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Return To The Deep Sea-the Highly Acclaimed Oris Aquis Water Depth Gauge Comes In A Brand New Black Case With A Yellow Rubber Strap. Glory Returns

In 2013, Oris launched the Aquis bathymeter, which has been hailed as the most innovative diving watch by international media. It solves the challenge of building a depth gauge into a mechanical watch. Oris Also patented for this groundbreaking design.
In 2013, the Oris Aquis bathymeter became the first diving watch to measure water depth without using any moving parts.

   Following the brand’s 110-year history and watchmaking philosophy, Oris’ method of creating a sounding gauge is surprisingly successful: an entry hole is set at 12 o’clock on the mirror, and a channel is embedded along the outer edge of the mirror. The small hole allows water to enter the channel, and a yellow depth mark is printed on the faceplate to show the water level, giving the diver a clear reading of up to 100 meters, while the watch is still waterproof to 500 meters.

The entrance at 12 o’clock leads to a channel inlaid on the outer edge of the mirror. During the dive, the air in the channel is compressed by the water pressure to shrink, allowing water to enter the channel.

   The inspiration for this innovation comes from Boyle’s law, applying the “pressure X gas volume = constant” stated in the law. As the diver dives into the deep sea while wearing a watch, the pressure increases, compressing the volume of air in the channel. The Oris Aquis bathymeter uses this principle to allow water to enter the watch through a small hole.

The clever craftsmanship of the Oris water depth gauge: a 4.5 mm sturdy sapphire crystal that is twice as thick as normal glass, (the embedded channel groove is marked blue.)

   Showing the patented design of Oris in a side anatomy, it seems surprisingly simple. It perfectly follows the brand concept-exploring various ways to create the best watch at the most reasonable price. The Oris Aquis bathymeter is truly “real watches for a real person”, as the brand slogan says.

The stainless steel case of the Oris yellow depth gauge has a sporty black DLC coating and a unidirectional rotating tungsten metal bezel.

   Oris is now introducing an updated version of this amazing watch with a bright yellow rubber strap and two Oris original designs: a safety anchor-to prevent the strap from breaking out, even in severe impact situations It is still securely worn underneath; sliding clasp-allows the wearer to adjust the size of the strap at will without having to unlock the clasp.
The Oris Yellow Water Depth Gauge comes with a special waterproof case. Includes replacement black rubber strap and strap replacement tool.

   A 46 mm stainless steel case with a sporty black DLC coating and a one-way rotating tungsten metal bezel, made of hard as gemstone. Oris 733 fully automatic movement, calendar window at 6 o’clock, 38-hour power reserve.
   Oris Aquis Yellow Water Depth Gauge will be available in early May 2015.
Oris Aquis Yellow Water Depth Gauge Product Features
Product Code: 733 7675 4754 Set, Watch Diameter: Ø 46.00mm
• Oris 733 fully automatic movement, calendar window at 6 o’clock
• Multi-piece stainless steel 46mm case, screw-in back cover and crown with black DLC coating. Water-resistant to 500 meters
• Unidirectional rotating tungsten metal bezel with minute scale
• Screw-down crown with black DLC coating
• Double-sided arched sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-reflection coating, unique channel design, allowing water to enter the watch, with depth gauge function. The yellow scale corresponding to the watermark in the channel is the depth
• Black dial, scale and nickel-plated hands with white Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating
• Yellow rubber strap with buckle safety anchor developed by Oris, and fast-folding folding clasp
• Special waterproof watch box, including black rubber strap and strap replacement tool
About Oris
   Founded in 1904, Oris was founded by watchmakers Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the small town of Holstein in northwestern Switzerland. In 1985, long before mechanical watches took the world by storm, Oris only focused on the development and manufacture of high-precision mechanical watches, and today it still maintains the same brand strategy. Oris has carefully crafted watches by hand, dedicated to watch fans who are keen on mechanical movements and pursuing extreme and eternal value, and meet the high expectations of watch fans around the world with four series of watches: racing, diving, flying and culture.


Dewitt Launches Twenty-8-eight Regulator A.S.W.

When the new Twenty-8-Eight Regulator ASW is launched, all watch enthusiasts are invited to travel through the sky to spread their horizons to all corners of the world. In the sky they can see their favorite cities, as well as bird’s eye views of the city’s buildings that are not usually seen. Although you can look to the future on the ground, you cannot have the ideal that everyone has—Blue Dream.
 DeWitt’s Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W., whose design inspiration is to pay tribute to Art Deco design, especially to the trend of exploration in the United States after the Great Depression. In this era, many American industrial designers are fascinated by streamlined aesthetic designs, such as cars, ships, factories, even revolving restaurants, and the innovation and diversification of many modern products. A very influential designer, Norman Bel Geddes, whose design is full of courage to innovate. His design brings a new understanding of the world to people, he said:
‘We believe too much in the way our predecessors did things, so our thinking is limited, and we think that the predecessor’s method is the best way. Over time, we have become too stable, and we have lost the risk. At the same time, it also deprives our sense of innovation and loses the will to pursue self-motivation. Sometimes, do n’t take everything into consideration, but always be prepared for the unexpected! This requires more imagination, more So that progress can be made. At the same time, it requires extreme vision and courage. ‘

 Coincidentally, similar to this idea is the business philosophy of Mr. de Witt, who has many unique insights into the watchmaking industry. In 1932, Norman Bel Geddes published his work, which caused a huge sensation. His ideas and ideas have become the source of creative thinking for generations. He outlined his unique vision and understanding of what reference design should be. And most interestingly, the title of his book is Horizon, which is the inspiration found in Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W.
Source: DeWitt
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Longines Watch Fifa World Cup Obstacle Western European League Kicks Off In Oslo, Daniel Deusser And ‘cornet’ Kick Off With Victory

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, the first leg of the 2017/2018 season of the Longines FEI World Cup ™ Jumping Western European League was held in Oslo. Held, the German rider Daniel Deusser riding ‘Cornet’ won the championship. Kevin Staut, the French rider who rode “For Joy van’t Zorgvliet HDC”, finished second, and Edwina Tops-Alexander, the Australian rider who rode “California”, finished third.

   Longines is proud to be the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the ‘Longines FIFA World Cup Obstacle League’ (Western European, North American and Chinese League). Elite riders will compete for qualifying points in these leagues to advance to the ‘Longines FIFA World Cup Obstacle Finals’ in Paris in April 2018.

   In addition, the audience who entered the competition also had the opportunity to explore the designated watch of the competition, a newest blue model from the Longines Master series. This collection symbolizes the classic elegance and professional watchmaking of the brand. This women’s watch is made of stainless steel with a blue dial, diamond hour markers, a matching blue alligator leather strap and an automatic movement.


Introduction To Iwc Chronograph

As an international boutique mechanical watch brand, IWC is committed to creating the highest quality high-end watch products. Just like the Marine Timepiece ‘Galapagos Islands’ edition chronograph, it perfectly combines the charm of the brand, professionalism and exquisite craftsmanship with creative beyond imagination.

& ldquo; Galapagos Islands & rdquo; Edition Chronograph
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent, it spreads the famous Galapagos Islands. Whether it is a terrestrial or marine iguana, they bathe in the sun on black volcanic rocks, looking like dragons described in fairy tales. A squadron of manta rays was patrolling back and forth on the bank. Hammerhead sharks circle in shallow waters. The biodiversity contained in this area is amazing, many of which are unique in the world, and have a profound impact on inspiring Darwin’s future evolution. However, this paradise discovered by Darwin during his expedition in 1835 is under serious threat today. The reason is precisely because humans lack care for nature. The Charles & Darwin Foundation works with the strong IWC partners of Schaffhausen to protect the Galapagos Islands, which has a sensitive and fragile ecosystem.

& ldquo; Galapagos Islands & rdquo; Edition Chronograph
WCIWC’s commitment to environmental protection extends not only to remote regions of the world, but also to its hometown: Schaffhausen. IWC is officially certified as a carbon-neutral enterprise, and all energy needs within the company use energy that protects the ecology. IWC has spared no effort in environmental protection issues, whether it introduces high-efficiency filtration systems, energy recycling, rainwater recycling, or the use of solar collectors, all play a pioneering role. As an international boutique mechanical watch brand, IWC is committed to creating the highest quality haute horlogerie products. Just like the Marine Timepiece ‘Galapagos Islands’ edition chronograph, it perfectly combines the charm of the brand, professionalism and exquisite craftsmanship with creative beyond imagination. The stainless steel case has undergone an intensive vulcanization process to give the model a black matte rubber coating. This watch has a compressive strength of 12 bar, and has a stylish appearance and top quality: black like lava on a volcanic island, and white like a mist covering lava. Most of the sales proceeds of this watch will be donated to the Charles & bull; Darwin Foundation, which also means that the collection of this top diving watch will double interpret its unique taste and ability to appreciate the good things in life, and move towards A completely new stage of evolution.


Franck Muller

Mid-Autumn Festival, with reunion of people and months, Geneva luxury watch brand FRANCKMULLER has carefully selected a series of magnificent watches, and sincerely wish your love-classic and elegant VanguardLadyMoonphase, CintréeCurvexLadyMoonphase, and noble flash FlowerCollection. Wear a LadyMoonphase watch to enjoy the fascinating moonlight in the warm and loaded festival, and share the festival with your beloved.

FRANCKMULLERVanguardLadyMoonphase Stainless Steel Diamond Watch RMB221,000



FRANCKMULLERCintréeCurvexLadyMoonphase Rose Gold Watch RMB116,000
   The LadyMoonphase watch has elegant lines and a moon phase display at 6 o’clock on the sun-embossed dial, which contrasts with each other. The moon phase display attracts the attention of the watch wearer and appreciates the changes in the moon phase. The design of the watch is classic and elegant, while also satisfying women who appreciate the horology. This series has Vanguard and Cintrée Curvex case options, the dial design is new and unique, showing the ultimate feminine charm of the watch.


FRANCKMULLERFlowerCollection Rose Gold Diamond Watch RMB163,000

   The classic design of the LongIsland series is known for its rich architectural case and relief-embossed numbers. This FlowerCollection uses a brand new dial, the design of which originates from the world of flowers and flowers. The elegant white orchid on the dial is a symbol of love, wealth and strength. The mother-of-pearl dial shimmers slightly to complement the hues of the embossed applique flowers.


Black Spirit Dior Chiffre Rouge Watch Tasting

Dior Chiffre Rouge was launched in 2004. In 2013, the brand issued a limited edition of 100 black calfskin bracelet models (A02) and gray models (A03). In September of the same year, stainless steel bracelet models (A02), Stainless steel bracelet and alligator strap (A03).

 Chiffre Rouge watches have distinctive characteristics, including: black (rubber or Nato strap, dial or bezel), red (colored on the back cover glass, or used to highlight the crown, date, hands, buttons and other elements), asymmetrical shapes ( The case focuses all the controls on the widened right side, the guilloché winding crown and buttons of the chronograph), and the cutting technique (surface engraving on the bracelet) in accordance with Dior Homme style and craftsmanship.

 Chiffre Rouge also belongs to the 100% automatic movement series, which has outstanding watchmaking features, such as the Swiss Observatory-certified molded rubber A05 chronograph watch and the extraordinary automatic chronograph movement ‘Irréductible’ designed and manufactured by Zenith; & Girardin co-designed and produced the ‘Dior 8 fuseaux horaires’ movement in eight time zones; the ‘Dior Inversé 11½’ movement designed and produced in cooperation with Soprod and so on.
 With the launch of the black rubber mold Chiffre Rouge A05 chronograph in 2012, the manufacturing process of the A02 and A03 chronograph watches has also been strengthened: the improved case perfectly blends with the bracelet, the stability of the bracelet is improved, and the double-sided Reflective glass with screw-in crown, readability of the bezel has also been improved, and the A02 has been certified by the Swiss Observatory.

 CHIFFRE ROUGE A03 is equipped with an Elite 691 self-winding movement, the oscillating weight is engraved with the word ‘DIOR HOMME’ and has a 38-hour power reserve. 36mm stainless steel frosted case, lattice-shaped crown with red ring decoration, translucent black crystal case back. Black sunburst dial, luminous hour and minute hands, red date display at 4 o’clock. NATO black fabric strap, pin buckle stainless steel frosted buckle, engraved ‘CHIFFRE ROUGE’, 3 frosted polished stainless steel straps with perforations. Hour-minute-second-date function. Water-resistant to 50 meters.


American Football Hall Of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino Shows Limited Edition Corum Kunlun Diving Watch

The picture below shows the NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback American Football Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino showing a Corum 48mm Seafender Deep Dive wrist at Levinson Jewelers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. table. The watch was launched in mid-2011 and is limited to volume production.

The Corum 48 mm Seafender Deep Dive watch is dynamic and durable. It is equipped with a Swiss-certified high-precision movement, unique orange markings and hands, and its precision can definitely be among the professional diving equipment. It is worth mentioning that, in dark conditions, orange actually emits green light. Its waterproof performance is up to 1000 meters.
Dan’s new choice is Corum. Corum watches have a long history of making extremely high-end and complex watches, but what makes Corum watches more special is that the production of their watch series is very, very limited. Dan was awarded the 13th watch of the limited edition collection.