Lange New Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time Rose Gold

Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time sounds low at every hour, and then rings the quarter clock with three high-pitched tones. This is Lange’s first watch with a beeping device and is now available in 18K rose gold. The Lange watch factory from Saxony took a new approach three years ago and launched its first watch with a ringing device-Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time. Nowadays, this masterpiece with a precision jump type display is shown in 18K rose gold, with a silver-white dial and 18K rose gold hands.

 The main beeper components of Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time can be seen in the dial design and merge with each other. Black-polished stainless steel hammers can be found on both sides of the small seconds dial: the left and right hammers tell the hour at the hour and quarter. Two gongs are striking in the groove between the dial and the bezel. The beeping device will ring one of the gongs every 15 minutes. All three quarter clocks emit high tones, and low-pitched music at 1:00. The beeping device has a pause function to avoid any interference from the watch at night or during meetings. When the button at 4 o’clock is pressed, the hammer is lifted and the watch’s beeping function stops. This process can be observed through the sapphire crystal when the device is turned on or off.

 As a new member of the Lange Zeitwerk series, it is equipped with precise skip-type display, which still retains the characteristics of simple design and clear and easy to read. Large hour and minute numbers clearly show the current time. The patented constant-power escapement advances the minutes display in less than a second, and up to the next hour, the three digital dials will jump forward exactly one space at a time. Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time emits a unique tone every quarter of an hour, allowing the wearer to enjoy the melodious music while watching the digital beat.

 The watchmaker’s home-made L043.2 calibre assembled by Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time meets the expectations of watch connoisseurs for Lange’s reputation in all aspects. All movement components are carefully modified by hand, and equipped with eccentric weight balance and Lange balance spring.