Month: October 2020

The Ipad Application Of Iwc Won The 2011 Red Dot Award

The ‘WATCH International 1/2011’ iPad app launched by IWC Schaffhausen has won the favor of international reviewers and won the 2011 Red Dot Award for communication design; this not only shows IWC advances with technology, and it is more certain that the brand attaches importance to the design field, not only in watch models but also in everything related to the brand.

 Technology is changing the world so fast that it is difficult to parry it, and so is the speed at which mobile phones are changing. Undoubtedly, the advent of smart phones has changed people’s lifestyles, and has also led to ‘new ways to capture knowledge.’ IWC’s customer magazine ‘WATCH International’, which was launched in 1991, is published four times a year and is available in English, German and the latest Chinese version. In order to provide the most compact reading habits of smart phones and tablets today, IWC provides free apps on iPhones and iPads to provide consumers with a better understanding and appreciation of IWC’s work and background.

 And this time IWC’s ‘WATCH International 1/2011’ iPad application won one of the world’s largest and famous design competitions: the Red Dot Design Award. Karoline Huber, Director of Marketing and Communications at IWC, said: ‘We are very proud of this highly respected design award. This iPad app provides the ideal platform to present the art of’ WATCH International ‘to more readers Quality and unique charm. ‘This year, a total of 6,468 entries were shortlisted, and 608 entries were finally selected for the Red Dot Award. All winning projects will be held on October 7-16, 2011 at the ‘Design Stage-winners red dot award: communication design’ in Alte Münze, Berlin. 2011) Special exhibition.


High Price Of About 150,000 People, Some People Just Want To Buy A Low-key Platinum Watch

Different from the magnificent luxury of gold, the platinum material has been warmly welcomed by many watch enthusiasts with its cold and pure charm. Most of them have been selected for high-end brands and limited models, highlighting the wearer’s distinguished identity and low-key luxury on the wrist, showing the inherent strength of the field. Today, I will introduce three good platinum watches. Suggestions for your watch selection.
Jacques de Rouge Second Hand J014014201

Domestic public price: RMB163,000
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 11.52 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18K white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: jaquetdroz / 23781 /
Watch Reviews: The Jakodro Large Seconds series watch with a strong artistic atmosphere is a good choice. It uses a high-temperature 18k white gold case with an ivory white ‘GrandFeu’ large fire enamel dial, which is simple and unique, rich in rich The charm of timepieces. The ‘8’ eccentric dial design, relatively enlarged the second dial, reduced the hour and minute dial, highlighting the theme of the series ‘large second hand’. With a black hand-rolled crocodile leather strap, it shows a gentle and elegant breath on the man’s wrist.
Lange-Saxony 215.026

Domestic public price: RMB145,000
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Case thickness: 7.3 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: Cal.L941.1
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: lange / 10415 /
Watch Reviews: The entry money for Lange brand watches is classic, simple and impressive. The 37mm white gold case showcases a high-cold luxury atmosphere. Using a silver-gray solid silver dial, silver-white rhodium-plated small three-pin design and conspicuous three-dimensional bar hour markers, showing the essential functions of the watch. The small seconds dial is above the 6 o’clock position, and the elegant second hand design gives the watch a great appreciation and connotation. With a black crocodile leather strap, it shows the overall high-cold, luxurious, calm style of the watch.
Piaget Altiplano G0A42107 watch

Domestic public price: RMB140,000
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: 430P
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: piaget / 53195 /
Watch Comments: The integration of the deep Piaget Blue into the new ultra-thin watch is a redefinition of the high-cold luxury style. The case is polished in 18K white gold with a slim thickness that has never been more sophisticated. Piaget’s blue sunray-treated dial is deep and classic, impressive. The retro-style swashplate element is used, and the hour and minute hands and the three-dimensional Barton time scale present a superb look and feel. The watch is paired with a dark blue checked crocodile leather strap, which blends with the color of the dial, giving the watch a versatile and stylish modern style.
Summary: As a precious metal variant of gold, high-cold platinum should be more pure and charming, showing the wearer’s distinguished identity. Today, the three platinum watches recommended to you are all good timepieces for modern watch models. If you like it, you may click the details page to learn more! (Photo / Wen Watch House Shi Jinnan)


【basel 2017】 Patek Philippe 5131/1p World Time Zone

PatekPhilippe 5131 / 1P watch can display the time in twenty-four time zones around the world. This functional device, combined with a very simple adjustment method, shows that the time around the world is easy to grasp, which is technical. The feat has attracted the attention of those who appreciate practical complications over the years. As for the cloisonne enamel faceplate of the watch, it has previously been favored by connoisseurs who love enamel art.

PP The popular enamel painted world time zone watch launched by the market in platinum, in addition to the case’s diamond setting at 6 o’clock to identify the type of material, even the strap is also replaced with metal chain

The hour and minute hands of the watch face are used to indicate the local time, and the city name display panel representing different time zones is exactly at the local time of the city at twelve o’clock. The crown is used to synchronize the time and the 24-hour display ring to distinguish day and night, such as AM and 4 PM. Just press the knob located in the ten o’clock direction to switch the time zone time display. Each time the button is pressed, the hour hand moves forward for one hour, and at the same time, the city name display ring and the twenty-four hour display ring rotate counterclockwise for one hour (equivalent to crossing a time zone). Pressing the button twenty-four times is actually like traveling around the world for a week, and finally returns to the place of departure.

The painted world map has always been a popular element of the 5131 world time zone watch. The 2017 new model has changed the theme of the Arctic Circle to present another landscape style.

In 1999, Patek Philippe obtained a patent for a solution technology that allowed the ‘world time’ device equipped with a city name display ring and a 24-hour display ring to be completely isolated from the gear set of the watch, making 240 HU (Heure Universelle = ‘World Time’). Under the new technology, when the device shifts from the time in one time zone to displaying the time in another time zone, it will not damage the accuracy of the movement and the movement of the minute hand in the slightest. The 240 HU is an automatic ultra-thin movement with a 22K gold mini-inset set on the bottom plate. The balance wheel operates at a frequency of 21,600 (3 Hz) half-hour swings.

The 240 HU movement is a classic and sophisticated machine under the brand, which is characterized by the convenience of adjustment. Therefore, it has been used by the brand for many years, and its reliable quality has been recognized by the market.

The center of the faceplate is decorated with cloisonné enamel pattern by human hands. It first appeared in 2008. Langzhong’s colorful world map format is the most suitable for timepieces, so it is very popular in the market. In addition to the distinguished platinum case, the newly launched 5131 / 1P in 2017 also comes with a bracelet. The painted map pattern in the center transfers the theme to the Arctic Circle, which is different from the previous brands that used Europe, Africa, North and South. The American-themed design cleverly creates subtle differences in the picture to create a fresh look. The production process of cloisonne enamel dials is quite complicated, so the output of 5131 / 1P watches is naturally not much. Following the launch of Ref. 5230 in 2016, 5131 has not been replaced, but a new generation of 5131 / 1P is launched. Then set off a wave of chasing brands in the market.

Complications Ref. 5131 / 1P-001

Platinum material / 240 HU self-winding movement / hour and minute display / world time zone display / Arctic map enamel dial / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 39.5mm