Earl’s Ambassador He Zhiyuan Arrived In Taiwan Elegantly, Personally Selected The Golden Horse Line, Charming Style Flashing Red Carpet

Korean superstar He Zhiyuan arrived in Taiwan elegantly on November 20, preparing for the 52nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony in advance. He Zhiyuan was invited by the Count of the Golden Horse Awards, and came to Taiwan as the Earl’s Ambassador. Mr. Dimitri Gouten, the President of Earl Asia Pacific, stepped onto the golden horse red carpet. He will also be the best supporting actor. . He Zhiyuan attaches great importance to the cooperation with the earl. After arriving in Taiwan, he personally selected the headgear for the golden horse red carpet, and vowed to leave the most gorgeous figure at the golden horse event.
   He Zhiyuan, who has high requirements on all aspects, is also reflected in the selection of red carpets. Piaget specializes in airlifting multiple sets of high-end jewellery from the international headquarters to provide He Zhiyuan’s collocation. I saw that He Zhiyuan not only carefully looked at the cuts and arrangements of each piece, but also compared the neat and simple diamond design with the bright and colorful treasure style. Clothing, makeup, and hairstyle. He Zhiyuan pursed her lips, earnestly and gracefully, and then displayed her charming fashion taste again.

Earl Ambassador-He Zhiyuan personally selected the red carpet for the Golden Horse Awards ceremony

He Zhiyuan tried on the Extremely Piaget bracelet watch, 18K white gold, set with 2008 round diamonds (approximately 11.70 carats), colored opal surface on the front, black onyx surface on the back, equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement, G0A39223

He Zhiyuan tried on Limelight Rose Passion–Rose Exotic earrings, 18K white gold, set with 14 round diamonds (about 1.50 carats), 10 pear-shaped green tourmalines (about 7.62 carats), 12 pear-shaped aquamarine ( (Approximately 5.34 carats), 14 yellow sapphires (approximately 3.09 carats), 2 pear-shaped rectangular garnets (approximately 4.97 carats), 2 pillow-shaped rubies (approximately 15.64 carats), 2 pear-shaped sapphires (approximately 13.93 carats) ), G38LT300

He Zhiyuan tried on Possession ring, 18K white gold, set with 115 round diamonds (about 2 carats), G34PZ500, RMB 95,500

He Zhiyuan tried on Piaget Rose earrings, 18K white gold, set with 304 round diamonds (about 1.3 carats), G38U0053, RMB 187,000

   He Zhiyuan also revealed that he is full of anticipation for this trip to Taiwan: ‘Pineapple cakes in Taiwan! I’m very enamored with pineapple cakes in Taiwan!’ For the Golden Horse Awards Ceremony on the next day, He Zhiyuan is sure to perform well for each of the finalists. All filmmakers offer their support and respect. For the first time on the golden horse red carpet, He Zhiyuan said she was very confident in herself: ‘The charm of a woman lies in her confidence and temperament. Tomorrow’s style is selected and matched by myself, and it will definitely refresh everyone!’ He Zhi The splendid charm of the garden reveals the grace of the goddess and exudes extraordinary charm all the time.