Can I Buy A Durable And Reliable Swiss Watch For 5000 Yuan?

When buying a watch, we must first consider the budget. Buying a meter without considering the budget is all nonsense. The top-level watches are indeed exquisite in materials and fine in workmanship, but the price is too high, and it is often hundreds of thousands. Ordinary people can only look at them twice, and then swallow. And most of the top watches are side-loaded, and the ‘anti-hit’ ability is not very strong. If the watch has deep scratches, you will be distressed for a long time-unless it is a rich second generation like Wang Sicong. Although the new DS PH 200M Swiss watch is generally more expensive, not all watches are expensive. For the majority of the people, it is obviously more practical to buy a sturdy and durable watch with outstanding cost performance. If the budget on hand is only 5,000 yuan, but you want to buy a reliable and durable Swiss watch, is this possible? It turned out that I thought it was impossible, until recently contacted Certina DS PH 200M. The first generation DS PH 200M, as a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest professional watch group, Certina is a Swiss brand with a long history and pure descent. DS PH 200M is a watch that pays tribute to the brand’s historical watch of the same name launched in the 1960s. The overall design has maintained the original taste, but has undergone a new modern interpretation. We know that Certina’s famous DS double insurance technology came out in 1959. The subsequent 1960s became a stage for DS watches to accompany explorers to conquer Himalayan and follow scientists into the depths of the sea. In short, there is no shortage of things going up the mountain and down the sea. In these harsh natural environments, the Certina DS watch has withstood the test well. With its precise, reliable, and durable characteristics, it has been unanimously affirmed by everyone. This characteristic is deeply embedded in Certina’s blood. The original DS PH 200M introduced in the 1960s had a vicissitudes of maturity. In 1967, Certina created the original DS PH 200M, which can be regarded as the ‘old ancestor’ of the new DS PH 200M. From the picture we can see that the watch uses a stainless steel case and bracelet, and the overall style is masculine. Due to the baptism of years, this antique watch has long worn out, but it does not have a vicissitudes of mature charm. The new DS PH 200M, born in 2018, draws inspiration from the original DS PH 200M and has a new re-engraving to become a modern watch with a strong retro flavor. The new DS PH 200M is loyal to the original design. In order to be ‘loyal to the original’, the new DS PH 200M uses double insurance technology from the 1960s, equipped with a single-sided anti-glare plexiglass watch and NEX Scratchguard A separate assembly ring with scratch coating gives the watch a double guarantee. Water-resistant to 200 meters, you can swim and dive properly with it. The watch is 42.8 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel with a black unidirectional rotating bezel. The hands and hour markers are covered with a white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which can clearly display the time in the dark and is very practical. Considering the waterproof and durable characteristics, the watch is not back-treated, but in the center of the case back there is a vivid turtle relief with open limbs. Turtle is the brand logo of Certina, which stands for ruggedness. At present, in all Certina watches, we can see the ‘turtle’ in a state of being able to behave. The turtle logo on the back of the watch, despite the antique appearance of the watch, uses the modern and efficient ETA Powermatic 80.111 automatic movement in the movement. As a professional movement factory under the Swatch Group, ETA is very powerful in the manufacture of movements. Even the launch of the Omega coaxial escapement movement 8500 was indispensable for ETA. In terms of adjusting the speed, this movement abandoned the fast and slow hands and adopted the cardless spring structure commonly used in high-end watches. The vibration frequency of the watch is adjusted to 21,600 times per hour, and the power reserve jumps to 80 hours, which is a long and uncompromising power. And long power is also a major trend in watchmaking. The new DS PH 200M is priced at 5350 Yuan, equipped with a calfskin strap and a Nato woven strap . As a Swiss mechanical diving watch, I have to say that the price is very kind. If you have a budget of 5,000 yuan and want to buy a durable and reliable Swiss watch, you may wish to pay attention to Certina DS PH 200M. DS PH 200M will be officially launched in China in early November, and the initial shipment will not be too large. Friends who like this watch, all you need to do is a little more patience. In addition, you can pay attention to Certina public number certina1888, search for where you can buy the super cost-effective DS PH 200M.


Joel Egerton And David Oiro At The 2016 Toronto International Film Festival Wearing Montblanc Star Classic Automatic Winding Watch

(September 9, 2016, Toronto, Canada) The annual Toronto International Film Festival has recently opened in Toronto, Canada. As one of the most important film festivals in North America, the Toronto International Film Festival has become a large-scale film event, and it is also regarded as a preview of the US Academy Awards.

Montblanc star classic automatic winding watch

    At the premiere of the movie ‘Loving’, the starring, Australian actress Joel Edgerton appeared handsomely wearing a Montblanc star classic automatic winding watch.

Joel Egerton wears Montblanc star classic automatic watch at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival ‘Love’ premiere

    As a well-known actor, producer and screenwriter, Egerton has appeared in many heavyweight movie works including ‘Star Wars Prequel’, ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Black Mass’ and so on; in 2016 he even relied on The first directorial work ‘Fatal Gift’ was nominated for the 68th American Directors Guild Award for Best New Director, and successfully transformed into a director. This time, as one of the stars in the film ‘Love’, Egerton was wearing a very wide suit with a blue shirt and tie, and a Montblanc star classic automatic watch to attend the premiere. The slim watch design reflects the wearer’s superior taste with a simplified design concept, showing the calmness of mature men in simplicity.

David Oylo wears Montblanc star classic automatic watch at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival ‘United Kingdom’ premiere

    At the premiere of the film ‘A United Kingdom’, starring David Oyelowo also chose to wear a classic low-profile Montblanc star classic automatic winding watch to appear on the red carpet. The talented Oiro is not only an actor, but also multiple roles such as producer, director and screenwriter. In 2014, Oiro won several nominations for his best actor for his outstanding acting skills in the movie ‘Selma’. On the day of the premiere, Oiro’s blue suit and black tie perfectly matched the black dial of the Montblanc star classic automatic watch on his wrist. The refined and simple watch design adds a finishing touch to the overall dress, showing the unique charm of Oiro.


2012 Women’s Watch Popular Trends Detailed Explanation

Jewelry and mechanical watches have always been the two ends of women’s watches. This year, the two mainstreams have their own innovations. Extremely luxurious snowflake diamonds in jewelry watches have attracted attention, while mechanical watches use floating tourbillons, Perpetual calendar and other super-complex functions open up women’s appreciation of functions. In addition, some brands have also made developments in the field of women’s sports watches that have not been paid much attention to. For example, TAG Heuer invited the Perak Jiawa racing car girl Melon Diaz to endorse, and the Omega Seamaster series ‘James Bond 007 five The ‘Tenth Anniversary Collector’ also designed a 36.25 mm women’s model. Chanel and Dior watches, which are good at new materials, are more serialized. New materials have become one of the important choices for women when they buy watches.
Luxury watches for women’s watches
Patek Philippe 7099R Women’s Watch
The Patek Philippe 7099R ladies’ watch, which was unveiled at Baselworld this year, and the enamel watch that Chanel and Ms. Anita collaborated on, all use the snowflake setting method, but unfortunately, Chanel’s rare set of 4 limited edition enamel wrist The watch can only meet fans in September, but this also leaves us more suspense.
独一无二 This unique and extremely elegant watch is the latest model from the Gondolo ‘Haute Joaillerie’ haute jewellery collection. It is accompanied by an elegantly curved barrel-shaped rosette case, paved with non-directional inlaid diamonds, and the precious hand-carved dial also set with diamonds. Ref.7099 is equipped with an exquisite hand-wound rectangular movement.
宝 玑 200th Anniversary Edition of Naples Women’s Watch Series
玑 Breguet, famous for its Naples women’s watch series, launched the ‘200th Anniversary’ banner and launched four different women’s watches in various styles, including a large number of luxury models with diamonds.
Women’s watch four major mechanical articles
Patek Philippe Lady First Ref. 7140 puts the perpetual calendar and moon phase on the stage of women’s watches
百 Among the many brands that have pushed women’s watches to the throne of complex movements, Patek Philippe is the leader this year. Since the introduction of the three-question women’s watch and the two-second chronograph women’s watch last year, this year’s Lady First Ref. 7140 of Patek Philippe has moved the perpetual calendar and moon phase to the stage of women’s watches, becoming the brand’s first slender for women A wrist watch with a perpetual calendar.
Exquisite and elegant ‘Première Flying Tourbillon’
Chanel’s ‘Première Flying Tourbillon’ No. 5 floating tourbillon female watch is a perfect combination of aesthetics and function, the shape of the flower on the dial comes from Miss Chanel’s favorite camellia. However, the theme of the flower is also subtly integrated into the movement of the hands: the flywheel makes one revolution per minute, and the petals represent the second hand.
Four major sports trends for women
TAG Heuer invites Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz to endorse
TAG Heuer, a watch brand that has always been associated with racing cars, always gives men a sense of fortitude, but in the face of the female watch frenzy, it also invited the Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz to endorse this classic ‘Perak’ The racing women’s watch gives an image that can not be more vivid. The strong launch of the Lincoln Women’s Watch Series is extremely feminine on the dial performance, while the strap retains the unique S-shaped link design of the Lincoln Racing Watch, as if the warm marks left by burning tires on the racing track.
The heroic women are also selected as the endorsement of the new watch is also the engineers of BALL (BALL) engineer hydrocarbon series ceramic medium-sized watches. Edurne Pasaban, who joined the Bollist Explorers Association this year, is the only woman among the few explorers in the world to conquer 14 peaks over 8000 meters.
材质 Ladies’ Four Trends in New Materials
Aunt Chanel J12 GMT White Ceramic Watch
Hublot Fruit Collection Pavé Tourbillon Ladies’ Watch
Chanel’s original best-selling J12 series has launched a new material model. Hublot then played high-tech contrast colors, and black ceramics and colored diamonds made a gorgeous choice. Dior’s watch series never played with the black charm of ceramics. This year, the white ceramics market has matured, and it has finally opened up a variety of female watches with pure white ceramics.


The Most Important Piece Of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Emmanuel Gueit’s Audemars Piguet [email protected] internationally renowned watch auction house Phillips announced that it will sell an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore at the upcoming October 10 auction in Geneva, Switzerland. This number The Ref.25721 watch for 39 belonged to Emmanuel Gueit before, and he was an Audemars Piguet designer, and the offshore collection was born from his brush. Ref.5402 @ACM, the first watch of the Royal Oak series, mentioned Audemars Piguet, and now ‘only’ can think of Royal Oak, or think of its brother, Royal Oak offshore. The brand’s other series, such as the Millennium, HAUTE JOAILLERIE, and classic, are rarely mentioned in comparison. Royal Oak, a watch designed by Gerald Genta in 1971 and launched in 1972 not only changed the Audemars Piguet brand itself, but also affected the entire Swiss watch industry. Today, the production of Royal Oak series accounts for about 70% of the Audemars Piguet brand, which is very amazing. After Audemars Piguet officially launched the Royal Oak in 1972, Gerald Genta and his design concepts swept the Swiss watch industry. Including Patek Philippe Nautilus, Vacheron Constantin (222), Hublot Big Bang, all were born under his inspiration, and IWC engineers and Rolex Day-Just have been influenced by the design and changed the original round case. The corners are distinct. It is no exaggeration to say that Audemars Piguet Royal Oak has created a new era. The history of modern clocks and even takes the advent of the Royal Oak series as a dividing point, divided into different styles of the Royal Oak before and after. The success of Royal Oak not only earned a reputation, but also made a lot of money. Audemars Piguet bought a 40% stake in Jaeger-LeCoultre for 12 million Swiss francs from the sale of Royal Oak. In 2000, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s parent company Richemont used the pre-emptive right to repurchase these 40% of the shares at CHF 280 million. This made Audemars Piguet ‘too much love’ for the Royal Oak series. But Royal Oak’s success is not entirely a good thing! This ratio is nothing for an emerging brand, but Audemars Piguet is an old brand with a history of more than 140 years. Because the Royal Oak was so successful that everyone was ignoring other Audemars Piguet designs. If one day, Royal Oak’s design is no longer sought after, it will be a devastating blow to the Audemars Piguet brand. Such a situation is not an imagination. It has happened in history. In the 1980s, Stephen A. Urquhart, the former CEO of Audemars Piguet, found that sales of Royal Oak watches began to decline gradually. So Audemars Piguet wanted to bring a little new life to this distinctive stainless steel watch. The first edition of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore [email protected] 1993. Audemars Piguet officially launched the Royal Oak’s sibling ‘Royal Oak Offshore.’ At that time, Stephen Urquhart found that consumers had started to dislike ‘small-caliber watches’ and instead gradually switched to larger watches. Can not give up the Royal Oak, a cash cow, Audemars Piguet designers chose to enlarge the Royal Oak shore proportionally. But after zooming in, sharp edges and corners will cut hands, so designers soften and round the corners again. At the same time, the waterproof ring is exposed, and the timing button and crown are increased in water resistance. As a result, the Royal Oak was born offshore. Many cousins ​​jokingly said that offshore is a magnified version of the Royal Oak. This is true. This is true history. Standing today and looking at the past, the success of the Royal Oak Offshore series can be described as ‘reasonable’, but in fact it is not ‘smooth.’ The first edition of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore [email protected] As early as 1989, Royal Oak Offshore was designed by Emmanuel Gueit. But at that time, Audemars Piguet was anxious, afraid that this enlarged version of the ‘Royal Oak’ would not be sold, so she put it on hold for 3 years, and planned to release it in 1992, the 20th anniversary of the launch of Royal Oak. In 1992, Audemars Piguet retreated, still afraid that he would not be able to sell it, so she put it on hold for another year. In the end, the official launch date of the Royal Oak Offshore Collection was 1993. At the beginning, Royal Oak Offshore wasn’t called by this name, but named ‘Challenge’, because the change of its size was really a huge challenge at the time. However, in view of the fact that its design is derived from the Royal Oak, which was named after a British navy ship, this new watch still has to touch the sea and call it ‘Offshore’. The first version of Royal Oak Offshore [email protected] made everyone understand that Audemars Piguet was anxious. The first version of Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore was not sold under the name ‘Royal Oak Offshore’, but was still called ‘ Royal Oak ‘. The first 100 off-shore back covers sold are numbered with carved ‘Royal Oak’. Like Royal Oak, Royal Oak cannot be sold offshore at first. Even Gerald Genta, the designer of Royal Oak, thinks that this enlarged version of Royal Oak is simply amazing. The market response severely slapped Audemars Piguet. Because even though Audemars Piguet found that consumers had signs of liking large-sized watches, it was just a ‘sign’. It wasn’t until 1997 that Panerai’s ‘fat and big’ wristwatches once again turned the ‘big-size watch’ salary into the trend of Ebara, and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was off shore. Although Emmanuel Gueit and his [email protected] have struggled along the way, they have to admit that the offshore birth not only gave the Royal Oak series a breath, but also created their own world. Among the many Royal Oak offshore series, the most legendary model is the first Ref.25721; in Ref.25721, the most important one is the designer Emmanuel Gueit number 39. I wonder if it will be possible to refresh the price record of the ‘most expensive Royal Oak Offshore’ watch in history?


A Gathering Of Vintage Gentlemen Toasting Together To Celebrate The Sixth Anniversary Of The Chinese Whisky Club And The Zenith China Whiskey Awards Ceremony

August 21, 2016-Shanghai, the 6th Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese Whisky Club and the Zenith China Whisky Awards Presentation Ceremony were held at the Shanghai New Development Asia Pacific JW Marriott Hotel. Zenith, a Swiss watch maker that spans a century and a half, has sponsored the event by naming it. This brilliant collaboration brings together vintage gentlemen from all parties, and together with guests, it is a grand event to promote and encourage Chinese whiskey Development contributes.

Zenith China Whisky Awards Ceremony

Originating in the name of whiskey

Zenith Retro Gentleman Show Area

    The word Whisky comes from an old Scottish word meaning ‘Water of Life’. Of all the wines, whiskey seems to be a special case; it is complex and fragrant; it is simple and simple enough to require only barley to make it, because the extreme it desires is pure and natural.

Group photo of members of Chinese Whisky Club

    The Chinese Whisky Club was established in 2011. The original intention of the organization was to have a group of enthusiasts who loved whiskey to taste wine together. Their personality and whiskey complement each other: strong, charming, and able to return to peace. So Da people not only like its purity, but also love this flavor full of personality.

Collaboration on Zenith’s Centennial Legend

Guests tasting Zenith watches

    Since its establishment in 1865, Zenith has a long history of 150 years, and has been devoting time and pursuit to the extreme for a century and a half. In order to reproduce the legendary watchmaking style of Zenith, the layout of the scene is also highly imprinted in the period style. When I stepped here, I noticed that the COHIBA cigar dedicated to vintage gentlemen was attracted by the era and the world’s earliest British royal brand Trofit British traditional men’s grooming service. I can experience the traditional service for gentlemen.

Guests experience Retrofit British gentleman repair service

    Immerse yourself in every setting on the scene, which will take you to interpret the retro feelings of gentlemen. Learn more about Zenith, a watchmaking brand that has fought in the classic and traditional field for many years, and praise this century-old legendary watchmaking brand that has created a variety of timeless and outstanding timepieces.

Win-Win Watches & Fine Wine

Zenith China Brand Director Alvin Looi and Mr. Lu Xianming took a group photo with the top of Whisky Club

    Zenith China Brand Director Alvin Looi Lu Xianming said: ‘It is the pioneering spirit of watchmaking that enables Zenith to achieve today’s watchmaking legend. Whisky people have always upheld the’ free, professional, sharing, inheritance ‘ The spirit, striving for joy and enjoyment, and the pursuit of a quality of life concept. This coincides with the Zenith brand’s pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of the ultimate conviction. On this occasion, many outstanding person awards were also selected to recognize them. And encourage them to promote the exploration and development of whiskey culture, at the same time they are the epitome of the vintage gentleman represented by the brand. ‘

Zenith El Primero flagship chronograph Cohiba special watch static display

    Zenith’s El Primero flagship series 1969COHIBA special chronograph watch has attracted the attention of all the guests and became the focus of attention. The high-gloss maroon appearance is reminiscent of the amber color used by the famous COHIBA cigar. Its Havana brown dial is completely covered with vertical stripes and decorated with COHIBA’s unique pattern, which perfectly echoes the COHIBA cigar. This is also the Zenith El Primero flagship 1969COHIBA special chronograph watch, which combines elegance and exquisite craftsmanship in one. At the same time, it seems that it also exudes a mellow tobacco fragrance, with a slight sense of courage, which is pleasing to the body and mind.

Zenith China Whisky Awards Ceremony Stage

    With this feat, Zenith extended the olive branch to the legendary whiskey culture field, set a precedent for history, and created a classic carnival. During the feast, the cup was changed for a change of time; between the wrists, the time was staggered; the guests all drank to the heart like a long-lost acquaintance, and the wine and laughter rang throughout the event. Time has passed, and let us look forward to the seventh year of the Chinese Whisky Club, and a more brilliant and splendid future for both parties!


Gorgeous Opening Of Omega’s First Milan Boutique

13 years after the first Italian boutique opened, Omega has finally moved to Milan, the world’s fashion capital. The newest Omega store is located at Via Montenapoleone 9, the most elegant and expensive shopping street in Milan and Italy.

   The brand-new boutique is divided into three floors and covers a total area of ​​200 square meters. The four windows are carefully decorated with exquisite timepieces, modern and elegant, attracting customers and pedestrians on Montanapoleon Street and Via Verri neighborhood.

Omega image ambassador Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan participates in opening ceremony of Milan boutique

   The first floor of the boutique is dedicated to sales, and the vaulted ceiling design is particularly eye-catching. The first floor hall is divided into three sales areas, not only the brand’s high-end watches, but also high-end jewelry and fine leather goods for customers to choose from. There is also a special area on the ground floor for the classic works of Omega’s glorious history. In addition, there is a comfortable VIP lounge for customers and in-house watchmakers.

   The interior decoration of the brand-new ‘Omega House’ boutique is inspired by the free spirits of nature-air, water and sunlight. It uses Spanish beige marble, exotic zebra pattern wood and high-end glass and other luxurious building materials to show that the brand treats every minute The details are meticulous, the relentless pursuit of excellence.

   The curved lines divide the store into different areas, appearing elegant and smooth, full of vitality. Neutral beige and champagne soft pastel colors add elegance, creating a perfect and harmonious shopping atmosphere for customers.

Business hours

Monday to Saturday 10:00 am-7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am-7:00 pm


Parmigiani Fleurier Creates Lalique Edition 15 Days Clock

The 15-day power reserve clock introduced in 2012 uses five crystal glass panels, which make the beauty of the internal movement and transmission device visible. Today, Parmigiani Fleurier joins hands with French high-end crystal brand Lalique to create a unique limited edition 15-day crystal table clock with a new artistic form, highlighting the delicate shape of the clock and highlighting the amazing artistic beauty of the clock.
For Parmigiani Fleurier, this is a very large product, especially a movement device. For Parmigiani Fleurier watchmakers who are accustomed to using small watch parts, they have to turn their attention to using large parts, so there are many craftsmanship to learn from scratch. For example, when sitting at work, change to standing, abandon the tweezers and change to fingers, change the working magnifying glass to naked eye, and the most important thing is to re-search for the ‘moving mode’ of each operation. Due to the change in size, the ‘tactile memory’ that was originally used to make watches no longer works. Therefore, watchmakers must find a new set of ‘movement modes’ for operating large parts, allowing them to continue to achieve the core technology of perfect precision. . It is a rare and gorgeous adventure for them to unfold a world with a subtle touch with the ‘giant’.
The challenge for Lalique in the production of this work is exactly the opposite: the five panels of the clock are much smaller and more refined than the general tolerance range of crystal processing. This delicate piece of art requires ingenious hot and cold transformations in order to create pure crystals without air bubbles, and Lalique is more than capable of exquisite art. The thin crystals needed to make a 15-day clock panel are not easy for the expert.

Limited edition Parmigiani Fleurier 15-day clock

 The crystal is decorated with Lalique’s characteristic mark: Coutard spring pattern. In 1935, René Lalique created this mark, shaped like a gushing water drop, the circular arrangement followed the form of ‘Art Nouveau’, and the round water drop represented ‘Art Deco’. The tip of each drop is glitteringly polished, matching the satin surface of the crystal glass.
As a powerful symbol of life and reincarnation, the Coutard Spring represents a clock that is not old-let people not forget that there is never a shortage of opportunities for revival of classics. This watch is beautiful in appearance, the finishing touch is in its movement device-cleverly crafted Maltese cross power reserve indicator tightening device installed outside the clock, a patented invention.
The Malta cross restrictor is the basic component of the power reserve of all timepieces. It winds the barrel and counts the number of rotations, but it has not yet been used directly to display the power reserve status. Previously, several mechanical devices and adjusting wheels were used as intermediate tools. This method of equipping the barrel with the Maltese cross restraining device to show the movement of the barrel itself has allowed Parmigiani Fleurier watchmakers to find a simple and easy way to solve the previous dilemma. From the point of view, it can be called elegant and intuitive.
The power reserve scale and display window are repeatedly displayed at a 90 ° interval on the barrel by a four-arm indicator; no matter whether the barrel is full of strings or not, four successively arranged indicator windows ensure that the information is always visible.
Source: ParmigianiFleurier


Speed ​​racing Temple Rolex Daytona Series

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch, introduced in 1963, I believe that watch fans are no stranger, and it is one of the most sought-after signature watches. However, before this, Rolex did not launch a chronograph. However, the Cosmograph chronograph, which is crowned by Daytona, can be exclusively favored and dominate the watch industry for half a century. Some people say that a man’s toy is either a car or a watch. The almost lost control of speed makes people happy. Hearing a car is often refreshing. Daytona.

From 1903 to 1935, Daytona, Florida, USA, more than 80 official racing records were born here, of which 14 were the fastest records in the world

Daytona, Florida, USA, is known for its natural hard beaches and was once a world speed record holder. Sir Campbell believes that Daytona Beach is not only because of its cement-like hard texture, but also because it has enough distance to accelerate, so he thinks it is the only place that can set a world record. From 1903 to 1935, more than 80 official racing records were created, of which 14 were the fastest in the world. Later, although the challenge venue was moved to Utah, half of the beach on Daytona Beach is half of the coast and became the only sand track in the world. The thrilling racing process is deeply tied to the hearts of fans. More importantly, in 1959, NASCAR created a permanent hard-surfaced track in view of the urban development and the deterioration of sand quality. The specially designed curve has a 31 degree inclination and a highest point of 10 Meters, allowing the car to travel at very high speeds without departing from the track, increasing the visibility and safety of the race, and building a road racing track in the inner court of the large track, increasing the diversity of the event and attracting more outstanding players Participate. The 2.5-mile (4 km) three-ellipse track allows viewers to find no dead spots no matter where they are in the stands, and enjoy the first-class events held on the fastest track in the United States.

In 1959, NASCAR built a permanent hard-faced track in Daytona, with a design field with a 31-degree inclination and a peak of 10 meters, which was the fastest track in the United States at that time.

The first race, the Daytona Continental, was officially held in 1962, due to the birth of the track by NASCAR chairman and founder William Williams. Sir Francis is a Rolex enthusiast. He even appeared in advertisements in the 60s of the brand, and promoted the cooperation between the brand and the event, making Rolex the designated timepiece for the Daytona Continental Race. He was awarded a Rolex watch, and in the following year, Rolex also officially released the Cosmograph watch Ref. 6239, which is specially designed for racing athletes, making it a logical winner.

In 1992, Rolex officially sponsored the Daytona 24-Hour Endurance Race, making the nicknamed The Rolex the highlight of each year’s international race.

Daytona Series Evolution
Ref. 6239 is the first time that Rolex has moved the speedometer on the dial to the outer bezel. Not only that, the contrast color system of the dial and the chronograph makes it easier to read the time. At the beginning, there were only Cosmograph models for the US market, and the words ‘DAYTONA’ were placed on the faceplate, but the enthusiastic market response led Rolex to gradually put this word on the faceplate. Two years after its launch, the Cosmograph watch was modified to replace the original push-button handle with a screw-in chronograph push button, especially when the series models were equipped with the oyster case with excellent water resistance. The screw-in push button can enhance the waterproofness of the Cosmograph watch, and mark the Oyster Oyster case in front of the Cosmograph on the surface, and add a new black tachometer ring with a contrasting white scale to make the watch visually readable Go one step further.

First Cosmograph Daytona in 1963

Ref. 6239 is a model launched by Rolex in 1963. It is equipped with a Valjoux 72B hand-wound movement. The speedometer is moved to the bezel. The contrasting colors are all designed by racers. The ‘DAYTONA’ model was sold at the time. The United States is not standard.

1965 reinforced waterproof specifications

Cosmograph models were introduced with an Oyster case at the beginning. In 1965, Rolex further adjusted the chronograph push button, from a push type to a screw-in type. .

Paul Newman Ref.6241

The most famous Daytona model is called Paul Newman Ref.6241, which is derived from Hollywood star Paul. Newman is famous in the film for wearing not only his superb acting skills, but also his passion for motor sports outside the play, like Paul in 1995. Newman and his team won the 24-hour endurance race at Rolex Dayton, arguably the most competent spokesperson for Daytona and motorsport. Ref.6241 is its love table both inside and outside the play. The contrasting color of the face plate, chronograph dial and scale, plus the unique square chronograph logo, makes the Exotic Dial nicknamed Paul Newman watch high.
Cosmograph’s durable and precise performance has made racing drivers love it, but Hollywood star Paul. The blessing of Newman Paul Newman should be the reason for Cosmograph Daytona’s fame, because he wore Daytona in the 1969 racing movie ‘Winning’. Although some people still have doubts, it is undeniable that the car is out of the car A tough guy like Paul. It is an indisputable fact that Newman wears Daytona with him, and the Exotic faceplate on behalf of him also keeps the topic of watch models unabated.

Automatic version in 1988

In 1988, Rolex first introduced the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch with a 4030 movement, ending the era of Daytona bracelets. At that time, the movement was an El Primero based on ZENITH.

Complete self-control stage in 2000

In 2000, Rolex launched its own 4130 self-winding movement. The escapement, timing mechanism and polishing are all Rolex’s high specifications, and it is also the benchmark of the current Daytona series.
In addition to the faceplate modification, Rolex made a major change in 1988, remodeled the movement of the Swiss famous factory ZENITH El Primero, launched the first self-winding version of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, although the 4030 movement equipped with El Primero As a basis, but the details are very natural Rolex, and the diameter of the table was enlarged from the original 36mm to 40mm. In 2000, Rolex further introduced the self-made 4130 automatic chronograph movement, and launched a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, which has now become the new benchmark of the series.

First Platinum Edition in 2013

For the first time, platinum is used to build the case, and the ice-blue dial and chestnut brown ceramic bezel are also new attempts by Daytona. Since it was the 50th anniversary of Daytona, the watch was also regarded as a commemorative model by the market, and it had a milestone status.

2016 long-lost stainless steel version

Daytona finally launched a stainless steel remodeling after 16 years! In addition to the price is naturally more attractive than the precious metal style, the ceramic bezel configured by the new steel case has kept pace with the evolution of the times.

2017 with rubber strap

The biggest highlight is the Oysterflex strap developed and patented by Rolex. This strap combines the sturdiness of a metal strap with the flexibility of a rubber strap. The Oysterflex strap is characterized by a super-stretch metal sheet inside and an outer layer covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding, so it is not easily affected and durable in various environmental conditions.


Men’s Wind Direction Watch Hermes Rolex Each Leading Fengsao

People’s pursuit of precision never ends. In this contest of human wisdom, gravity, and physical friction, watchmakers are obsessed with absolute but more accessible accuracy. This almost crazy obsession also brings love to watchmakers. An interesting topic.
Hermes Time Pause Watch
Influence: ★★★★★
This technology involves the triple flyback system, which is also the world’s first watch with two exclusive patent protections. Break through the traditional concept of time display and pause time. Best Men’s Watch at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II
Influence: ★★★★
The Oyster Perpetual Explorer II enhances precision and reliability to a higher level. The case is enlarged to 42 mm and a new 3187 movement developed by Rolex is built. This movement is equipped with the latest patented technologies of many brands.


The Tide Is Coming! Omega Exit, Longines Exit, Le Méridien Exit, Kunlun Exit, Raymond Weil Exit ………

At the end of July this year, Nick Hayek, president of the Swatch Group, announced that the group will withdraw from Basel World, the world’s largest watch exhibition, from 2019 and no longer participate. The reason is that with the development of the Internet and transportation, the watch business has become ‘more transparent, faster and more natural,’ and no longer requires traditional exhibitions. The predecessor of the Swatch Group is the Swiss watchmakers ASUAG and SSIH. Previously, SSIH and ASUAG each had many well-known Swiss watch brands. The Swatch Group, which was born after the merger of the two, is undoubtedly the giant of the Swiss watch industry. Its brands include: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jacques, Léon Hatot, Omega, Longines, Radar, Union Glashütte, Tissot, Balmain, Certina, Mido, Hamilton, CK, Swatch, Flik Flak ….. This time, Nick Hayek, President of the Swatch Group, announced that the Group will not participate in the Basel World watch exhibition since 2019, which also means that its brands will also withdraw. At the same time, the 18 watch brands under its watch can save 340 million yuan in annual expenses by not participating in the watch exhibition ….. After the Swatch Group announced the launch announcement, the organizers behind the Basel watch exhibition also issued a statement and announced that they would begin to adjust , Rectify themselves based on the opinions of various watch brands, and want to try to recover. However, the ‘exit’ wave triggered by the Swatch Group has begun to intensify ….. On September 26th, the watch brand Raymond Weil announced that it would leave Basel. The company had previously exhibited more than 40 at Basel. year. Its participation costs one million Swiss francs, or about RMB 6.9 million. Regarding the reasons for the exit, brand CEO Elie Bernheim said that the evolution of the market and consumer behavior clearly shows that exhibitions such as Basel no longer meet the brand’s needs. On October 10, watch brand Corum Kunlun announced that the brand will not participate in the 2019 Basel watch exhibition. They have been participating for 62 years before, and Corum CEO Jérôme Biard explained the reasons more politely: 1. They are not selling well now. 2. The previous sales methods can’t solve the problem, they need to adjust, and the meaningless exhibition is one of the objects being adjusted. 3. Limited budget and no money. Today, after 30 years at the Baselworld, Maurice-Lacroix has announced that it will withdraw from the 2019 show. It’s really impossible to stop it ………