Yang Dacai, an alternative civil servant, once caught fire. There are also directors of the Shaanxi Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau who enter and exit various places due to wearing expensive watches such as Rolex, Omega, and Longines. brother’. In fact, wristwatches are not only wearable, they are also an investment method. Like wine, calligraphy, painting and antiques, these investment products have both collection and consumption characteristics and belong to alternative investments.

 In recent years, investment in watches and clocks has continued to heat up, and its label has changed from collectibles to investment goods. Under the circumstances of traditional investment channels being poor, alternative investments such as watches and clocks have emerged.

 Diamond watch

 History of watch investment evolution

 When clocks replaced sundials and hourglasses, the time record set a modern milestone. Clocks were born from the beginning with a clever design and precise structure. Later, watches were given multiple identities of ornaments, collectibles and investment goods. The clock has been perfected in function, and what is even more amazing is its wonderful design. Watches have been in love with jewelry, starting a new luxury journey together. More artistic silhouettes were borrowed from the table, and a large number of diamonds and crystals participated in the design of the surface. The most famous jewellery watch is Cartier, with its unique bracelet appearance, the complicated craftsmanship on the dial or the subversion of traditional inlays, and various decorative forms are refreshing.

 Clocks have a history of hundreds of years, but no matter how developed the technology and culture, the ‘evolution’ of clocks is still slow. It has neither changed the original structure of dials or straps, nor integrated countless high-tech functions like 007 watches. Because the true value of watches and clocks lies in its craftsmanship, historical allusions, artistic performance, and the number of releases.

 Mr. Xia Lingwei, the founder of Clubviva and the consultant of Investment Pulse.com believes that time can not cover the brilliance of a precious watch, it will only make it more glorious under the baptism of years, as if it has precipitated a history of millions of years. We don’t like to trace back to when and how the first watch was produced in the world. We are more concerned about the future development trend of watches, and more about their collection and investment value.

 The value of timepieces with appreciation space will naturally show up with the passage of time, but the road is tortuous, and its price is up and down like the stock market K-line chart. If a watch is fried, it will naturally appear to be estimated. The value is too high, which is not suitable for investment. Therefore, watch investment is also a professional knowledge. It is necessary to observe the auction conditions of mainstream auction houses, do data analysis, evaluate the investment feasibility, and avoid the speculative thinking of blindly chasing the rise, as with other investments.


 Collectors and buyers

 Watch investment originated from the American watch and pocket watch collection boom in the 1980s, and now this boom has hit China for decades. According to Hurun’s 2012 survey, 64% of the wealthy like collections, and watches are the first choice for collections.

 The watch’s excellent craftsmanship and art-like design make collectors enchanted and can’t help but repeatedly play. For example, the automatic hollow-out watch of Yibo Road is the embodiment of superb watchmaking skills. The precision of the mechanical watch and the magic of various movements can be clearly observed, how the mainspring is wound and released, how the high-frequency swing of the balance wheel, the rubies carrying the rotating axles, and even the lubricant inside are clear. It can be seen that it not only gives people a visual beauty, but also expresses an emotional communication.

 At present, the watch market has seen investment behaviors different from the collection-oriented approach. The people who appear in major auctions are divided into two categories, one is buyers, and the other is collectors. Buyers and collectors can be said to be different households. They are all watch lovers, but buyers are often keen Yu Xun is looking for a clock that is below the market price of the first-hand market and chasing products that have room for appreciation. For the sake of good intentions, collectors consider the cost-effectiveness to be invisible, and only pursue watches with commemorative value or special craftsmanship. Correspondingly, watches are also divided into consumer and investment types. Consumer watches are suitable for daily wear, while investment watches have a large appreciation potential, and the price is usually more than 100,000 yuan.

 When you meet a favorite watch, you can’t help but want to own and collect it. This is commonplace, but investment in watches and clocks needs calmness and rationality. Investment pulse network consultant Mr. Xia Lingwei suggested that first of all, we must clarify our identity and behavior, and clear the boundary between investment and collection, which is conducive to the focus and improvement of investment in watches and clocks. Secondly, it is better not to have the mentality of not being able to sell it after buying it, otherwise, it would be like speculating stocks into shareholders and speculation in the form of ‘dai cousin’. In addition, watches and clocks that are worth collecting may not necessarily add value, and those that add value may not be pleasing to the eye. How should you choose? In short, investing is to make money, and ambiguous investment behaviors can only foreclose failures.

 Pocket watch

 Investment away from the hustle and bustle

 Watches and clocks were originally only circulated among private enthusiasts. With the rise of watch and clock auction houses, with open and transparent channels, watch and clock investment gradually shifted to the regular army. Although the investment channel is perfect, watch investment is still not a tool for profiteering, but the win lies in stability.

 In the first four months of last year, some models of world-famous watches rose by 1% -5%, with the highest increase reaching 14%. It is reported that the annual income of some famous watches can reach 10%, but the number is very small. Most of the watches are crawling at the rate of 1% per year. It is gratifying that the price drop is rare. Therefore, there is no ups and downs of carnival investment in clocks and watches, and patience that can withstand the mediocre years, and even a little solitary reward.

 Watches are usually bought in a watch gallery. For scrupulous investors, the big watch gallery is full of goods, so auctions are the place for watch investment. You can go to the Guardian Watches and Cameras auction held regularly in Beijing every year. The mainland auctions often have lower transaction prices, or you can go to the thriving Hong Kong auction market to participate in the more famous Sotheby’s and Christie’s watch auctions twice a year. The total amount of auctions in Hong Kong has increased year by year, and the turnover of each event is in units of “ten million” Hong Kong dollars. In 2011, it accounted for 23.36% of the total auction volume of the Antigoron Auction House.

 Raymond Weil watch

 Proper investment

 In the context of the outstanding performance of the watch market, investing in antique watches is a more secure way of managing money. A Vacheron Constantin antique watch that only sold for one or two thousand dollars 20 years ago has now risen to more than 50,000 dollars. Xia Lingwei is a senior consultant of the investment pulse network. He learned at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair that the investment market has quietly changed, antique brand watches have quietly become popular, and some commemorative gifts that have experienced the baptism of time are being considered by collectors and investors. Identity and status symbol. The economic downturn has caused many variables in the investment market, but the antique watch market is gradually showing a positive upward trend. However, many collectors have said that they must enter the market with caution.

 The world of watches and clocks is like ‘respecting Luo Yi first and then respecting others’ just like the adult society. The brand is its ‘Luo Yi’. Watch investment brand is the key. International watches such as Patek Philippe, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Tissot and Longines are naturally the protagonists of watch investment. For example, Patek Philippe, the ‘king’ of the watch country, has unparalleled popularity and reputation, and has won the top spot in major international auction exhibitions, repeatedly refreshing auction price records. In contrast, the well-known Rolex can only be regarded as a second-tier brand.

 Domestically produced watches also have investment value. Although the technological content is relatively low, Shanghai, Beijing, Seagull and other domestic brands have already begun to invest. For example, the first domestic all-steel long three-pin fine horse watch and the 18K rose gold double-flyback tourbillon watch produced by the Seagull Watch Group all sold at five or six digits at the auction. Of course, domestically made The cultural value and emotional factors in a watch cannot be ignored, so evaluating the investment potential of a watch needs to be calm and objective, and remember to follow blindly.

 Watch investment does not mean that you can put it once and for all once you put it in the safe. It will also continue to test your patience and love. Its repair and maintenance is a long process, such as the need to clean the movement, regularly check the time performance, and the quartz watch to replace the battery. , Waterproof watches need to change waterproof elements, and so on. Watches are maintained about every three years at about 5,000 yuan each. The collection and maintenance of antique watches are more troublesome, because their aging parts are more vulnerable, and they need professional knowledge and sufficient patience to deal with them.