Month: September 2018

Chengdu Watch Market Enters The Fast Lane Citizen Has Taken Advantage Of The Trend And Achieved Significant Results

Recently, the Citizen Eco-Drive EYES Global Limited Edition watch was officially launched at the Chengdu Chunxi Road flagship store. It is understood that this watch is issued in limited quantities worldwide. The Chengdu Chunxi Road flagship store is one of only three flagship stores in China to sell this watch. This also shows that Chengdu is becoming a key sales market on a par with first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

‘In recent years, Chengdu watch consumption has gradually matured, and its sales have grown more rapidly than other markets in the country. As far as the Chunxi Road flagship store is concerned, since its opening in December last year, its monthly sales have ranked second consecutively. The first of more than 1,200 terminal stores across the country. This store is not only a microcosm of the rapid development of the Chengdu watch market, but also a new benchmark for sales in the national market. ‘Citizen in charge said.

According to the “2012 China Fashion Index” White Paper released by Fashion Media Group, Chengdu’s per capita fashion consumption in 2012 ranked eighth in China’s urban fashion spending power. And another survey report from DLG (Digital Luxury Group Digital Consulting and Marketing Company Digital Luxury Group) shows that Chengdu is becoming a new highland for Chinese watch consumption.

With this trend, the consumption characteristics of watches have also changed significantly. A consumer buying at Chunxi Road’s flagship store said, “Purchasing a watch depends not only on the technology and features of the product, but also the convenience of shopping and the brand experience. The Citizen flagship store not only has a large selection of products, but also the environment It’s comfortable and I can fully feel the image of Citizen as an international brand. This is the main reason to choose to buy Citizen. ‘

The good shopping experience of Hunchun Xilu flagship store is the result of Citizen’s continuous promotion of channel construction. While expanding the number of terminal stores, Citizen has paid more attention to improving the consumer experience. The Chunxi Road flagship store not only occupies the core area of ​​Chengdu’s ‘Hundred Years Golden Street’, but also has a business area of ​​more than 150 square meters. Functional areas such as in-store sales area, boutique display area, brand culture area, after-sales service area and leisure negotiation area are all available. It can be said that the Chunxi Road flagship store has created a ‘one-stop’ service system from pre-sales consultation to purchase, from after-sales service to brand recognition.

In addition, Citizen has also shown great attention to the Chengdu market in terms of new product launches. From the Super Air Eagle series to the Huayu Fengyin series, from the first Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE to the Eco-Drive EYES released this time, almost every heavyweight new product will not miss the Chengdu market. According to the clerk, in the Chunxi Road flagship store, as many as 350 Citizen products across the entire line are available for sale at the store, bringing a variety of choices for consumers in Chengdu.

Citizen’s continuous brand building in recent years also meets the consumer demand of Chengdu consumers for high-end watch brands. In 2008, Citizen proposed a ‘new field’ strategy for transforming mid- to high-end brands. In 2010, it implemented the ‘innovative thinking strategy’. At the same time, the use of Jincheng Wu and Xu Jinglei as brand spokespersons also injected new vitality into the Citizen brand.

He is keenly aware of and seizes market opportunities in real time, and comprehensively enhances the consumer experience through new value-added watch launches, channels and brand building. This is the core element of Citizen’s continuous breakthrough in the Chengdu market. In terms of the overall market development strategy across the country, in addition to having more than 1,200 various sales terminals, Citizen has also occupied a prime position in the most prosperous commercial areas of first-tier cities, forming Shanghai Nanjing Road flagship store in the east and Guangzhou Zhengjia flagship store in the south. There is the flagship store of Chengdu Chunxi Road in the west and the strategic layout of Beijing Wangfujing flagship store in the north. This will not only drive the comprehensive and balanced development of the national market, but also vividly illustrate the ambition of Citizen to move forward.


Constructing Winter Warm Blancpain Christmas & New Year’s Day Watch

When various Christmas elements have been presented in turn, the temperature is colder, but the atmosphere is warmer. Christmas, New Year’s Day, and colorful holidays are connected. In just a few days each year, how shining and joyful it will be your biggest expectation in winter. The white snow, crowds of lovers, relatives and friends, and bustling and laughing crowds … these lively scenes are about to come, dispersing the harshness of the long winter. They are different from other days, not just moments of reunion. They are signals, announcing that everything has been completed this year. They want you to indulge in the present, to celebrate and start a new life next year.
‘Double Egg’ Surprise

   Good things need to be paired, Christmas and New Year’s Day are such a coincidence. After Christmas, the joy is shared, and a few days later, on New Year’s Day, you and I get together again, so the joy is doubled. Like a watch, who said that a watch can only have a complex escapement speed-adjusting structure? Blancpain pioneered the first time by combining the two speed-adjusting systems of Carloso and Tourbillon on a watch to create this model. A masterpiece that brings double surprises. The already accurate timing system is therefore more precise and perfect, hard to come by, and the sense of luxury is doubled. The two mechanisms are different from each other, and they are constantly rotated to create a harmonious beauty; the decoration is also carefully crafted, giving this timepiece a deep and unique unique aesthetic.
Winter snow

   Pure and soft, covering everything with perfect white, the fluttering snow is the soul of winter. It is interesting that a heavy snowfall never disturbs the celebration of the festival, but makes people more excited and happy. The Blancpain women’s complication watch is based on white and with a dazzling gold case, just like the winter snow during the celebration. The white mother-of-pearl dial sparkles with two brilliant diamonds. The artistic digital hour markers are romantically moving, and with a white ostrich leather strap, the watch is more gorgeous and elegant. Crystal and smart design, worn on the wrist, is a light snowflake that stops.
Miss both places

   The festival should be reunited, but the reality is often not perfect. The two people in love are separated from each other, their friends grow up and are scattered, or they are unable to accompany their parents and distant people in the distance, but it is often difficult to meet when they are together. With time zone differences, you and I ca n’t even share time. However, if you own the Blancpain Villeret classic series two-year calendar watch, you can have the time of your loved one. On the dial of the watch, the central hour hand shows the local time; and the additional sub-dial shows the time in the second time zone, allowing you to know his (her) pace at any time. In the festive season, even if the two places are separated, they share the same feelings.
Blazing Love

   Burning like a flame in a fireplace and warming the winter, it is lovers’ overflowing love for each other. No festival is not Valentine’s Day, and no festival I don’t want to spend with you. The Ladybird lady’s watch with white ruby ​​and diamonds embellishes the white mother-of-pearl dial, which symbolizes my warm and flawless friendship towards you. The heart-shaped charm under the bezel is shining, shining with the light of true love, reflecting the intimacy and romance between lovers. Dazzling colors, burning the winter with the fiery truth, witnessing the company of Eros, making the festival special for you.
Church bell

   Festivals need a sense of ceremony more than daily life. One of the essentials of the New Year is to listen to the church bells at the end of the year when the old and new are replaced. A moment, slowly and firmly, powerful and melodious. It takes away the lingering sorrows and sends a lot of good luck and wishes. Blancpain Le
The Brassus master carrousel minute repeater watch has a church bell chime device, which tells you the time at any time with clear, pleasing, perfect volume bells. The sound is long and far-reaching, worn on the wrist, when the trio’s gorgeous movements poured out, no matter where you and I gather, it seems to be under the clock tower, bringing the most kind and elegant New Year’s greetings.


A Designer From Off-white, First Make Double Explosion Shoes For Lv?

Jointly tasted the sweetness with Supreme last year. Louis Vuitton was obsessed with the tide brand. This year, he grabbed Off-White founder Virgil Abloh as the director of men’s clothing. Abloh is great. A few days ago, he released a joint model with IKEA in his own name, including IKEA shopping bags, door stops, small blankets and the like. To sum up: LV menswear director, off-white style blanket designed for IKEA, curious? Do you want it? /// Supreme can’t be counted, but Abloh’s traffic is much larger now, just like last year’s Luhan and this year’s Yi Qian Qianxi-anyway, LV is the most powerful, and it requires people to make the most of it. No seconds are wasted. No, Abloh can be made news on the first day of LV. On April 20th, LV posted a small video of the designer going to work on the official Instagram. Half of the fashion circles knew that your LV menswear department was about to start. You know, compared to leather goods and women’s clothing, LV men’s clothing is far less presence. Now, regardless of what Abloh’s first show in June looks like, first of all he made a difference. In the ‘First Day at Work’ small video, Abloh showed a quick adaptability, meeting, fabric selection, color design, quickly put into work, smooth transition without pressure. Regarding style: ‘It may be more practical.’ Abloh founded Off-White in 2014, and quickly grew into a trendy brand that did not lose Supreme in just a few years. Supreme was founded in 1994 and is 20 years old. Now, outside of the traffic, people also care about what the LV men’s clothing described by Abloh will look like. Will it hit the face Off-White? Will the LV show in June make people think that they have entered the Off-White scene by mistake? First of all, fans of Off-White can afford LV, this tide brand positioning has never been close to the people. A printed crew neck sweater costs more than 5,000 yuan, and has also introduced more than 60,000 crocodile leather handbags, these prices are enough to rival luxury brands. Abloh is keen to use high-end fashion to package and present works, such as using high-end limited-edition fabrics, which brings high product pricing. In a recent interview, Abloh said: ‘Now Off-White is more like a regular fashion brand.’ It is reasonable to introduce LV to Off-White fans. This group of people is rich and young, and all brands want it. . Off-White knows how to catch the hearts of young boys. Popular products include camouflage shirt jackets, spray-painted sweaters, LOGO baseball shirts and T-shirts. Abloh did not come from a design course. His original major was civil engineering and architectural design, which made his work full of ‘industrial’ and deconstructive style. Boys naturally love these. /// LV menswear was born relatively late, not to mention much historical heritage, and there is no particularly distinctive style. Blending the charm of Off-White into the design may be regarded as a direction. We think that the biggest breakthrough for designers next may be men’s shoes. Interface News has reported that the global sports shoe collection market exceeds $ 6 billion, and the United States accounts for one-fifth of the total. This market is almost as large as any luxury product. Over the past two years, there has been an endless stream of “street shoes” that have been heated up. Not only is it difficult to buy, but the price of cattle has also doubled. From the Balenciaga Triple S to various brands of vintage dads, the integration of sneakers and high fashion is unstoppable. Louis Vuitton 2018 spring and summer series also appeared in one. In the trendy shoes world, the Off-White design is a one-on-one design. It also particularly loves co-branded cooperation, and returns and win-win. The last time I was with my old friend Nike. Last year’s Off-WhiteX NikeThe Ten series designed by Abloh helped Nike refactor 10 classic pairs of shoes into his unique style. Only nine pairs were released last year, and the last pair of mysterious shoes, Off-White X CONVERSE Chuck Taylor AllStar, ‘received from the beginning’, is really designed and understands appetite. The shoe is still based on the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star model, adding many classic details such as Off-White’s co-branded font label, orange label and anti-theft buckle. The transparent blue toe was also marked ‘left’ and ‘right’, and it burst again. Last year, Off-White also joined the ladies’ shoe brand Jimmy Choo in the 2018SS Paris Fashion Week. Can Abloh, who is good at making trendy shoes, make an explosive trendy shoes for LV? You should know that Gucci white shoes have been popular all over the world in recent years, becoming a must-have item for hipsters. And open LV’s footwear catalog, although leather shoes, slippers, car shoes to sports shoes are available, but there is no one that has become popular. /// Abloh just cooperated with IKEA, which is not a bad thing for LV. In fact, Abloh and his Off-White have been riding with other brands for almost a moment, and they have also crossed the border to other industries and constantly entered new fan groups. Now, as an LV employee, the big names in the universe have also become part of his identity, following him and Off-White to make a variety of cool sounds among young people. In March, Off-White and Wild Red Coffee Shop Wild & The Moon partnered to open a pop-up coffee shop. In April, the co-branded ‘Elevator Music’ with fragrance brand Byredo has been snapped up in long queues at Selfridges and Barneys Madison. On April 20th, he went to work on the first day. From April 22nd to 26th, LV’s official Instagram posted 9 consecutive publications of the new sneaker ‘New Vuitton Runner’ series. This series is not designed by Abloh, but can be labeled-‘Abloh’s first release of shoes after taking office’, a little gimmick. Abloh represents a new generation of designers, knowing that the brand is a symbol and that it is a platform. He let brands collide with each other and everyone benefits. If Off-White brought LV to many brand communities, Abloh himself also brought a lot of traffic friends to LV. There are countless big-name stars who volunteered to contribute to Abloh’s street shooting: Justin bieber, Beyonce, Jay Z, Bella Hadid … all of them are big traffic. Of course, the old friends Kanye West and Kardashian who are popular in Off-White. Abloh was formerly the stylist of Kanye. Remember that Luhan once made the post box on the Bund into the picture of the internet celebrity? The off-white coat was worn in the photo. Of course, let alone what LV gave to Abloh, directly after the announcement of Abloh’s joining LV, personal Instagram fans rose from 1.6 million to 2.06 million. ‘Off-White is like a 17-year-old version of me, and Louis Vuitton will show me a 37-year-old.’ On April 19, Time Magazine published a list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018. . This year’s list is divided into five categories: trailblazers, artists, leaders, idols, and tusks. Virgil Abloh is included in the ‘Idol’ category. Recently, Kering announced its results, and the data is pretty good. Decided to march forward on the road of ‘luxury’ and cut off the less luxurious brands such as Puma and put them on the agenda. The rival LVMH seems to have taken a different path in the past two years. Dior’s strategy of targeting young women has greatly improved performance, and of course, the style has become increasingly ‘high street’. Coupled with the co-branded names with the tide brands such as Supreme, Abloh’s joining, playing digital, LVMH seems to have gone a long way, but has caught consumers more firmly. The tide is fast-moving, red to the peak is the beginning of the downhill, and the relationship between Supreme and LV is only one year. How far can Abloh go in LV? He may have to work harder than before. But even after a few years of new love in LV, it is enough for both sides. We are getting better each other. In this era, why should we be forced to last forever. Lu Baoyi: Financial reporter, also writes about fashion. Find me: [email protected] Lu Xi interviewed the headline of the note, the signed author to join the readers, please add WeChat: lucyonair2013, Remarks: Name + Occupation


Hublot Will Donate To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Due to the disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy, Hublot designated November 15 as the day to donate to Hurricane Sandy’s disaster relief operation. To support the affected people, 25% of the proceeds from all US stores will be used to help Sandy victims rebuild their lives. All funds will be donated directly to the American Red Cross.
     ‘Many people’s lives have been severely affected by this devastating hurricane, and it is our human responsibility to provide support during the recovery process,’ said Hublot Chairman Jean-Claude Biver. Our minds are with everyone who strives to rebuild life and home. ‘Hublot has seven specialty stores in the United States, including New York, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Bal Harbout, Palm Beach, Pocaraton. And Atlanta. With the help of staff and customers, the brand hopes to raise a lot of funds at this challenging time.


Longines Launches The 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Replica Watch Of The Military Flag Series

Longines launches the 60th anniversary limited edition replica watch of the military flag series, praising the legendary history of the 60th anniversary of the launch of the series from 1957 to 2017. The prototype of this watch is an antique flag watch. Last year, it was spotted by Kate Winslet, Longines ‘ambassador for elegance, and it is now hidden at Longines’ Swiss headquarters. The Army Flag Series 60th Anniversary Limited Edition replica watch has three models of stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold and other models, each watch is individually numbered. Like the original, the caseback is decorated with a warship pattern.

   Longines’ first flag series watch was launched in 1957. This classic timepiece with white dial, slim outline and delicate buckle has won the favor of many watch friends, and has become an enduring watch series. Combining classic and elegant design with pure watchmaking craftsmanship, the military flag series watches are named after the commander of the warship holding a military flag, which flew without fear in the wind at sea. Engraved with warship pattern.

   Today, to celebrate the flag series as a symbol of quality, precision and excellence, through the 60-year legendary journey from 1957 to 2017, Longines launched the 60-year limited edition replica watch of the flag series. The style of this watch was personally selected by Kate Winslet, Longines’ elegant ambassador. When she visited Longines’ Swiss headquarters, she was fascinated by this antique watch. Therefore, Longines took inspiration from this elegant and restrained antique watch, and launched the 60th anniversary limited edition replica watch of the military flag series.
   The Army Flag Series 60th Anniversary Limited Edition is available in stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold. Among them, gold and rose gold watches are each limited to 60 pieces, and stainless steel watches are limited to 1957 pieces. The 38.5 mm case is equipped with the L609 mechanical movement. The matte silver dial is decorated with 4 Arabic numerals and 8 metal hour markers, and is painted in gold or rose gold. Like the original 60 years ago, each watch is engraved with a warship pattern on the back. This model comes with a brown leather strap.