Innovative, Bold And Firm American Design Style Hamilton Luxury Watch

HAMILTON Since its establishment and development in 1892, Hamilton watches have been popular for their precise and durable practical functions and their consistent rugged, upright, innovative, bold and firm American design style. With more than 300 movies in Hollywood, the HAMILTON Hamilton Watch has become one of the most representative brands of American culture. In 2007, the latest models of Hamilton watches, Khaki Sunset and Khaki Twilight, provided a new interpretation of the two magical moments of dusk and dawn.
    The design of HAMILTON Khaki Twilight is inspired by the vampire world in the science fiction novel ‘I am Legend’ written by Richard Matheson in 1954. The black and white dial symbolizes day and night, and is faithful to the story background of the original novel. Khaki Twilight sets the sunrise and sunset times of New York City on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month on the dial outer circle to foretell New York The beginning and end of the city’s morning and evening twilight, and the numbers are easier to read with a shield-type magnifying glass
    Khaki Twilight’s seconds hand and dashes marking the three-day interval are striking red. The second world time zone is displayed next to the date window at three o’clock on the faceplate, showing high-precision minute time standards covering the world.
    The special cyclone faucet and retractable faucet crown protector ensure possible nighttime movement of the watch. There are two options: stainless steel chain strap and textured rubber treated leather strap.