I’m not a woman. I might not understand a woman’s heart when I say it. Men’s and women’s psychology is two different worlds. Men often cannot guess the maze of women’s minds, and women sometimes Can’t read the romance of men. However, as the saying goes, ‘Women are good for themselves’, the girl’s careful dressing can only stop for one second, so the man may not fully understand the woman’s preferences, but for the woman’s dress As far as I think, I still have a full say.

‘There are beautiful women in the north, who are peerless and independent. When they look at the city, they look at the country again.’ The country is probably the highest praise for women’s beauty. A beautiful-looking woman is indeed fascinating, but if I can really have a woman who can be regarded as a ‘all-over-all-over-city’, I’m afraid I can’t repay her youth. ‘Xiaojiabiyu’, a kind, simple and cheerful person who can talk and laugh with people, I think it is the ‘goddess’ that most men can touch.

The same is true for wristwatches. In the forest of high-end watches, which has always been known for precision, men’s watches and women’s watches have generally developed in two different directions: men’s watches, while pursuing a more complex set of functions, remain as simple as possible. The appearance of women’s watches is basically a simple function with more exquisite art decoration. However, it is too complicated, and many overly exquisite watches regarded as works of art are just like peerless beauties. They are equipped with top-level art and crafts but may not be suitable for daily wear, or not suitable for most people, even if they are lucky. In the pocket, I am afraid that it is difficult to match with daily clothing. Although it has a good collection value, it seems to lose some of the significance of the watch itself.

For a high-end watch, in addition to the time indicating function of the timepiece itself, I think the most important thing is to have enough brand recognition, so that others can understand this at a glance without having to display expensive jewelry. The value of a watch. I think Cartier is undoubtedly the most successful at this point, as evidenced by the hot sales of the two series of watches under the brand’s ‘Blue Balloon’ and ‘Tank’. Cartier is not only a watch often worn by many celebrity artists in daily life and shooting various magazine photos, even watch friends who have just come into contact with the watch can recognize Cartier’s classic models at a glance.

Needless to say about Cartier’s ‘blue balloon’ series of watches, which are basically different grades of materials and gradually increasing complexity, the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, watch friends who like this series of watches only need Just choose the right watch for your budget. Today, we will mainly lead you to take a look at the ‘tank’ series, which is relatively complex and has a deeper product history, but also has strong brand recognition.

Tank series

When the Tank Watch came out, at the time of the First World War, Louis Cartier, the soul of the Cartier family, was inspired by the simple and rigid lines of the military tank that was first put on the battlefield. The work, simple and pure lines, shows the spirit of freedom and elegant attitude. As Cartier’s classic series, the Tank watch is constantly being interpreted, but always maintains its own unique characteristics, becoming a model for surpassing the trend.

The design of the Cartier Tank series watch is inspired by the parallel planes of the tank; the shape of the tank tracks evolved into bars that are perpendicular to the side of the case, which is used to install the horizontal bolt that fixes the strap. The series also includes various sub-series such as American tank (TankAméricaine), French tank (TankFrancaise), British tank (TankAnglaise), etc. Among them, the American tank is characterized by a more slender rectangular case. The main characteristics of the French tank are The case is integrated with the tracked bracelet, which has excellent smoothness and continuity in the overall appearance, while the British tank is characterized by a crown integrated into the case, showing a better symmetry overall. .

French tank (TankFrancaise) watch

The French tank is one of my favorite collections in the Cartier tank watch family. First of all, just like the inseparability of the tank and the track, the tracked bracelet of the French tank watch not only blooms the metallic luster like a succinct bracelet, but also better integrates the sharp and sharp edges of the tank series. The combination of these not only makes the watch style have a complete unity, but also a perfect interpretation of the free spirit of the tank watch series. Therefore, the French tank can be described as a classic in the Cartier tank watch series.

In this series, the recommended model for everyone is W2TA0003. First of all, the tank series watch itself is very masculine with hard and sharp lines, and the embellishment of K gold just neutralizes the masculinity of this watch, making this watch exude in a simple and capable manner. A gentle and elegant temperament, which is more suitable for women to wear; secondly, this series of watches has three case sizes from small to large, in today’s increasingly large diameter and even men’s and women’s wear environment 25.35×20.3 The small millimeter model is obviously too ‘delicate’, the large model of 36.5×28.15mm is not enough, and the medium model of 30.4×25.05mm is the best choice for most women.

The case of this watch is made of stainless steel, the octagonal crown is made of 18K yellow gold and set with a convex round synthetic spinel. With a gold bracelet, the luster of precious metals is like the sun that can’t be masked. The links infiltrated, and Xiuya was not publicity. On the silver-plated grain dial printed with Roman numerals, two sword-shaped sword-shaped blue steel hands outline the charm of time in an elegant manner, and a hard sapphire crystal glass protects the dial. Although this watch is only equipped with a simple Cartier 175A quartz movement, a time-keeping accurate quartz movement also saves the trouble of winding and schooling. I believe it is good for most women s Choice!

TankLouisCartier watch

The Louis Cartier Tank Watch is also a wristwatch worn by Louis Cartier himself. It is the representative of the ‘Tank’ watch family and also the prototype of other tank series watches. It is characterized by rectangular design, simple lines, and rounded lug corners, symbolizing the contribution of Louis Cartier to the decorative arts.

There are not many models in this series. The watch I recommend for you here is W1529856. Unlike the sharp corners of the French tank, this watch has a round shape in the shape. The classic square case extends the lugs. The top of the lugs is polished and natural. Combined with the precious metal luster of 18K gold, it can better show the mature elegance of mature women.

This watch uses Cartier’s classic Roman numerals. It is worth mentioning that, unlike Cartier’s hidden signature, which is usually hidden at the 7 o’clock, this watch’s secret signature is arranged on the dial at 10 o’clock. in. In addition, the model also adopts the classic square orbital scale of the tank series, which shows a unique classic elegance. Two slim blue steel hands and a silver-white grained dial show a classic elegant style. This watch is paired with a brown alligator leather strap and an 18K gold pin buckle. It is paired with an 18K yellow gold case, showing an elegant and casual style.

This watch is also equipped with a quartz movement. The movement model is Cartier 057 quartz movement. The quartz movement is accurate and does not require winding and time adjustment. It is definitely the best choice for women who pursue a simple life.

Summary: The two watches recommended for you today are the ones I personally prefer in the tank series. In my opinion, the unique hidden crown design of the British tank has not completely eliminated the crown to make the model It is completely symmetrical visually, and it also increases the difficulty of winding the crown and adjusting the time to a certain extent, so I do n’t like it. At the same time, the slender case of the American tank makes it look more like jewelry than a watch And there are more similar models in other brands’ series. Of course, there are still many excellent models of other Cartier tank family series. The above views have a strong subjective feeling and are for reference only. (Photo / text watch home Xie Xin)