Hermes 2013 Fashion Enamel Pocket Watch

Hermes creates 2013 new enamel pocket watches in a sporty style. The elegant spinnaker, dotted with a vast ocean, performs on a small dial. On the Arceau Pocket Voilier enamel pocket watch, the Pentium color of the cover transmits light, thanks to the ancient enamel craftsmanship that resembles a stained-glass window, called plique-à-jour enamelling.

 In order to obtain the perfect composition, the white gold plate under the spinnaker is engraved by hand with the hull and its surroundings. The cover pattern is brilliant, just like pocket stained glass. The light passes through the enamel color, which makes the sails bloom like velvet, and perfectly captures the shining daylight.
 The goldsmith took the lead in cutting the platinum disk and carved a delicate spinnaker pattern. The curved arcs were divided by fine gold wires to form a hollow and frame. Before repeated firing, these hollowed out parts are filled with enamel color. The temperature of each firing is 800 degrees Celsius, and the colors on the sails are brought out one by one, blooming and shining. Finally, remove the tray.
 This pocket watch does not hide the case back, but hides the dial under a delicate protective cover. This design first appeared on a Hermès pocket watch. The dial of the pocket watch is also covered with enamel, and the elegant blue-gray dial is decorated with champlevé hour markers, which naturally echoes the style of italic hour markers unique to Arceau timepieces.

 The Arceau Pocket Voilier enamel pocket watch is equipped with the H1837 self-winding movement. The sapphire crystal caseback demonstrates the superb grinding process, including the pearl and spiral grain polished substrate and bridge. From Hermès master leather craft storm blue crocodile leather case, the perfect finishing touch for pocket watches.
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Selected Moon Phase Watch Romantic Starry Sky On Your Wrist

As soon as the moon phase function appeared on the dial, it immediately brought wonderful vitality to the entire watch. Inside this usually semi-circular window, there is often a small round face to hide and seek with you, and this represents the shape shown by the round face of the moon, which happens to be the profit and loss state of the moon. The moon phase function is more conceptual than functional on clocks because its parts and calculations are not complicated.
In general, the moon phase shows the state of the moon on the moon phase card according to a period of 29.5 days (that is, a month of convergence). This moon card has two moons (patterns) with 59 teeth on the edges. The error caused by this mechanism is so small as to be negligible in terms of the moon phase display function. The precise rotation period of the moon is 28 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds. The moon phase is usually displayed by digging out a window of a specific shape on the dial and using the moon face on the moon card to display it. This particular shape includes a semicircular arc and two small arcs. This well-designed shape combined with the moon on the moon card can tell us more accurately the shape of the moon at the beginning or end of a cycle. The case usually has a moon phase adjustment button. The moon phase display is relatively independent of functions such as timing and perpetual calendar.
的 Blancpain, which is relatively prominent in the moon phase, its 6395 caliber was launched in 1983, marking the revival of the art of mechanical watchmaking. This watch has several major functions highly praised by watch lovers. On the hour scale circle, there are 31 days of long moon display. Below 12 o’clock is the display of the month and day. Above the 6 o’clock is the famous ‘Squint Moon Man’ in the cluster of Venus. Above the crescent is the time of this lunar phase cycle (29.5 days in total). This watch maintains a record, and its moon phase disk is the smallest in the year calendar. A few years later, 6395 was replaced by Blancpain’s own automatic movement 1150.
Since the monthly phase of the moon is closely related to the annual calendar, the full calendar + moon phase technology is always the most harmonious combination of functions. Patek Philippe’s 5396 series is an example of the perfect combination of the annual calendar and the moon phase display function. At the same time, 5396 was promoted to the Patek Philippe brand’s complication series.

Distinguish between moon phase and day and night display
The moon phase function, due to its prescribed shape, forms a pattern consisting of a larger semicircle and three smaller semicircles, which are very harmonious and beautiful on the dial. For those brands that do not have the function of equipping the moon phase and are eager to take advantage of this harmonious beauty, they have come up with a workaround-using a window similar to the moon phase to display day and night. This function is as simple as connecting a synchronous gear beside the hour wheel to drive the day and night dial. However, the moon phase display and the day and night display, these two similarly similar functions, the price is very different, consumers should pay attention.
Vacheron Constantin’s new Malte Tonneau moon phase power reserve watch
The 1410 manual winding mechanical movement was developed by Vacheron Constantin and cast the Geneva mark, which marks the highest honor in the field of watchmaking in Geneva. The automatic moon phase profit and loss function does not need to be adjusted manually, and its accuracy can exceed 100 years.
Patek Philippe Ref.5951P
Relatively small dial area with at least 12 display functions, can still ensure easy reading of dial information. Hours, minutes and seconds standard hands, dual seconds chronograph, date, day of the week, month, leap year information, moon phase display with black dial, platinum case masculine and elegant.
Baume & Mercier Classima Executives XL full calendar display chronograph
This traditional and delicate chronograph is equipped with a self-winding movement with high-end watchmaking technology. It has a full calendar display function, equipped with chronograph, power reserve display, moon phase display or full calendar display. It is equipped with a black crocodile. Leather strap.
Chopard L.U.C Lunar Big Date
相 The moon phase is linked to the central hour and minute hands, the large date is displayed at 12 o’clock, and the small second hand is displayed at 4 to 5 o’clock. The self-winding L.U.C Calibre 96 LD movement is entirely home-made, with a 42-mm 18-ct white gold dial.
IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch
The moon phase disc itself does not rotate. It is an engraved disk representing the earth with two circular holes under the silver background. It drives two blue circular surfaces on the same horizontal plane. The moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres appear Mirror symmetry or horizontal flip display.
Piaget Emperador Coussin Moon Phase in Rose Gold
With a diameter of 46.5 millimeters, in a concealed device that symbolizes the influence of the sun and the earth on the moon phases, this round of ‘bright moons’ with craters presents a cloudy and clear circle, and its movements are extremely accurate. Only one day appears every 122 years. The error is worthy of its ‘astronomical moon phase’.
Piaget Emperador Coussin Moon Phase in Rose Gold
With a diameter of 46.5 millimeters, in a concealed device that symbolizes the influence of the sun and the earth on the moon phases, this round of ‘bright moons’ with craters presents a cloudy and clear circle, and its movements are extremely accurate. Only one day appears every 122 years. The error is worthy of its ‘astronomical moon phase’.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series New Listing

Cartier Blue Balloon Watch Series, a perfect fusion of classics and innovations, looks like a brilliant star, surpassing imagination and shining through the world. This year, the watch leader Cartier continues the essence of innovation, dedicated to three new fashion watches masterpieces: chronograph opening speed passion, dial and diamond models reveal luxurious luxury, ultra-thin models explore the future of the trend. The brand-new works that enjoy the same magic are bound to create a new round of ‘blue balloon’ fashion trends on the imagination of Cartier’s masterful imagination that day!
The deep blue reflects the mature wisdom; the delicate circle enjoys the fun of time. The new work perfectly inherits the iconic features of the classic classics of the blue balloon series. The seductive crown made of oversized convex round sapphire, and the streamlined case that looks round and non-circular. Whether it is a Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph, a dial-set diamond watch, or an ultra-thin watch, it will become the perfect choice for luxury taste in the fusion of innovation and classics.

激情 Speed ​​Passion & mdash; & mdash; Blue Balloon Series Chronograph
Smooth shape, interesting interaction, Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph is on top of the classic outline, adding timing complication, bringing a new sense of communication between people and machinery. At the three o’clock and six o’clock hour markers on the black checkered dial, small minute dials that count minutes and seconds instead of classic Roman numerals are arranged in harmony on the dial. Concise and clear. The overall dial design of this watch is balanced and domineering. Around the sapphire crown, the standard double buttons are placed around the crown, and the flow of time is under control.
Chasing speed and passion, the blue balloon series chronograph operates precisely. The blue balloon watch equipped with a chronograph function has been upgraded to a powerful tool for measuring time and setting time limits, instead of just following the steps of time monotonously. Professional and mature appearance, simple and practical functions, make Cartier Blue Balloon series chronograph in addition to speed and passion, truly become a luxury watch suitable for all-weather wear.

Luxurious luxury & mdash; & mdash; blue balloon dial with 11 diamond watches
Cartier’s other honor ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, has given the Blue Balloon watch series more possibilities. Carefully selected top diamonds, inlaid green inlay technology, and flawless gorgeous designs have turned the blue balloon watch into a woman’s cherished treasure. Precious diamonds set precisely at eleven time-marked points on the dial, like the dazzling stars in the dark blue night sky, guide the pace of time in the light. The diamond and crown sapphire meet unexpectedly on the dial, and on the square inch wrist, a pair of beautiful pictures like stars and moon are drawn.
明 Clear diamonds set on the dial, paired with rose gold or crocodile leather straps, convey a totally different and striking style. Rose gold’s exquisite and charming, put on the diamond’s extravagant new clothes, set off a distinctive elegant style; while the colorful crocodile leather strap surrounds the diamond, it conveys the gorgeous mood with bright colors, and expresses the femininity with comfortable touch.

Smart Trend & mdash; & mdash; Blue Balloon Series Slim Watch
Time passed and the wind of the ultra-thin watch regained its tide. With profound watchmaking skills, Cartier once again stood at the forefront of the trend, proclaiming the world with a new ultra-thin blue balloon series watch. The ultra-thin body and light texture are the ultimate elegance of the blue balloon watch series. Within the 46mm oversized watch diameter, the restructured mechanical movement components perform their respective roles and complement each other. The case is made of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Among them, rose gold and white gold models are decorated with silver carved dials, elegant and delicate; platinum models are lined with dark blue dials, hidden endless future atmosphere.
The bold innovation of the Cartier ultra-thin blue balloon series watch transcends the inherent shackles of time and leads a wave of the future that has never been seen before. The smart and smooth shape makes the watch seem to break away from the gravity of the earth; in the golden light, this gorgeous blue balloon is slowly rising; the light and elegant design greatly enhances the fit between the watch and the wrist. The wearer creates the best experience.
Temple, passion, temptation, beauty of noble luxury, ultra-thin future, all in Cartier’s new blue balloon watch series. No matter what style you are in, Cartier’s new blue balloon series will make you a bright star, with a magnificent atmosphere!

Qiao Duo Tian Gong Recommended Three Men’s Hollow Men’s Watches

The skeletonized watch is loved by people, highlighting the beauty of the design, and can appreciate the beautiful movement and rhythm of the watch. Nowadays, there are more and more types of watches available for people to choose. Hollow watches are a traditional type of watch. Each brand has made the dial full hollow design, but the price of some brands is prohibitive. Today’s Watch House recommends three hollow men’s watches at affordable prices to bring you the charm of hollow watches.
Tissot T-COMPLICATION SQUELETTE T070.405.16.411.00

Model: T070.405.16.411.00
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 43 mm
Domestic public price: 12500
Watch details:
Seagull chronograph M190SK watch

Model: M190SK
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 8800
Details of the watch: The Seagull watch has a history of 60 years since its birth, 59 years of development history and technological precipitation, and a long history of Chinese culture have been well received. This seagull chronograph M190SK watch is made of stainless steel with a black leather strap and a stainless steel butterfly clasp. This watch has a chronograph function. The fully skeletonized dial perfectly displays the ST1901 manual winding movement. The 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and the small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. The upper and lower right sides of the case are timing buttons, with a steel crown in the middle, which is waterproof to 50 meters.
Summary: Some people think that full-hollow watches are like paper-cuts, removing the extra parts of the pattern, which requires extremely skilled craftsmanship, without any extra burden. The full skeleton watch is also a fashion element, distinguishing the traditional dial, showing the movement perfectly. Today, I recommend these three watches, each with its own characteristics. They are classic and modern fusion watches, which can fully display the personality and the charm of the hollow.

Ariella Kaeslin Visited Longines Longines Headquarters

Longines, a Swiss watchmaker, warmly welcomes the visit of the new elegant ambassador Ariella Kaeslin. At the same time, she is an outstanding athlete in the 2009 Gymnastics Festival.
This summer, Longines announced that the newly crowned European vault champion and silver medalist at the World Championships has become its newest brand ambassador. Ariella will be the ambassador of Longines’ Longa’s PrimaLuna watch series in international advertising.

Although the fall of 2009 was very tiring but significant for Ariella, she continued to train for the climax of the international gymnastics competition-the London World Championships. Ever since she won the silver medal very well in the vault, the lingering voice around her has grown.
Longines president Longines Walter von Känel warmly received Ariella, and then she calmly responded to the waiting media and later signed the gymnastic club’s enthusiastic request. Next, I visited the Longines Longines Watch and Clock Museum and production workshop. At the end of the visit, she chose one of the ‘La Grande Classique de Longines’ series as a memorial, and she will accompany her in her future career journey .

Original source: Longines

Lange New Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time Rose Gold

Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time sounds low at every hour, and then rings the quarter clock with three high-pitched tones. This is Lange’s first watch with a beeping device and is now available in 18K rose gold. The Lange watch factory from Saxony took a new approach three years ago and launched its first watch with a ringing device-Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time. Nowadays, this masterpiece with a precision jump type display is shown in 18K rose gold, with a silver-white dial and 18K rose gold hands.

 The main beeper components of Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time can be seen in the dial design and merge with each other. Black-polished stainless steel hammers can be found on both sides of the small seconds dial: the left and right hammers tell the hour at the hour and quarter. Two gongs are striking in the groove between the dial and the bezel. The beeping device will ring one of the gongs every 15 minutes. All three quarter clocks emit high tones, and low-pitched music at 1:00. The beeping device has a pause function to avoid any interference from the watch at night or during meetings. When the button at 4 o’clock is pressed, the hammer is lifted and the watch’s beeping function stops. This process can be observed through the sapphire crystal when the device is turned on or off.

 As a new member of the Lange Zeitwerk series, it is equipped with precise skip-type display, which still retains the characteristics of simple design and clear and easy to read. Large hour and minute numbers clearly show the current time. The patented constant-power escapement advances the minutes display in less than a second, and up to the next hour, the three digital dials will jump forward exactly one space at a time. Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time emits a unique tone every quarter of an hour, allowing the wearer to enjoy the melodious music while watching the digital beat.

 The watchmaker’s home-made L043.2 calibre assembled by Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time meets the expectations of watch connoisseurs for Lange’s reputation in all aspects. All movement components are carefully modified by hand, and equipped with eccentric weight balance and Lange balance spring.