Month: March 2018

Famous Singer James Blunt And Jeanrichard Shang Weisha Terrascope Combine In Music

In the new song ‘Bonfire Heart’ of James, Terrascope with its unique cool black dial and black tape makes its debut. It is highly anticipated that James Blunt’s fourth album, entitled ‘Moon Landing’, will be released in October 2013; this single is the first release on the album. The combination of the famous singer James and JEANRICHARD Shang Weisha stems from the pursuit of passion and dedication. This concept has gone far beyond the boundaries of music and watches. It represents the philosophy of life and the moment of exploration.

 (August 27, 2013) James Blunt’s latest single ‘Bonfire Heart’ reveals a declaration of dreams, aspirations and love. Songs are likened to life as music; sincere communication of life is unpretentious, simple and direct; so is music. In the most primitive music, the power of music is presented in three dimensions.
 ‘In my youth, I found freedom in music. This freedom allows my creations to fly and allows viewers to see the real me. Most importantly, I see the real self. After that, I went through a period of time before Once again, I knew and found the feeling of freedom, and then I dreamed again. ‘James said that at the moment, his album had sold 17 million albums worldwide and 20 million singles.

 This cooperation with JEANRICHARD has more fully expressed the nature of their love for exploration, their outstanding achievements and their detached ideas. At the same time, it also reflects the life after experience, full of soul and life motto.
 The song ‘Bonfire Heart’ also expresses the delicate relationship between people, whether it is family, friends, or even lovers, it can also stimulate people’s potential and achieve an extraordinary mission.
 This philosophy and JEANRICHARD’s philosophy of life complement each other. JEANRICHARD is convinced that people who like to accept challenges and have passion and hope for the world will create a great journey for themselves and others.
 This music single also expresses the joy of exploring new heavens and new earth. Just like JEANRICHARD’s watch, time is full of exploration and experience, and it is a moment that reflects the extreme life. It symbolizes not only watches, but the art of life.


Harry Winston Harry Winston The King Of Time

‘King of Diamonds’ Harry Winston is synonymous with magnificent treasures. For a long time, she has regarded the elegance and charm of women as a task, and has elevated this concept to an artistic level. And perfectly integrate the top watchmaking craftsmanship and exquisite jewelry setting technology, sublimate the jewelry into various elegant and brilliant art products, portray its magnificent style, and continue to write the brilliant and immortal classic legend of Harry Winston. A model of ‘King of Diamonds’ that anyone can reach.

 Mrs. Winston jewelry watch

Hai Rui. Mr. Winston (Mr. Harry Winston) once said, ‘If I can, I would like to set diamonds directly on women’s skin.’ This persistence creates the highest jewellery watches that have crossed the limits of art like never before. From superb luxury, jewellery watches studded with top diamonds, jewellery timepieces that can be changed in combination and worn in multiple functions to the evolution of dial materials, Harry Winston not only adheres to and inherits the spirit of brand excellence and innovation, but also continues to Astonishing consumers continue to raise standards, combining superb watchmaking technology and the brand’s proud jewelry inlay design, giving time display a more creative interpretation, setting a benchmark for high-end jewellery and watches. The King of Diamonds is even more revealing.
Mr. Winston’s top jewelry watch and Harry’s Glacier top jewelry watch
Harry Winston not only adheres to the top diamonds of D, E, F grades and clarity VS2 or higher, but also top-of-the-line watches with the same craftsmanship use the same top standards. The luxurious luxury and diamond-studded Harry Winston Mrs Winston and Glacier top jewellery watches are the pinnacle of the perfect combination of top luxury jewellery and fine watchmaking. Mr. Winston’s beloved wife Edna, a lifelong companion and an elegant muse-inspired tribute. Crafted in platinum, this magnificent masterpiece is precision-set with over 47 carats of world-class diamonds, condensing unparalleled brilliance and glory. Glacier’s top jewellery watch is made of 422 rectangular bright-cut diamonds of 12 different sizes. The total weight is about 76.4 carats. The nearly invisible claw setting technology makes each diamond look light and flexible. Harry Winston jewelry and watches perfectly show the brand’s quiet and elegant atmosphere, but also set off women’s elegant and gorgeous light.
The perfect combination of top jewellery and fine watchmaking, Mr. Winston’s top jewellery watch is presented to Hai Rui. Mr. Winston’s beloved wife, Edna, pays tribute to his lifelong companion and the muse-inspired elegance. Crafted in platinum, this magnificent masterpiece is precision-set with over 47 carats of world-class diamonds, condensing unparalleled brilliance and glory. Set with water-drop, horse-eye, baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 47.35 grams. Quartz movement, carefully set in platinum.

Harry Winston Glacier High Jewellery Watch

A selection of 422, 12 kinds of baguette-shaped diamonds of various sizes, with a total weight of about 76.4 carats (case and bracelet set with 386 diamonds, a total weight of about 71 carats, and a dial with 36 diamonds, a total weight of about 5.4 carat).
Harry Winston ROSEBUD rosebud top jewelry watch and Harry Winston Ultimate Emerald Signature top jewelry timepiece
In order to meet women’s hope of pursuing personality and expressing themselves, Harry Winston focused on exploring new ways of expression. Without losing sight, the innovative attitude has always been Hai Rui. Mr. Winston’s purpose is to realize the pursuit of perfection, and to continuously surprise people through truly innovative and modern creation. The ROSEBUD rosebud top jewelry watch, launched in 2011, breaks the traditional limitation that the watch can only be used as a timing tool. It is a noble and elegant watch, a delicate chic brooch, or a delicate Pendant, brings ingenious and unexpected surprises! In order to continue the multi-functional art jewelry style, the latest masterpieces of Harry Winston’s Emerald Signature and Ultimate Emerald Signature top jewelry timepieces in 2014, inherited ROSEBUD can be used as a combination of timepieces, brooches, pendants, or ribbons Or the ribbon is dotted around the wrist, the dazzling and charming posture is enchanting. Emerald Signature’s white gold case is designed with a delicate emerald cut, and its shape echoes Hai Rui. Mr. Winston’s most cherished design is pure and concise. The dial is made of white mother-of-pearl. The extraordinary inlaying technology makes bright diamonds cover every inch of the surface. Ultimate Emerald Signature jewelry timepieces highlight the characteristics of high-end jewelry craftsmanship. The setting work takes more than 100 hours. The case is completely covered with beautiful gems. It is set with 192 brilliant-cut diamonds, 38 square diamonds, 24 marquise diamonds and one emerald cut diamond weighing one carat in the center. This luxurious and complex piece is the most intimate and caring partner of the wearer. The Emerald Signature and Ultimate Emerald Signature top jewelry timepieces are exquisite. The unique craftsmanship design, the ever-changing and amazing combination, highlights the independence, boldness and innovation of women, and is a lucky accessory suitable for any occasion.

Harry Winston Ultimate Emerald Signature

The case is completely covered with stunning gemstones, set with 192 brilliant-cut diamonds, 38 square diamonds, 24 marquise diamonds, and an emerald-cut diamond weighing one carat in the center. It will take more than 100 hours to complete the setting of this treasure. Gently flicking between your fingers, you’ll see a dial inlaid in front of you, without an inch of space not covered by diamonds.

Harry Winston Emerald Signature

The dial is made of white mother-of-pearl, and the white gold case is set with 302 brilliant-cut diamonds and surrounds a center emerald-cut diamond.


Radar 2016 New Crystal Crest Open Core Watch Price 14100 Yuan

As the two watch exhibitions in the watch industry have ended in succession, new products of the watch exhibition have also begun to be listed after a lapse of several months. Recently, the author learned at Beijing Xidan Shopping Center Henry World Watch Center that Radar 2016 Basel’s new crystal-cut series of hollow watches are available for sale at a public price of 14,100 yuan.

Radar Crystal Extraction Open Core Watch

    Hollow watches have been pushed in recent years, but for radar ladies’ watches, it is a relatively new and fun approach. There are many kinds of hollowing out. Some brands like full hollowing out, but at present, mid-to-high-end brands generally like semi-hollowing out, so they can design some interesting spaces to display rich themes, and at the same time can show the beauty of hollowing out. Radar’s open core watch is a typical example of this. Its exquisite and beautiful appearance has a delicate and shiny interior. The hollow design of the dial is very clever and somewhat joyous.

    In this year’s new radar products, a very design-oriented open-core watch is added, and a combination of male and female couples on the watch is also very interesting. This time, I learned that two radar watches for ladies are currently in stock in the store. The two models are made of stainless steel with rose gold plating and stainless steel with gold plating. The dials are hollowed out to reflect the mystery and mechanical structure of the movement. The beauty of Swiss watchmaking. A white ceramic bracelet was also introduced, but it didn’t seem to have arrived yet.

Beijing Xidan Shopping Center

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