Month: October 2016

Introduction Of Two Hermès Arceau Watches

The Arceau model was designed by Hermès senior designer Henrid’Origny in 1978. This elegant and timeless classic is inspired by the equestrian world that has a strong connection with the brand. Used stirrups.

原创 Its original asymmetrical lug design, elegant figures and stirrup shape: The combination of design and connotation makes Arceau one of Hermès’ most representative watch series.

Since then, on the basis of loyalty to its original spirit, through a series of new innovations and attempts, this watch series has continued to introduce new models. The dial of the new Arceau Chrono Colors is white or dark blue, and the strap is also selected to match the dial color of white and dark blue, which further expands and enriches this series of watches.


To Smarter, Fiyta And Alibaba Group Release Smart Watch

On July 5, 2016, China’s famous watch brand Fiyta launched the first “India” series of light and smart watches in Xixi Wetland, a famous tourist resort in Hangzhou, on the day of the event. Group managing director Mr. Xu Dongsheng, general manager of Fiyta brand Mr. Pan Bo, leaders of Alibaba Group Technology Association, and more than 50 media from all over the country participated in witnessing the smart watches jointly produced by these two groups.

Mr. Xu Dongsheng, Managing Director of Fiyta Group

  At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Xu Dongsheng, Managing Director of Fiyta Group, took the stage to speak. He mentioned that the joint research and development of Fiyta’s ‘India’ series of light and smart watches and Alibaba Group finally released and went public. Among them are breakthroughs in technology, design, and other difficult problems. Using the fierce manufacturing process of Fiyta watches combined with the YunOS system of Alibaba Group, the strong combination can give users a better experience in terms of product quality and product user experience.

  Media interactive links and model display links were also added on the scene. Media friends can wear Fiyta ‘India’ series watches to experience different scenes, and winners can also get Fiyta watch rewards.

  The ‘India’ series of smart watches have transportation card payment functions, as well as ultra-long 30-day standby, step counting, customized reminders, wireless charging, Bluetooth connection, smart anti-lost, etc., especially the 30-day standby function breaks through conventional intelligence The standby bottleneck of the watch brings a new experience to the user experience.

  The ‘India’ series of smart watches use retro design and superb craftsmanship. The unique design of the lugs makes it more suitable for wearing. The Swiss imported solder paste is connected and dissolved seamlessly through a 1000 ° high temperature furnace. The calf leather strap imported from Italy is strong and durable. It is available from RMB 1599 for all products.

Summary: As the mainstay brand of China’s watches, the Fiyta brand has been constantly making breakthroughs in new products and new manufacturing processes. It is a domestic watch brand that we should respect. This time Fiyta and Alibaba Group joined forces to bring us not only smart watches, but also the union of our watch and e-commerce sessions. I believe this is just the beginning. We look forward to a better tomorrow together.