American Football Hall Of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino Shows Limited Edition Corum Kunlun Diving Watch

The picture below shows the NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback American Football Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino showing a Corum 48mm Seafender Deep Dive wrist at Levinson Jewelers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. table. The watch was launched in mid-2011 and is limited to volume production.

The Corum 48 mm Seafender Deep Dive watch is dynamic and durable. It is equipped with a Swiss-certified high-precision movement, unique orange markings and hands, and its precision can definitely be among the professional diving equipment. It is worth mentioning that, in dark conditions, orange actually emits green light. Its waterproof performance is up to 1000 meters.
Dan’s new choice is Corum. Corum watches have a long history of making extremely high-end and complex watches, but what makes Corum watches more special is that the production of their watch series is very, very limited. Dan was awarded the 13th watch of the limited edition collection.