The arrival of early autumn is exactly the time when the trench coat comes in handy, and it is also a weapon for creating a British style. So have you ever thought that plaid, one of the most important elements of British style, can still flow around the wrist? Today the editor will recommend several practical and versatile watches for you.
Early autumn plaid watch

Burberry: The Beauty of Traditional Plaid

As we all know, BURBERRY has been standing in the fashion industry with the classic plaid style. In this early autumn season, if you can give life a different adjustment, then you must choose its checkered wrist watch. Made in Switzerland, this 33mm diameter watch features a plaid-printed sunburst dial, a polished stainless steel case, a three-hand movement, and a PVC Haymarket Check plaid strap with a folding buckle. .

Early autumn plaid watch

Watch Plaid Matching Guide

If you want to create a British look, BURBERRY watches and trench coats can definitely help you. Of course, you can’t afford retro glasses and boots. Careful you will find that these single items basically have a checkered element.

① Burberry “Pioneer Series” BU9406 25MM Watch



④Steve Madden

Early autumn plaid watch

Dior: The Beauty of Simple Plaid

If you think the checkered pattern of BURBERRY is too easy to hit, then try the checkered watch from Dior. This La D de Dior series watch has a large diameter of 38 mm, and the stainless steel case is particularly special. The entire silver-white dial, including the strap, is neatly divided and looks simple and elegant.

Early autumn plaid watch

Watch Plaid Matching Guide

The white trench coat can be said to be an excellent thing to create aristocratic flavor, while a silver-white checkered watch is more in line with simplicity and elegance. Printed scarves and black short boots are definitely a British style that will make you even more brilliant.

①La D de Dior series CD043113M001 watch


③ Tory Burch

④Salvatore Ferragamo

Gucci: the beauty of changing patterns

I believe that when everyone hears GUCCI’s name, first of all, besides the charming spokesperson Li Bingbing, it should be the double G symbol of its family. This twirl series watch adds the ordinary check pattern to the double G logo, and instantly has a changing beauty on the strap. The pierced stainless steel bracelet with jewellery clasp, stainless steel case and pink mother-of-pearl dial are all fascinating.

Early autumn plaid watch

Watch Plaid Matching Guide

If you can’t immediately travel through the streets of London, pairing them with dark grey coats, checkered umbrellas, block heels, and bracelet checkered watches is a must-have fashion item that will surely make your English style full .

① Gucci Twirl watch


③Brooks Brothers

④Marc by Marc Jacobs

Early autumn plaid watch

Bulgari: the beauty of subtle plaid

This DIAGONO chronograph watch from Bvlgari has an 18K yellow gold case and silver dial, and the small check pattern on the dial quietly conveys the feeling of grid control. The vintage crocodile leather strap and 18K yellow gold Ardillon vintage buckle convey the elegance and style of the last century.

Early autumn plaid watch

Watch Plaid Matching Guide

Brown is always a good helper for retro. Watches, trench coats, top hats … this color series can be used to create your British fashion sense. Put on handsome Martin boots, you are the street trend icon.

①Bvlgari DIAGONO DG35C6GLD Chronograph