Beauty’s New Marine Sailing Series Debuts In Malaysia

On March 6, 2019, Breguet and Cortina Watch jointly hosted the Breguet Marine Marine Timepiece Launch Conference in Kuala Lumpur. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, guests with joy, unveiled the mystery of several new timepieces, including the Marine Marine Series 5517, Marine Marine Series 5527 Chronograph, Marine Marine Series 5547 Alarm Watch And Marine Marine Series 5887 Time Equation Watch.

   The conference site was set up with the theme of exploration and equipped with exclusive visual display devices. The watchmaker also came to the site to interact with the guests enthusiastically. During the audience questioning session, the watchmaker introduced the components of the Breguet movement to the guests in detail by disassembling and reorganizing the movement.

   Guests present also had the opportunity to make an exclusive blue pommedetouline knot, a nautical rope knot commonly used when ships dock at the dock.