Jay Chou’s Classic, Learn About

Laura Lan, a famous Chinese and Chinese critic of clocks and jewellery, the main author of ‘Large in Uppercase’, also specializes in the appreciation of mechanical watches. . Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures. No one can judge the classics, only time can be used as a judge. This is true of Jay Chou’s works, as well as the models of Tudor watches. I heard that Jay Chou had been working with Tudor in Shanghai a few days ago. Jaylen was always worried that this is not a music or entertainment show. The audience’s response will not be too enthusiastic. Sure enough, there may not be many young fans on that day. Calling, but full of older fans are constantly picking up the camera to shoot Jaylen’s every move, and watching the ‘elderly’ smile silently watching Jaylen in the audience. Jaylen did not find that although new children or young fans have been joining for more than a decade, fans who have listened to his songs 18 years ago have grown up. Jay Chou is the latest spokesperson for Tudor. Prove a classic with almost 20 years. How long is this time? But today, when I listen to Jaylen’s famous song ‘Lovely Woman’, almost everyone agrees that this song changed the Chinese music scene to have only a minor love song form. The original R & B style was not only Tao Tao’s smooth American style. , Jaylen created a pop style based on Chinese originality. In order to make Chinese pop music more international, Jaylen has also tried to inject various elements of western pop music into his own songs. In ‘Give Me a Time for Songs’, R & B like Usher and Rosemary The slow jazz style of the Latin jazz of ‘The Secret That Cannot Be Said’ is a fusion of Jay Chou’s original style and Western music elements, and has become the first ‘Zhou style love song’ with a high degree of vocal performance. The unique style of music created by Jay Chou sets a new classic style for Chinese. In fact, Jaylen does not wear a watch. In so many years of publicity photos and public activities, I have never seen Jaylen wearing any watch. I even regret that Jaylen is actually more suitable for bling and best diamond watches. It may be because Jayland has been obsessed with the dress style of American rappers for a while. When I first brought Core Motion Magazine to China to launch the Chinese version, I also wanted to invite Jaylen to shoot the cover. I was rejected by Jaylen for not having interest in watches. Everyone knows that Jaylen loves cars, but I always feel that Jaylen has no reason to dislike watches. Tudor 1926 watch. I waited for ten years until the combination of Jaylen and Tudor watch and put on the Tudor 1926 series. I have mixed tastes in my heart. As a senior watch critic and Jayron’s long-time iron powder, I have the opportunity to go with my own professionalism. Analyzing the same paragraph of Jaylen, I was afraid that everyone’s eyes were too focused on Jaylen, and I forgot the Tudor, the 1926 series created for the wider watch wearer. —How to define classic—What kind of watch can be called classic? I think the perfect and appropriate simple arc is as easy to listen and sing along as Jaylen’s songs, and the long-lasting silhouette , plus Practical and durable performance can be said to be a classic of the public. In the design of the 1926 series: the moderate length of the lugs and the curved lines that are appropriately inclined like the strap are also the key to making the 1926 series as easy to wear as any size. In fact, I always think that the bracelet model is a test of the manufacturing process of a watch factory. The smoothness and conformity of the chain link’s links, and there are many men’s concerns: Does it clip hair? Both are the key points in the design and production of chain belts. Tudor 1926 41mm watch, stainless steel case, pink gold outer ring, silver embossed dial, partial hour-setting diamonds, 2824 automatic movement. (Special thanks: RESEE also see players provide venue shooting). The seven-chain design of the 1926 series is actually close to the five-link Rolex Jubilee chain. Because there are many links, it can be more compliant with the wrist, but also because the seven-chain links of the 1926 series are staggered and polished in two ways, which is more polished. The process of making a strap is complicated and sophisticated. There is a link that everyone often ignores when wearing a watch: the metal chain strap watch is weighed on the hand, whether there is a solid sense of presence and roundness, which is related to the actuality and fineness of the materials used. When I first took the 1926 series in my hand, I unexpectedly found that this watch was quite heavy and solid. My wrists were always small, and wearing this 41 mm was not a problem. If you take a closer look at the bezel and the two thin links in the center of the seven-link chain, the perfectly polished sand is really beautiful. The Tudor 1926 series watches are fully equipped with metal chain straps with a seven-link chain design. The reason why Jaylen’s songs become classics is because of the internal and external reflections. Not only is there a unique Zhou style style, but also Fang Wenshan’s words are flesh and blood, then we will talk about the movement used in the 1926 series. The 41, 39, and 36 mm models of the Tudor 1926 series use the 2824 two-way automatic winding movement; the 28 mm uses the 2671 automatic winding movement. A movement that is widely used in the market usually has its unified specifications and stability advantages. The 1926 series is equipped with two automatic winding movements, which are also quite reliable in terms of performance and maintenance. degree. Tudor 1926 41mm watch, stainless steel case, pink gold outer ring, silver embossed dial, partial hour-setting diamonds, 2824 automatic movement. (Special thanks: RESEE also see players provide venue shooting). If we look at the pricing of the 1926 series, the all-steel chain belt style is 12,800 yuan, and the rose gold stainless steel intergold style (with diamond face plate) is 26,000 yuan, then in all aspects, the 1926 series has indeed created the brand founder’s Tudor watch. The highest aim of the company: reasonable price plus reliable daily wear quality. Perhaps what I like most about the 1926 series is that each watch is 100 meters waterproof and uses a screw-in crown design (when you need to unscrew the crown with your fingers and pull it open for adjustment), I often read my article Everyone knows that I like daily wear watches to be at least 100 meters waterproof. Actually, I don’t want to wear them for swimming and diving, but to pursue more solid and reliable airtightness. Tudor 1926 39mm watch, stainless steel case, embossed dial, blue hour markers, 2824 automatic movement. (Special thanks: RESEE also see players provide venue shooting). I have listened to Jaylen’s songs for more than 18 years, every song, every movie, every variety show, and even a musical based on Jaylen’s songs (Jaren did n’t star in it), and countless worlds In concerts everywhere, I am the most loyal supporter of the audience. What I see from Jaylen is that he has always maintained his original intention and pure heart. In his works, he has injected all his talents and ideas, and we start from Each of his songs infused our youth and spent countless hours with it. There are no intrusive Jaylen songs, but the first is deeply rooted. Tudor 1926 41mm watch, stainless steel case, pink gold bezel, black embossed dial, partial hour-setting diamonds, 2824 automatic movement. (Special thanks: RESEE also see players provide venue shooting). — More choices for the same classic — A really good watch, a watch that is worth your daily wear, shouldn’t it? You ca n’t get bored with its simple but solid materials and design, and its reliable performance can accompany you faithfully every day, time never deceives anyone, and the 1926 series is opening the test of time, Jaylen I said that I will sing all the way to the old. I hope that the 1926 series will also become one of the most popular classics of Tudor. However, I have already selected two classic design watches that Jaylen should wear in the Tudor family. Tudor 1926 series 36 mm watch, stainless steel case, black embossed dial, partial hour-setting diamonds, 2824 automatic movement. (Special thanks: RESEE also see players provide venue shooting). I didn’t pay special attention to the classic three-hand design of Tudor before. Maybe I still put my eyes on Rolex, or the Tudor BlackBay series is too eye-catching. The style of the Triangle pit style calendar watch and Prince & Princess week calendar watch, preferably the style burgundy face plate, gold triangular bezel, between Gold chain; Prince & Princess blue face plate, gold triangle pit pattern bezel, inter-gold chain band, imagine Jay Hip-pop style dress and then put on these two watches, it is a perfect match. Tudor Fashion Series (left) and Prince and Princess series are more classic models of Tudor watches. Female friends, do n’t be nervous, the Prince & Princess series of 25 and 22 mm is suitable for petite and slender women. If it is too small, the Prince & Princess series of 36 and 34 mm is actually suitable. In addition, the rose series is actually more rounded and more suitable for professional dress Wear it, in short, Jaylen’s same classic, find out. Tudor Rose watches are also suitable for women looking for classic designs. 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