Month: July 2017

Golden Age Leading The Retro Wave

(2019, Linno, Switzerland) In 1957, RADO launched the first watch series named after the brand name, including the highly anticipated Golden Horse series. As a new member of the new Tradition lineup, RADO now reinterprets this very pioneering first collection and gives it a unique brand identity.

RADO Tradition Heritage Golden Horse Automatic Limited Edition Watch

RADO Tradition Heritage Golden Horse Automatic Limited Edition Watch

 Until the 1950s, watches were passed down from generation to generation as a family heritage. Rado’s Rado watch is made of stainless steel, which is a bold breakthrough in the 1950s when traditional watches made of precious metals such as gold and platinum are used. This initiative set Rado apart from the competition, and the watch became a popular style.

RADO Tradition Heritage Golden Horse Automatic Limited Edition Watch

 The new RADO Tradition Heritage Golden Horse Automatic Limited Edition watch follows the design concept of loyalty to the original, which means that the re-interpretation has abandoned unnecessary decoration and focused on functionality and practicality. The 37-mm stainless steel case of this watch carries a curved dial that contrasts with dark red and black. The gradient effect of the dial brings a unique visual experience to the two golden hippocampal logos. The ‘GoldenHorse’ on the dial has the same font design as the prototype watch introduced in 1957.

 The date window at 3 o’clock on this watch has a white background with red numbers, which is unique and easy to read; the representative swingable anchor logo has become the iconic pattern of all RADO automatic watches. , This design also follows the concept of loyalty to the original.

RADO Tradition Heritage Golden Horse Automatic Limited Edition Watch

 The printed calfskin strap with this watch has a crocodile wing-like pattern-a design that was very popular in 1957, but it is rare today. The bottom of the new watch is very similar to that of the prototype, and it is difficult to distinguish easily even if you look closely. The three seahorse and three star logos proudly symbolize the subtle design of the screw-in connection between the bottom case and the case.

 As we all know, RADO is a forward-looking watch brand. Therefore, the new Tradition Golden Horse limited edition watches are also injected with modern design elements, such as the brand’s iconic sapphire glass. The material replaces the acrylic glass of the prototype watch to create the mirror. In terms of watch performance, the high-quality Swiss C07 ETA automatic mechanical movement can provide a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

 All this shows that Rado continues to draw inspiration from the glorious brand history, inherit it and give it new life, and is committed to creating one timepiece that will stand the test of time.


Song Praises Huaxia Epic, Pays Tribute To Chinese Legend, Zenith Legend. China (Legend.China) Project Is Officially Launched

July 14-Beijing, Zenith hosted a ‘Legend.China’ press conference in the Beijing National Museum. Zenith Global CEO, Mr. Aldo Magada, came to the scene and invited people with a strong voice in Chinese historical research to review the history of China with guests and the media and pay tribute to Chinese legends. The famous history teacher Mr. Yuan Tengfei, as the event guest of this project, shared his unique insights on the ‘Legend.China’ project.

   Legend.China is a long-term project launched by Zenith in the Chinese market to celebrate the magnificent Chinese culture and pay tribute to Chinese legends. Since then, Zenith will combine the recommendations of the project event guest Mr. Yuan Tengfei to select a Chinese historical legend each year as a design inspiration and launch a new watch under the prestigious Columbus collection. The first new watch is expected to be released in early 2017.
Resonance of times and legends

   ‘Zhenli always believed that the legend was born in the times, and the times also created the legends. There is an old saying in China that the times make heroes, and I want to express exactly the same truth. In any one moment, anywhere in the world, go Exploring the legendary spirit across the ages, and interpreting the origins of the times and legends, are of great significance to the country and the nation. ‘Mr. Aldo Magada, CEO of Zenith Global, delivered a speech at the event and will launch the Legend.China project. The ceremony culminated.

   As a legendary watchmaking brand with a history of more than 150 years, Zenith has been committed to exploring the track of time, paying tribute to historical legends, and has deep roots with historical legends. In the 1970s, a Zenith sterling silver pocket watch was accompanied by Mahatma Gandhi to lead India towards independence from British colonial rule. Among the watchmaking masterpieces created by Zenith, there are many legendary inspirations. As of now, Zenith Prestige series has launched a large sailing series watch commemorating the famous navigator Columbus. South American revolutionaries, including Warner, and classic models such as the Rolling Stones Commemorative Watch. At the launching ceremony of the project, the Great Nautical series watch commemorating the famous navigator Columbus was also displayed on the scene as a legendary landmark timepiece.
Light up the legend again

   ‘The Zenith brand has always been committed to discovering legends. Now Zenith pays tribute to China, which also has a long history and rich legendary stories.’ Mr. Zou Zhenhuan, a famous historian and professor of the Department of History at Fudan University, was legendary when he learned about Zenith. China (Legend.China) said after the project.

   As the event guest of this Legend.China project, the famous history teacher Mr. Yuan Tengfei also gave a speech on the scene, and introduced the legendary stories in Chinese history in a fascinating way and interacted with the guests. Yuan Tengfei said: ‘The legend we are discussing today is Chinese, but it is also world-wide. Thank you Zenith’s’ Legend.China ‘project for providing such an opportunity and platform. Let us review these The legendary stories born in Chinese history. These shining legends have breathless and shocking power. They need to be constantly illuminated in the hearts of each generation of Chinese people to inherit and continue. ‘