Famous Singer James Blunt And Jeanrichard Shang Weisha Terrascope Combine In Music

In the new song ‘Bonfire Heart’ of James, Terrascope with its unique cool black dial and black tape makes its debut. It is highly anticipated that James Blunt’s fourth album, entitled ‘Moon Landing’, will be released in October 2013; this single is the first release on the album. The combination of the famous singer James and JEANRICHARD Shang Weisha stems from the pursuit of passion and dedication. This concept has gone far beyond the boundaries of music and watches. It represents the philosophy of life and the moment of exploration.

 (August 27, 2013) James Blunt’s latest single ‘Bonfire Heart’ reveals a declaration of dreams, aspirations and love. Songs are likened to life as music; sincere communication of life is unpretentious, simple and direct; so is music. In the most primitive music, the power of music is presented in three dimensions.
 ‘In my youth, I found freedom in music. This freedom allows my creations to fly and allows viewers to see the real me. Most importantly, I see the real self. After that, I went through a period of time before Once again, I knew and found the feeling of freedom, and then I dreamed again. ‘James said that at the moment, his album had sold 17 million albums worldwide and 20 million singles.

 This cooperation with JEANRICHARD has more fully expressed the nature of their love for exploration, their outstanding achievements and their detached ideas. At the same time, it also reflects the life after experience, full of soul and life motto.
 The song ‘Bonfire Heart’ also expresses the delicate relationship between people, whether it is family, friends, or even lovers, it can also stimulate people’s potential and achieve an extraordinary mission.
 This philosophy and JEANRICHARD’s philosophy of life complement each other. JEANRICHARD is convinced that people who like to accept challenges and have passion and hope for the world will create a great journey for themselves and others.
 This music single also expresses the joy of exploring new heavens and new earth. Just like JEANRICHARD’s watch, time is full of exploration and experience, and it is a moment that reflects the extreme life. It symbolizes not only watches, but the art of life.