Gorgeous Opening Of Omega’s First Milan Boutique

13 years after the first Italian boutique opened, Omega has finally moved to Milan, the world’s fashion capital. The newest Omega store is located at Via Montenapoleone 9, the most elegant and expensive shopping street in Milan and Italy.

   The brand-new boutique is divided into three floors and covers a total area of ​​200 square meters. The four windows are carefully decorated with exquisite timepieces, modern and elegant, attracting customers and pedestrians on Montanapoleon Street and Via Verri neighborhood.

Omega image ambassador Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan participates in opening ceremony of Milan boutique

   The first floor of the boutique is dedicated to sales, and the vaulted ceiling design is particularly eye-catching. The first floor hall is divided into three sales areas, not only the brand’s high-end watches, but also high-end jewelry and fine leather goods for customers to choose from. There is also a special area on the ground floor for the classic works of Omega’s glorious history. In addition, there is a comfortable VIP lounge for customers and in-house watchmakers.

   The interior decoration of the brand-new ‘Omega House’ boutique is inspired by the free spirits of nature-air, water and sunlight. It uses Spanish beige marble, exotic zebra pattern wood and high-end glass and other luxurious building materials to show that the brand treats every minute The details are meticulous, the relentless pursuit of excellence.

   The curved lines divide the store into different areas, appearing elegant and smooth, full of vitality. Neutral beige and champagne soft pastel colors add elegance, creating a perfect and harmonious shopping atmosphere for customers.

Business hours

Monday to Saturday 10:00 am-7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am-7:00 pm