Longines’ 180th Anniversary Watch Exhibition’ Moved To Kaohsiung Treasure Island Watches And Famous Stores Yancheng Store Grand Exhibition

Longines originated from the small town of St. Mill in Switzerland in 1832. It is famous all over the world for its excellent traditional watchmaking technology. Its elegant brand image is deeply loved by consumers. This year coincides with the 180th anniversary of the establishment of Longines. In order to share this joy with all Longines collectors in Taiwan, Longines specializes in airlifting antique watches from the Longines Museum in Switzerland to Taiwan. The famous store Yancheng Store was grandly displayed. At the same time, in order to celebrate the 180th anniversary of Longines, the world’s limited edition models were also sold in Kaohsiung, a famous watch shop on the island. To celebrate the launch of Longines’ 180th Anniversary models at the Yancheng store in Kaohsiung’s famous island watch shop, the supermodel Wang Yinping was specially invited to come to the store as a day manager to show elegantly the Longines 180th Anniversary models. The Longines 180th Anniversary models are limited editions, limited to 180 pieces worldwide, perfectly combining the elegance of Longines with its long and professional watchmaking tradition. Longines column wheel single push chronograph 180th anniversary limited edition, inspired by Longines’ first watch chronograph manufactured in 1913, using Longines exclusive L788 column wheel movement, let The wearer only needs to press a single button on the crown to operate various chronograph functions such as start, stop and reset, which is in keeping with Longines’ tradition of attaching importance to timing and sports; Agassiz 180th Anniversary Limited Edition, source A watch series developed for Longines founder Auguste Agassiz in 1982. This model has an ultra-thin rose gold case with a diameter of 25.50 mm and is set with 180 diamonds. Adding a contemporary elegant expression; the 180th anniversary limited edition model of the Jialan series uses a 29mm diameter stainless steel case set with 180 diamonds and a white mother-of-pearl dial set with 12 diamond hour markers, making all those who desire timeless elegance Women are fascinated; and the specially made Longines Lépine 180th Anniversary Limited Edition pocket watch, equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement (L787), in memory of the first batch of pocket watches produced by the founder Augustus Agassi Confession Dial with blue steel hands and black scale, using the carved back, opened the engraved gold will emerge chassis, Longines people a glimpse of the source of expertise. On the same day, Mr. Chen Dingkun, the collector who won the first place in the event of ‘Looking for Taiwan’s ancient Longines’, was invited to share the rich history and moving time stories of Longines Taiwan’s deputy general manager Zhang Zhengxun. This award-winning model was manufactured in 1870 and has a history of 142 years. The factory serial number is 19,329. It uses the Longines 20B movement. It is rare to have a portrait of Russia’s last tsar Nicholas II on the dial. Demonstrating the heritage of Longines’ 180 years of traditional watchmaking.
     The ‘Longines Watch 180th Anniversary Exhibition’ will display a total of 20 antique watches from the Longines Museum’s precious collection at the Yancheng Store of Kaohsiung’s famous watch and clock shop. ‘The exhibition time is from December 7 to December 24 The 18-day event will surely infuse all visiting Taiwanese collectors and watch fans in the river of time of Longines’ traditional watchmaking technology.
Longines 180th Anniversary Antique Show
Venue: Kaohsiung Treasure Island Watch Shop (No. 119, Dayong Road, Kaohsiung City)
Exhibition time: From today to December 24th, daily 11: 00-21: 00