miniature painting made of enamel.

 Jaeger‑LeCoultre first applied three exquisite skills to miniature enamel paintings, and carefully selected three famous roles for presentation, which were respectively: George Shula, Xu Beihong, and Katsushika Hokusai.
 The iconic Art Deco Reverso Tribute enamel watch has become the watch of choice for these three paintings. To present miniature enamel paintings, a white gold case was also created specifically for it.
 Each watch is limited to 8 pieces and is only available in Jaeger‑LeCoultre boutiques.
Reverso Tribute Enamel Watch-George Schura ‘Sunday Afternoon in Big Bowl Island’

 ‘Sunday Afternoon at Big Bowl Island’, created between 1884 and 1886, was one of George Sura’s (1859-1891) finest pointill paintings. As a French neo-impressionist painter, Schura was a pioneer in the 19th century painting world. The painting, set on the banks of the Seine in the suburbs of Paris, depicts scenes of locals coming here to enjoy the river’s intoxicating beauty and happy hour. The pointillism method replaces large-area brush strokes with colored spots drawn by tiny touches, and various colors blend naturally with the movement of the viewer’s eyes.
 To present this miniature, Jaeger‑LeCoultre enamel micropainter has overcome many challenges. First, you need to shrink an oil painting that is more than 3 meters wide to a surface that is only 3 square centimeters. The enamel micropainter needs to create his own ‘stipple painting’ technique. And invented a variety of tools for himself, such as a fine and hard brush that needs to be changed frequently. Creating pointillism on enamel surfaces is extremely complicated. After the painting is completed, the multilayer protective enamel surfaces must be superimposed on each other to adjust the color saturation. To this end, the painting needs to be darker than the original. This is a very long process. It took more than 70 hours to complete this process, excluding the time taken for the initial color selection.
Reverso Tribute enamel watch inspired by Xu Beihong’s paintings

 Jaeger-LeCoultre intends to explore the art of ink painting with this watch. The dial is embellished with exquisitely long geometric pattern engraved patterns and covered with milky white enamel, and its color is comparable to mother-of-pearl.
 Xu Beihong (1895-1953) was one of the most famous painters of the 20th century in China. He is famous for his paintings, drawings, crayon drawings and calligraphy. It is widely known in China for its galloping map. This original, more than 5 meters wide, depicts ten horses galloping across the vast land of China. The enamel micro-painter was inspired by the two running horses in the painting.
 Creating this miniature is equally challenging. In order to realistically express the dynamic, smooth and light weight reflected in the ink painting technique, the impact of the multilayer protective enamel surface on the natural color of the picture needs to be solved. Similarly, our craftsmen spent hours searching for the expression that best reflected the dynamics of galloping horses. In addition, the presentation of small details such as the mane of the horse is also very challenging.
ReversoTribute enamel watch-Katsushika Hokusai ‘Kanagawa Surfing’

 Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) is a Japanese painter known for his wood-painting series ‘Thirty-six Views of Fuyue’. This series of paintings, for the first time, incorporates perspective painting techniques derived from Western painting into the theme of traditional Japanese paintings, and is still considered a classic to this day. Kanagawa Surfing is one of the works in this series, and it is this work that has made Katsushika Hokusai famous all over the world. The Jaeger‑LeCoultre enamel micropainter took inspiration from this painting and presented it on this Reverso Tribute enamel watch.
 It also needs to be designed in advance to show the ideal picture color and the tiny elements that reflect the waves and water splashes, so as to restore the characteristics of the painting and convey the power of the painting. Facing such a huge project, the perfect handling of details is definitely a challenge! It is very difficult to reproduce the calm and cloudless sky without making each stroke stand out. Completing this painting also needs to overcome the same difficulties as the previous two works-both the delicateness of pointillism and the exquisiteness of Xu Beihong’s large-scale paintings.