Complex Machinery Tasting Roger Dubuis Excalibur White Gold Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon Watch

For a long time, Roger Dubuis Excalibur series models with its iconic case provide a new display space for various large complex functions, presenting its Excalibur high-end watch series with its unique sense of power and charm. Today, the Watch House brings you a Roger Dubuis Excalibur advanced watch series watch that combines two exquisite craftsmanship of a hollow movement and a dual flying tourbillon. The official model of the watch is RDDBEX0396.

   As we all know, Roger Dubuis is particularly good at making tourbillons, and only produces the most sophisticated and charming flying tourbillons. In terms of movement hollowing, Roger Dubuy has been committed to the research and development of new hollow-out movements since the establishment of the watch factory, and strives to develop a lighter, smarter, creative and bold modern hollow-out movement.

45 mm white gold case

   This watch, a combination of openwork and a double flying tourbillon, comes in a 45mm white gold case. The shape follows the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protector and three lugs to secure the strap. The arc-shaped convex sapphire crystal has a rigid and rounded curve. The 1200-hour skeleton-decorated double tourbillon calibre has been made at a glance. The splints and bridges are streamlined to the extreme, so that the essence is truly preserved and the gorgeous interior layout is created with extraordinary technology.

Platinum crown with Excalibur’s exquisite crown protection design

   The side of the case is brushed for a more precious metal feel. The platinum crown on the side adopts the exquisite crown protection design of the Excalibur series. The crown occupies almost one-half of the side of the case.

Hand-stitched black alligator strap

   Hand-stitched black alligator leather strap with clear and neat texture. It is accompanied by an adjustable folding buckle in white gold. The buckle is engraved with Roger Dubuis English, and the details show the brand’s subtlety.

Highly recognizable design of the three-choke lugs

   The design of the Sancha lugs is extremely high, and the three lugs are linked to the strap, giving a very strong and durable feel.

Hollow decorative double flying tourbillon dial

   Viewed from the front, this hollow decorative double flying tourbillon dial, the carbon gray foreign aid is printed with the white transfer minute ring and Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis) lettering, separated by platinum screws by 5th. With the gold hollow hour and minute hands, the reading is simple and clear. Star-shaped appearance design, Celtic cross tourbillon frame at 4, 5 and 7, 8 o’clock, treated with gray anthracite, equipped with seconds dial and small second hand. As if looking at a patchwork metal city.
   The Geneva mark is engraved on the movement at 6 o’clock. The Geneva Seal is the highest proof of the world’s watchmaking process. A small shield like ‘eagle’ and ‘spoon’ engraved on the movement is the most sacred glory of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Only official watch movements that are entirely handmade, assembled and tuned in the Geneva area and meet stringent watchmaking quality requirements can receive this official certification. Although it may not be a good watch without the Geneva mark, meeting the criteria of the Geneva mark can almost represent the excellence of watchmaking. A total of 20 million watches are produced in Switzerland each year, of which only 24,000 are eligible for the Geneva Seal. Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker to have the Geneva mark engraved on all its movements.

RD01SQ skeletonized double tourbillon movement

   The skeletonized double tourbillon movement with RD01SQ is composed of 319 parts. From the splint to the smallest screws, all parts of the movement are hand-processed, adhering to the most traditional watchmaking techniques, such as polishing chamfers, side pull All the visible surfaces need to be polished, the screw heads need to be polished or rounded grained, and the edges are chamfered. 1200 hours of production time, of which 360 hours are used to meet the strict requirements of the Geneva Seal. The thickness of the movement is 7.67 millimeters and 28 stones. It can provide a 48-hour power reserve.
   This movement is characterized by a dual flying tourbillon with differential gears, two tourbillon frames located between 4 and 5 o’clock, and 7 and 8 o’clock, each wheel rotating once a minute, Accurately adjusted in six directions. Provides 50 water resistance.

   Summary: This watch earnestly magnifies the ‘art’ characteristics of the mechanical watch. It is a new idea for the structure function of the movement, a unique design of the layout and shape. It is a new concept work, superb craftsmanship and modern design Combined, it is an exquisite work with a strong sense of modernity.