Huang Xiaoming’s Advertising Model Deng Ziqi’s Limited Edition Is In Beijing Xidan Shopping Center

Recently, the weather in Beijing has been fine, and the number of passengers in the mall has begun to increase. At the same time, May 1st, many malls in Beijing have begun to hold events and celebrations. From April 15th, Beijing Xidan Mall has held more than 15 days of ‘ Watch and Jewelry Festival ‘, there will be many benefits waiting for you to explore, different watch brands and jewelry will give different benefits, including some special models. According to the author’s understanding, Beijing Xidan Shopping Center Hengli World Watch Center currently has a number of boutique watches participating in the event, including Huang Xiaoshuo’s shuttle advertising models and Deng Ziqi Tag Heuer limited edition watches.

Tissot T-CLASSIC Huang Xiaoming Advertising Watch

Tissot T-CLASSIC T099.408.36.038.00

    This watch is an advertisement for Tissot by Huang Xiaoming, and it is enough to prove its superb quality. The watch is made of stainless steel and plated with rose gold, and the dial scale uses stylish and elegant Paris studs to highlight its refined taste. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and is certified by the Observatory. Another great feature of the watch is that it is very gentleman. Aside from the design, its thickness is less than 11 mm, which is a very typical dress watch size. It is not too thin or thick, and men’s watches are just right.
TAG Heuer Deng Ziqi limited edition WAH131A.BA0867 watch

    Deng Ziqi has been hailed as an Asian singer, and has travelled all the way from ‘I Am a Singer’ to an international reputation today, supporting many fans. Deng Ziqi has become a Tag Heuer brand ambassador since 2015. Since 2014, she has participated in many brand events as a brand friend. The close cooperation between the two has brought infinite vitality to Tag Heuer. In 2015, Jean-Claude Beaver, CEO of Tag Heuer, unveiled this ladies stainless steel ceramic watch in celebration of Deng Ziqi’s singing concert at the top of Europe’s Swiss Jungfrau, and limited to Deng Ziqi. The design is full of vitality and stylish personality.

Beijing Xidan Shopping Center Hengli World Watch Center
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