Jacques Droz: Jaquet Droz: The Elegant Gentleman’s Sentiment Is ‘changing’ In The Passing Years

The long bracelet is decorated with exquisitely carved, mysterious and noble pocket watches, which always slip out of the deep lining of the silk lining of a blazer or vest … The gentleman is retro, elegant and poetic …

The second hand on the pocket watch never stops rotating. Like the passing of water, time is passing, but it is an elegant retro gentleman’s feeling. Today, having a well-made pocket watch is still a symbol of gentlemanliness and aristocracy for men, especially those with fine workmanship, with a strong artistic atmosphere and classic temperament, which are also treasures for men.

Circa 1785. Pierre Jacques de Dross and Reso in London for the Chinese market

The invention of the pocket watch was actually related to the need of the nobles of the palace to carry the clock at any time. Since the clock was invented, owning a well-made clock has become an important symbol of high society. However, heavy floor clocks, table clocks, and fireplace clocks can only be used as home decorations, and cannot satisfy the desire of nobles who are keen on horse riding, hunting, and traveling to know the time at any time. They also hope that when they go out or socialize, the clock that symbolizes technology and the most fashionable decoration at that time will accompany them to show their pace with the trend of the times.

Circa 1785. Pierre Jacques Dro tailored for the Chinese market in London

The real pocket watch was finally invented in the early 16th century. The pocket watch became smaller, lighter and more portable, and this reading time became within reach. By the 19th century, the manufacturing technology of pocket watches had reached a very high level. The watchmaking process at that time relied on manual work. From the creation of the pure gold case, the delicate carving, the firing of painted enamel to the grinding of each gear and screw, all were made by hand. A pocket watch with sophisticated workmanship and complex functions often takes several years to complete. Because people who could wear pocket watches at that time were either royal aristocrats or high powers, owning a pocket watch was not only one of the symbols of dignity, but it was also generally believed that pocket watches were for gentlemen.
As one of the oldest watch brands in the world, Jacques de Lore has won the leading role in pocket watch making. Many of his masterpieces have won the favor of European royal nobles and conquered the emperor Qianlong, a distant ancient country. So far, Jacques Dro is still the most famous watch collection in the Palace Museum.

Pocket watches can be said to be a watch-making myth that has experienced thousands of years of hard work, and the birth of Jacques de Ivory enamel enamel pocket watches has made this centuries-old watch legend legend once again become the focus of attention. It not only inherited the noble inspiration created by the brand in 1785-the classic large seconds hand design inspiration, but also brought the elegant style to the fullest. The ivory-colored large fire enamel dial is evenly and elegantly colored by the master craftsmen of Jacques Dross. The enamel is gorgeous and bright, and the amazing charm between square inches is enough to make gentlemen love at first sight.

Interweaving the priceless treasures of each historical stage, the richness of tradition and the modern elegance, embrace the time: this is the essence of Jacques de ivory large open flame enamel pocket watch. Jacques Dro’s ambitions are woven by the outstanding professionalism and top craftsmanship, through the ivory white great fire enamel dial on this pocket watch, the gold case back with the brand’s hidden logo shamrock, its elaborate hour markers and the unique Guilloché pattern. On display, the elegant and classic gentleman’s style on the dial was deeply impressed.

Large ivory enamel pocket watch
Large ivory enamel dial
18K Yellow Gold Case and Bracelet
Manual winding mechanical movement
Power reserve of about 40 hours
50 mm diameter

Jacques Dro antique gold leaf carved pocket watch

Europe, dating back to the 18th century, is experiencing a leap from handicraft industry to large-scale industrial production. Although the social productivity has developed amazingly as a result, the secrets of many generations of famous craftsmen have also been lost. The leaf of gold leaf on Jacques Dro’s antique gold leaf carved pocket watch is derived from this long-lost ancient technique. That is, the fine gold leaf is used to place one by one with dexterous and meticulous methods to form a relief pattern. It is then supplemented with a very fine enamel process to obtain the required hue and the deepness of the translucent enamel, which makes the sunray decoration appear on the dial.
Based on the gold foil of this era, the master craftsmen of Jacques Dro have revived the process. Today, they combine ancient and modern techniques on the same timepiece, and use the gold foil carving process combined with the unique large fire enamel dyeing process, and rigorous geometric patterns. Glittering with the glorious brilliance and gorgeous enamel, these two pocket watches are injected with new emotional connotations, condensing hundreds of years of craftsmanship and extreme modern style, showing a rare and luxurious gentleman style.

Gold leaf enamel pocket watch
Gold foil engraved blue grand fire enamel dial
Red gold case
Blue steel hands
Manual winding mechanical movement
Power reserve of about 40 hours
50 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Gold leaf carved pocket watch
Gold foil carved red large fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Bracelet
Power reserve of about 40 hours
50 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Focus On The Heart And Make It Finally Fiyta Debuts At Baselworld 2019 2019

In the spring of 2019, the 49th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show opened in Switzerland. Fiyta upholds the spirit of professional watchmaking, giving the timepiece artistic beauty, and exhibited with the Dunhuang-themed watch from the Master Series, the M-20 ‘J-20’ joint limited edition, the Fengzhi series, and the heartstring series. As the first watch brand originated from China in Hall 1 of Basel Watch Fair, Fiyta has demonstrated its profound accumulation in professional watchmaking, constantly introducing new ideas, and bringing the aesthetic experience of watch perfection.

Fiyta at Baselworld 2019

2019 Basel Watch Fair Fiyta Pavilion

Fiyta Master Series Dunhuang Theme Huxuanwu Watch

  On the morning of March 21st local time, Mr. Geng Wenbing, Extraordinary Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Wang Hongbin, Secretary of the CPC Guangming District of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Liu Hongde, Chairman of China Aviation Technology International Holdings Co., Ltd., and Fiyta Group Mr. Huang Yongfeng, the chairman of the board of directors, and many other guests attended the launch event of Fiyta Dunhuang themed watch and the launching ceremony of the ‘Blue Mission’ fund, which won widespread attention from Chinese and foreign media and started Fiyta. A new journey.

Mr. Liu Hongde, Chairman of China Aviation Technology International Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Hongbin, Secretary of the CPC Guangming District, Shenzhen,
Mr. Geng Wenbing, Extraordinary Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Swiss Confederation, and Mr. Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd.
Together Depicting the Logo of Fiyta’s ‘Blue Mission’ Charity Fund Project

Mr. Liu Hongde, Chairman of China Aviation Technology International Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Hongbin, Secretary of the CPC Guangming District, Shenzhen,
Mr. Geng Wenbing, Extraordinary Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Swiss Confederation, and Mr. Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd.
Group photo at the launch event of Fiyta’s Dunhuang-themed watch and the launching ceremony of the ‘Blue Mission’ fund

  Blending of professional watchmaking and cultural aesthetics

  Upholding the spirit of professional watchmaking, and constantly giving the aesthetics of timepiece culture and art, is the watchmaking concept that Fiyta has been pursuing for many years, and therefore has a deep relationship with aviation. At the Basel Watch Fair, Fiyta will integrate the yearning for the sky into timepieces. It not only artistically interprets the romantic imagination of Dunhuang Feitian, but also creates professional timepieces with solid materials to pay tribute to the dream of aviation. Describe it with your heart and work together.

  The starry sky above and the aesthetic world of art can shake our hearts for a long time. ‘Dun, Da Ye; Huang, Sheng Ye.’ Dunhuang, which has a history of more than two thousand years, is a brilliant pearl on the ‘Silk Road’. Eastern and Western civilizations are intertwined and collided here. Numerous devout messengers and artists have come a long way Let Dunhuang reach an unprecedented peak. Adhering to the pursuit of professional watchmaking and cultural aesthetics, Fiyta launched the Master Series Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, which combines the handcrafted silk enamel craftsmanship and the essence of fine watchmaking, condensing the extreme piety and imagination of the world for thousands of years. Between square inches, the eternal brilliance of Dunhuang is reproduced.

  As a social welfare project that Fiyta has long adhered to, ‘Blue Mission’ adheres to the purpose of ‘blue out of blue’ and has always paid attention to education. The masterpiece Dunhuang theme watch released at this exhibition will also be used as the project of the ‘Blue Mission’ charity fund to help more ‘cultural inheritors’, continue to contribute to the exploration of traditional culture, and witness the beauty of time.

  With passion and enthusiasm for flying, Fiyta has always upheld the spirit of aviation from the beginning, and has explored the legend of watches from the ground to the sky. For many years, it has accompanied pilots with professional timepieces to complete missions and has launched them. Mach series ‘flying shark’, ‘flying’ watches and other professional timepieces have witnessed countless great moments. The ‘J-20’ carries the courage and wisdom of the flying pioneers. In commemoration of the flying spirit, Fiyta cooperated with the ‘J-20’ to launch a joint limited edition watch, taking design inspiration from the ‘J-20’ to Aviation materials and top watchmaking craftsmanship create timepieces and continue to write the legend of flight.

  Fiyda traces the ancient Dunhuang flying culture and integrates the world’s magnificent imagination and romantic feelings into the art of timepieces. It also embodies the unprecedented knowledge, responsibility and glory of the flying pioneers, transforming this unique flying significance from Miles of sky condense to the sky in my wrist, paying tribute to the fearless spirit and flying dreams. Other timepieces launched by Fiyta also highlight the spirit of professional watchmaking: the Fengzhi series focuses on minimalist style, and the ultra-thin shell is more in line with contemporary aesthetic habits and requirements for wearing comfort, achieving the elegance of men’s wrists. The heart-string series watches are beautiful in shape, the curve of the brilliance pattern extends to the entire dial, gorgeously blooming; the 12-point dial is inlaid with waterdrop-shaped real diamonds, which complements the V-neck strap inspired by the evening dress element, lingering on the wrist and highlighting women Elegance and fashion.

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