Month: December 2019

Chanel Chanel Elegant Rock Style-news Chanel

‘PREMIÈRE’ has the primary and superior meaning in the French adjective meaning. In the field of haute couture, it means the chief seamstress in the workshop. For the watchmaking field, It was CHANEL’s first watch specifically designed for women in 1987, inspired by the No. 5 perfume bottle cap and Place Vendôme in the shape of an octagon.

‘CHANEL is a style, fashion changes too fast, style and fashion are different concepts’-Ms. Chanel. CHANEL launches the classic and contemporary “ Première Rock ” watch collection

Fontaine Place is located in the center of Paris’s fashionable boutique district. From 1930 to 1971, Ms. Chanel lived in the Lichi Hotel on the square. She often overlooked the jewelry store Fangdeng Plaza from the balcony of the suite on the third floor, which looks like a diamond. The octagonal profile of the facet not only won the reputation of Paris diamond, but also became one of the important elements of Ms. Chanel’s creation in the future. For her, Fontaine Place will always have the most special and important significance, no matter the baroque mirror surface in her apartment, Or No.5 perfume bottle cap, you can see its profound influence on Ms. Chanel. In 1987, PREMIÈRE, the first classic watch representing the brand, combined Chanel’s favorite octagonal shape and classic diamond-patterned leather chain strap as the design spindle, which opened the legendary story of Chanel watches. For the past quarter century, PREMIÈRE watches have continued to interpret original designs with classic elements of the brand, such as pearls, diamonds and high-tech precision ceramics.

PREMIÈRE ROCK light blue with white mother-of-pearl dial, limited edition of 1000 pieces

PREMIÈRE ROCK light pink model with white mother-of-pearl dial, nude leather wearing stainless steel three-ring bracelet, limited edition of 1000 pieces

Extending from last year’s creative combination of the concept of classic leather bracelet and jewellery, the bold extension of the strap length, the strap fits the wrist curve, winding and layering, can also be worn in three colors and four sizes (XS. SML) is available. PREMIÈRE ROCK watches not only give the wearer absolute comfort and elegance, but also show the avant-garde style of modern women.

Beige PREMIÈRE ROCK with white mother-of-pearl dial, limited edition of 1000 pieces

PREMIÈRE ROCK METAL with black lacquered surface


Deep Sea King: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathom Series Diving Watch

The Blancpain FiftyFathoms, which came out in 1953, is a powerful watch derived from military needs. It is also called ‘the ancestor of diving watches’. At that time, the Frogmen Commando was just established in France, and Navy Colonel Bob Maloubier was anxious to find an accurate timepiece with the ability to cope with the dangerous deep-sea environment to assist in the mission; Jean-Jacques Fiechter, then the CEO of Blancpain, created this with his diving experience High-performance dive watch.

   After the birth of Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain set strict seven waterproof standards, including unidirectional rotating bezels, legibility, and water resistance to 100 meters. In addition to assisting the French navy to complete its mission, the Fifty Fathoms Watch was successively provided to European and American military forces as equipment, showing that its excellent performance was affirmed. The name of the Fifty Fathom comes from the British units, 1 噚 (Fathom) is 6 feet (about 1.8288 meters), and the Fifty Fathom is about 100 meters, symbolizing the waterproof depth, but a considerable breakthrough in the 1950s.

The fifty-five diving watch born in 1953.

   Last year, in order to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the birth of this legendary watch, Blancpain launched the 50-year-old date and full calendar watch, showing the brand’s outstanding watchmaking capabilities. The large calendar that appeared in the Villeret series in the past was first ported to the Fifty Fathoms series, combining this eye-catching date display performance with a diving watch. The big calendar is composed of two independent digital dials, which are more clear in visual reading; at the same time, it is presented in the form of a jump, and the day is changed at 12 o’clock at midnight. The movement is equipped with a silicon hairspring, which is resistant to temperature differences and antimagnetic. With three barrels, it has a power of up to five days.

Titanium case with large date, 45 mm diameter, unidirectional rotating bezel, hour, minute, second, big date, 6918B automatic winding movement, 5 days power reserve, sapphire crystal glass and Bottom case, waterproof 300 meters, canvas strap.

   The Fifty Fathoms diving watch, which combines the full calendar performance for the first time, places the day of the week, date, and month on the right side of the dial, showing asymmetrical beauty. The internal movement is modified from the 1150 movement with dual barrels. Even with complex annual calendar performance, it still has 3 days of power. In addition, no matter whether it is a large calendar or a full-calendar style, there is no restriction on the date quick adjustment restricted area, and the operation is more at ease. Combining timing performance is also a change in style of the Fifty Fathoms series.

Fifty Fathom Submersible Almanac Watch Stainless Steel Case, 43mm Diameter, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Annual Calendar, 6054.P Self-winding Movement, 72-hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal Mirror and Case Back, Waterproof 300 Meter, canvas strap.

   If a general diving watch has a timing function, during the process of pressing the handle, water may seep through the gap, causing a wet condition, so it is basically impossible to time in the water. However, the chronograph button of the Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph has a closed design. Even if it is operated in water, there is no need to worry about the risk of water ingress, which is a great demonstration of waterproof performance.

Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph 18K Red Gold Case, 45mm Diameter, Unidirectional Rotating Bezel, Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, Chronograph, Automatic F185 Movement, 40-Hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal Glass mirror, water-resistant to 300 meters, canvas strap.

   The Fifty Fathoms series continues the classic look no matter whether it is a large calendar, full calendar, or flyback timing. In addition, through the precision screw-in crown, screw-in bottom design, and adhere to strict guidelines, with a water resistance of up to 300 meters, can be called the King of the Deep Sea.

Captain Bob Maloubier wears FiftyFathoms for deep sea missions.