Parmigiani Fleurier Creates Lalique Edition 15 Days Clock

The 15-day power reserve clock introduced in 2012 uses five crystal glass panels, which make the beauty of the internal movement and transmission device visible. Today, Parmigiani Fleurier joins hands with French high-end crystal brand Lalique to create a unique limited edition 15-day crystal table clock with a new artistic form, highlighting the delicate shape of the clock and highlighting the amazing artistic beauty of the clock.
For Parmigiani Fleurier, this is a very large product, especially a movement device. For Parmigiani Fleurier watchmakers who are accustomed to using small watch parts, they have to turn their attention to using large parts, so there are many craftsmanship to learn from scratch. For example, when sitting at work, change to standing, abandon the tweezers and change to fingers, change the working magnifying glass to naked eye, and the most important thing is to re-search for the ‘moving mode’ of each operation. Due to the change in size, the ‘tactile memory’ that was originally used to make watches no longer works. Therefore, watchmakers must find a new set of ‘movement modes’ for operating large parts, allowing them to continue to achieve the core technology of perfect precision. . It is a rare and gorgeous adventure for them to unfold a world with a subtle touch with the ‘giant’.
The challenge for Lalique in the production of this work is exactly the opposite: the five panels of the clock are much smaller and more refined than the general tolerance range of crystal processing. This delicate piece of art requires ingenious hot and cold transformations in order to create pure crystals without air bubbles, and Lalique is more than capable of exquisite art. The thin crystals needed to make a 15-day clock panel are not easy for the expert.

Limited edition Parmigiani Fleurier 15-day clock

 The crystal is decorated with Lalique’s characteristic mark: Coutard spring pattern. In 1935, René Lalique created this mark, shaped like a gushing water drop, the circular arrangement followed the form of ‘Art Nouveau’, and the round water drop represented ‘Art Deco’. The tip of each drop is glitteringly polished, matching the satin surface of the crystal glass.
As a powerful symbol of life and reincarnation, the Coutard Spring represents a clock that is not old-let people not forget that there is never a shortage of opportunities for revival of classics. This watch is beautiful in appearance, the finishing touch is in its movement device-cleverly crafted Maltese cross power reserve indicator tightening device installed outside the clock, a patented invention.
The Malta cross restrictor is the basic component of the power reserve of all timepieces. It winds the barrel and counts the number of rotations, but it has not yet been used directly to display the power reserve status. Previously, several mechanical devices and adjusting wheels were used as intermediate tools. This method of equipping the barrel with the Maltese cross restraining device to show the movement of the barrel itself has allowed Parmigiani Fleurier watchmakers to find a simple and easy way to solve the previous dilemma. From the point of view, it can be called elegant and intuitive.
The power reserve scale and display window are repeatedly displayed at a 90 ° interval on the barrel by a four-arm indicator; no matter whether the barrel is full of strings or not, four successively arranged indicator windows ensure that the information is always visible.
Source: ParmigianiFleurier