CHANEL is the vane of fashion trends. Every year’s fashion shows can attract many celebrities to watch the scene. Stars are afraid to miss the trend. The reason why this new MADEMOISELLE J12 watch launched in 2017 has attracted more attention and ingenious design is to move the cartoon Chanel lady wearing a black and white classic suit to the dial, making the entire model extremely energetic and humorous. This MADEMOISELLE J12 (watch model: H5242) is only 555 in the world, and the over-limit is one of the reasons that attracts everyone’s attention. It is said that 100 black and white watches in China have already been booked, and friends who like it have to try their luck abroad.

Fun dial design

MADEMOISELLE J12 dial front

MADEMOISELLE J12 hands are rhodium-plated black, white and silver lacquered hands

   In order to reflect the tribute to Ms. Chanel in the design, the dial adopts the classic image of Ms. Chanel: the black and white contrasting Chanel classic set, with exquisite pearl earrings and exquisite shallow-brimmed hat. The hour and minute hands are designed for the left and right hands of the image of Ms. Chanel. Chanel’s arms are designed with rhodium-plated black, white and silver lacquered hands. And this image is not standing straight in the dial, but a playful and relaxed standing position. From this image design, we seem to be able to see a lifelike Chanel lady, and see her pointing in the fashion empire she created.

High-tech precision ceramics and steel

MADEMOISELLE J12 uses high-tech precision ceramics and stainless steel

   CHANEL first introduced the women’s sports watch J12 series in 2000. It used high-tech precision ceramics, which were rarely used in watches at that time, as the main material for watches. High-tech precision ceramics mainly refer to high-temperature-resistant hard ceramics. The noble metal titanium or metal iridium is added to the material, which increases the hardness and high-temperature resistance of ceramics. The use of new materials has broken through tradition, enriched the appearance and performance of watches, and opened up more possibilities for watch brands. MADEMOISELLE J12 uses high-tech precision ceramics as the brand’s classic black and white. With the stainless steel of the case outer ring, you can switch between masculine and feminine at will in simple and simple. Can reflect the wearer’s pursuit of quality of life.

High luxury positioning

Black and white MADEMOISELLE J12

J12 logo on the back of the case and diamonds

   MADEMOISELLE J12, as the boutique of CHANEL in the transformation of watchmaking technology, CHANEL itself is synonymous with quality and classics. This watch is limited to 555 pieces worldwide, and each case has a diamond and J12 logo on the back of the case. This watch has become a fashionable plaything sought after by celebrities. Compared to the positioning of this watch, the price of about 50,000 yuan does not look high.

Useful functions

MADEMOISELLE J12 Arabic numeral time scale
   Fashion watches, generally rarely consider practicality when designing. Of course, when we are tasting a fashion watch, we do not take practicality as the criterion for measuring it. But the designer of MADEMOISELLE J12 not only made the dial very interesting, but also considered that the watch is actually a practical tool. This watch uses Arabic numerals, the black dial is dotted with white timescales, and the combination of black and white makes the time clear and elegant. In addition, the 38 mm diameter design also reflects ease of wearing, and the 200-meter water-resistant depth is more than enough to deal with situations where water may be encountered in daily wear.

Tribute to Ms. Chanel


   As a fashion benchmark, CHANEL has been in existence for over a century since it was founded in 1913. Chanel’s founder Ms. Chanel is good at breaking through traditions. Every product she involves, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and perfumes, can be called classics. 2017 is the 30th year of CHANEL’s launch of watches. In this sense, this watch reinterprets J12 in a humorous and interesting way, paying tribute to the great Chanel for breaking through the traditional style and attitude.

MADEMOISELLE J12 real shot

In summary: Ms. Chanel’s greatness is not only the creation of CHANEL, a fashion empire. Her pioneering spirit, fearless style, and pursuit of quality of life are worthy of our respect and study. MADEMOISELLE J12 is not just a fashion watch, it is worth more attention than the watch itself. With it, you not only have a watch, but you also have affirmation of the quality of life.