Antique Lights Create Innovative Timepieces

On October 18th, the Swiss independent watchmaker brand Parmigiani opened the watch boutique studio concept store in Legendale Hotel Beijing. Domestic media gathered in the studio, close range Experience the unique watchmaking world of Parmigiani. Michel Parmigiani, the founder of Parmigiani brand, Jean-MarcJacot, the global brand president, and Mr. Jianhong Hong, the chairman of Parmigioni’s exclusive distributor in China, came to the scene to witness this with hundreds of distinguished guests and watch collectors A precious moment for a luxurious dinner with Parmigiani. For Parmigiani, the establishment of such a workshop dedicated to the restoration of antiques is the most cherished tradition and core soul of the brand. In addition to being committed to providing customers with comprehensive services like other high-end studios under the brand, Parmigiani Beijing’s Legend Watch Studio is also the world’s first workshop to provide high-quality antique clock repairs, inheriting Parmigiani’s restoration The unique art of antique timepieces will become a glorious place for domestic antique clocks in the future, and it will also be an elegant place for outstanding private collectors to gather.
  To pay tribute to the legacy of the past artists and watchmakers, Parmigiani presents three extraordinary classics to the majority of antique watch enthusiasts in China. Mr. Jean-MarcJacot said at the opening banquet that Parmigiani, as the only watch brand with superb antique timepiece restoration craftsmanship, will surely provide high-end timepiece repair services to the majority of antique watch collectors and lovers in Beijing and even China Create an excellent place to communicate and share.