Dewitt Launches Twenty-8-eight Regulator A.S.W.

When the new Twenty-8-Eight Regulator ASW is launched, all watch enthusiasts are invited to travel through the sky to spread their horizons to all corners of the world. In the sky they can see their favorite cities, as well as bird’s eye views of the city’s buildings that are not usually seen. Although you can look to the future on the ground, you cannot have the ideal that everyone has—Blue Dream.
 DeWitt’s Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W., whose design inspiration is to pay tribute to Art Deco design, especially to the trend of exploration in the United States after the Great Depression. In this era, many American industrial designers are fascinated by streamlined aesthetic designs, such as cars, ships, factories, even revolving restaurants, and the innovation and diversification of many modern products. A very influential designer, Norman Bel Geddes, whose design is full of courage to innovate. His design brings a new understanding of the world to people, he said:
‘We believe too much in the way our predecessors did things, so our thinking is limited, and we think that the predecessor’s method is the best way. Over time, we have become too stable, and we have lost the risk. At the same time, it also deprives our sense of innovation and loses the will to pursue self-motivation. Sometimes, do n’t take everything into consideration, but always be prepared for the unexpected! This requires more imagination, more So that progress can be made. At the same time, it requires extreme vision and courage. ‘

 Coincidentally, similar to this idea is the business philosophy of Mr. de Witt, who has many unique insights into the watchmaking industry. In 1932, Norman Bel Geddes published his work, which caused a huge sensation. His ideas and ideas have become the source of creative thinking for generations. He outlined his unique vision and understanding of what reference design should be. And most interestingly, the title of his book is Horizon, which is the inspiration found in Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W.
Source: DeWitt
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