Month: May 2017

Reinventing The Classic Real Breitling Aviation Chronograph 8 Watch

Since Breitling changed its boss last year, the overall style has changed a lot. The new Navitimer 8 series launched this year is very different from the previous Navitimer. The overall feel is the model Become a bit more gentle. The series was named after the number ‘8’ to pay tribute to the Breitling ‘Huit Aviation Flight Department’ founded by Willy Breitling, the third generation of the brand, in 1938 (‘huit’ is ‘8’ in French meaning). The division focuses on creating cockpit timers for civil and military aircraft as well as classic aviation watches. The word ‘Huit’ represented an eight-day power reserve for the cockpit timer at the time.

  The new Breitling Aviation Chronograph 8 watch has a striking blue dial, combined with a three-eye sub-disc layout, classic and balanced.

  The new model draws inspiration from the cockpit chronograph and the most outstanding Breitling chronographs of the 1930s and 1940s, and is committed to pushing the readability and functionality of the watch to the extreme.

  The slanted bezel design refracts light and creates an unparalleled light and shadow interaction, which not only gives the watch a more sporty look, but also highlights the beauty of the two-way rotating ratchet-shaped outer ring.

  The classic round chronograph button, in harmony with the regular Arabic numerals on the dial, presents a chic and modern elegance.

  The Navitimer 8 B01 watch uses Breitling’s own 01 movement with a 43 mm diameter and an automatic winding chronograph movement. This movement is equipped with a longitudinal clutch system and provides more than 70 hours of power for the watch. Save.

  Compared to the Breitling style, which has always been a tough guy, the new watch feels a bit more familiar. After matching the leather strap, it reflects a very comfortable and casual sporty feeling.
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Stainless Steel Is Classic Blancpain Villeret Gmt Calendar

Treat the Villeret series as the classic representative of Blancpain. I believe no one will object to it. Its ultra-thin, moderate shape is often paired with precious metal as the body. The texture of the carved Roman numerals and the The hollowed-out willow needle known as the ‘first needle in the world’, paired with a watch with such a high-quality appearance, it is easy to accidentally fall into the elegant world of Bao platinum. Looking at the table altar, the simplest design is the most difficult. How to be neat and full of beauty, only the old-fashioned brands can do it, so the Villeret series, as the representative of Bao platinum, is equipped with a minimalist panel The complex movement is even more unique. The Villeret series of two time zone calendars to be introduced this time is the latest model of this year. It is also the first time that the Villeret series uses stainless steel as the watch body. Although the contents are unchanged, it is affordable. The price is really poisonous.

Feature one: High-performance stainless steel
Since 2011, the Villeret series, which is dominated by precious metals, has contributed rose gold and platinum materials in the time zone calendar functions of the two places. This year, Baobao introduced stainless steel for the first time in this function. In fact, many in 2016 Brands are returning to their originals and returning to the basic market, such as stainless steel and entry models, which can be seen in major brands, while Bao Platinum chose to launch its first stainless steel material on its most classic Villeret series, and cancelled the previous two The wavy pattern on the dial of the local time zone calendar. Instead, it is displayed in a pure white and flat face. It makes people feel that although they are plain, they are still a beauty embryo, especially the rigorous and meticulous insisted by Bao Platinum. The patented design has proved that the hidden adjustment button and humanized adjustment mode have always been the reason why players love it, because the adjustment device hidden in the lugs allows you to easily adjust with your fingers. Time, there is no need to use other extra tools; in addition, the platinum time calendar of the two places can be directly dialed From the date to the day and month, the date is adjusted directly from the second day to the first day. The user-friendly patented design with automatic callback is also quite suitable for normal time adjustment.

The hidden adjustment button is a patent developed exclusively by Bao Platinum. In addition to the trouble of finding special tools such as a red needle or a toothpick for adjusting the screen, players can easily control the time with their fingers, and this is designed to not damage the aesthetic appearance. , Only Bao Bao wants

Feature 2: Humanized faceplate layout
The dial layout of this almanac is quite interesting, because the general almanac uses the three-eye dial to indicate the date, day of the week, and month. However, when the platinum time almanac of the two places was first introduced, it was considered that it might be worn during normal wear. Covered by the cuff to the left half of the face plate, so the week window is placed at two o’clock, the date window is placed at three o’clock, the month window is placed at four o’clock, and these three time windows The moving line is wide, and it is deliberately arranged in rows at 30 °, which is different from the practice of placing the almanac information on the lower half of the faceplate. You can directly read important time information by pulling the sleeve slightly, and the other one Important time information between the two places is at 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock. Generally speaking, putting so much time information on the faceplate will definitely make people feel quite crowded. The creative method of Bao platinum not only highlights the refreshment of the faceplate, but also the color of the white surface and stainless steel is very matching. Seeing the big and the details, we can see the platinum’s intention and rigor on the watch.

Such a neat faceplate layout is not something that can be learned by ordinary brands. The calendar time information replaces the three-eye dial that was previously placed in the lower half of the faceplate with three time windows that open in the right half of the faceplate. The time is at eight o’clock. The hollowed-out willow hands and the precious platinum logo seconds hand show an unparalleled elegant height on the plain white surface, which is quite beautiful.

Feature 3: Practical movement of time and calendar in both places
Since its debut in 2011, the Cal.6054F automatic winding movement has two functions that are quite practical-the calendar and the time function of the two places. The function of the almanac and perpetual calendar may be confusing to some people, but the almanac function is actually quite sufficient for the average user. The almanac needs to be manually adjusted externally when it encounters February every year (permanent calendar is not required), other times There is no need to adjust the time. With the patented adjustment method of Bao Platinum, the week and month dial can be directly pushed by the date unit, so it is actually very convenient, and it is not troublesome at all. Fine adjustment, after reducing the density of the time scale, the face plate is more tidy. The Cal.6054F caliber has a frequency of 28,800 vph and has a 72-hour power reserve. The addition of two practical functions highlights the value of this caliber.

The K gold automatic disc is not only engraved with a unique pattern, but with the Geneva polishing process of Cal.6054F movement, quietly admiring the movement of the transparent bottom cover can make people play for a long time, because the delicate craftsmanship of Platinum can be seen from these details Taste for a long time

Villeret Annual Calendar

Technical Parameters
Stainless steel
6054F automatic winding movement
Hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, month display
Two places time function
Sapphire crystal, transparent case back
Water resistant to 30 meters
Table diameter 40mm