Jacques Dro Antique Bell Singer Perfume Bottle Clocks Sold For $ 2.35 Million At Sotheby’s Watch Auction In New York

On June 11, New York time, at the Sotheby’s watch auction in New York, Jacques Dro’s antique self-singing bird perfume bottle clock became the focus of the auction, with a turnover of up to 2,530,000 USD! This piece was made by Pierre Jacques de Lo and his adoptive son Resso over 230 years ago. They combined mechanical automation technology and extraordinary art with superb skills, and integrated them into this series of products, turning their works into real art. At the same time, we also congratulate the collector who obtained this treasure.

   Although this watch is called ‘perfume bottle seat clock’, in fact, there is limited space at the bottleneck of perfume knowledge. Inside the bottle is a timing and bird sound (or music) mechanical device. The mechanically wound key is fixed under the bottle cap.

   A two-needle dial on the front of the bottle. The pearl and gemstones are staggered at the edge of the dial, and above the dial is a balance wheel. The back of the belly of the bottle is inlaid with an oval opening, and a bird stand is arranged in the opening. Gold-plated copper trunk, painted copper pieces to make leaves, colorful ivory birds stand on branches. After winding, the bird turned around, flapping its wings and opening its mouth to sing.

   This clock and watch decoration method is unique, and the craftsmanship is complicated and exquisite. Today, more than two hundred years later, it is still shocking.