Tengfei Beijing Watch Factory China’s Pioneer Of High-end Watches

Watch enthusiasts admire and admire the movement of the watch, put the ‘engine’ on the wrist of the Buddha. When staring at the watch, the ‘click’ sound created by the watch craftsmen is always deep. Attracting, so, in addition to timing, watches and clocks have gradually become a sustenance of people’s feelings. As we all know, Swiss clocks have always enjoyed a good reputation in the world. Swiss-made clocks are exquisite and complex. However, in the pursuit of fine watchmaking, the Chinese brand-Beijing has never ceased its efforts and innovations.
  Although there is still a big gap between our domestic brands and foreign timepieces in terms of technology and craftsmanship, relatively speaking, Beijing watchmaking is still exploring on the road of struggle, and the brand’s achievements are still worthy of recognition. For half a century, Beijing watches are like a awakening dragon, which will release more energy, show more glory, and constantly achieve the perfect fusion of Chinese culture and watches.

 Brand development
  The development history of Beijing Watch Factory incorporates the brand’s spirit of struggle and represents the rise of Chinese brands. Beijing Watch Factory was founded on June 19, 1958. At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, there were only 21 cadres and workers. They were all transferred from the public-private joint-venture watch factory in Xuanwu District. In order to present a gift to the 9th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, they had no factory, no equipment, and no capital. With the experience of developing and producing alarm clocks, with the help of teachers and students from the second department of Beijing Institute of Technology, they were surveying and mapping the Swiss ‘Great Rome’ watch On the basis of more than three months of hard work, the first batch of 17 watches were developed in September, filling the gap in the Beijing watch industry.

  In 2006, the ‘Beijing’ tourbillon platinum diamond watch ‘Yu Long Xi Feng’ exhibited at the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland. In the same year, the watch was collected for 1 million yuan, becoming the first watch of its kind in China.

  Since ancient times, the Chinese have a spirit of self-improvement and tenacious struggle. With the continuous innovation and hard work of staff, today’s Beijing Watch Factory has become more complete, and has mastered the tourbillon, double tourbillon, three questions about tourbillon, dual axis The design and manufacturing technology of highly complex watches such as three-dimensional tourbillons and long barrels and power, mastered the production of advanced watches such as micro-engraving, hollowing, enamel, precious metal processing and gem setting, becoming the core of high-end watches with completely independent intellectual property rights Technology watch maker. I believe that in the future, Beijing watches will bring us more miracles.

  The above takes you to understand the history of the brand’s struggle. The following watch homes will take you into its core soul-watches. Different series of watches will bring you a new experience.
 Hand Carving-You Long Xi Feng

  Since ancient times, Dragon and Phoenix have been regarded by the Chinese as a symbol of rights, nobility, and good luck. The dragon has always been a symbol of Chinese monarchs, while the phoenix represents the ancient concubine. You Long Xi Feng is the most auspicious scene in ancient legends. According to this legend, the Beijing Watch Factory named the Chinese tourbillon watch that it presented to the Basel International Watch Fair as ‘Dragon Dragon and Phoenix’. This watch is not only one of the representative works of Beijing watches, but also represents traditional Chinese culture. head to the World.

  Every detail of this watch fully displays Chinese elements. In the center of the ring dial, the registered trademark of Beijing Watch Factory, Tiananmen Tower, is directly carved on the main splint, which is hidden between the rising clouds. A dragon in Xiangyun appears and disappears from time to time. Dragon Lin, Dragon Claw and even the glazed tiles on the Tiananmen Gate are clearly visible. This gorgeous color is as noble and elegant as the palace of the Forbidden City. The pendulum of the tourbillon mechanism is just like a Chinese Lingyan flying with wings. The little swallow is engraved with layers of feathers.

  The engraving master also ingeniously on the back of all plywood (that is, the assembly reference plane), the box wheel, the box cover, the fork plywood, the turntable, the double sides of the second wheel, and the side of the box wheel and the spokes of the center wheel 2. The movable outer ring and even the screw surface are engraved with exquisite patterns. Every detail is polished to be very delicate, and each part is full of the unique style and creativity of Beijing watchmaking. The creation of this spiritual Chinese tourbillon watch has gone through a lot of heat and cold. The carving of the splint and the main splint has lasted for more than three months, which is enough to reflect the masters of excellence in quality.
 Enamel Movement-Butterfly Love Flower

  ‘Zhuang Sheng wakes up in a dream, and there are flying butterflies in love with flowers’ is a distant legend, and Beijing watchmaking draws inspiration from it to create another realm. On the whole, this watch conveys a dreamy world. The colorful dial is a beautiful sky garden. The colorful flowers bloom in the sun and let the butterflies swim. ,dance to tune.

  The front of this watch is made of silver enamel main splint, and the hollow tourbillon window does not affect the complete enamel pattern. The hands of the watch are also decorated with yellow, green and blue, blending with the hue of the large background, making it more harmonious and beautiful. When it is less than 2 mm wide, there is a blooming tulip and lush green leaves on the minute hand, showing a spring blooming scene. A blooming rose on the large steel wheel on the back of the watch, and a spider plant on the umbrella-shaped plywood, named ‘Fuchsia’. Silver billet and gold wire enamel is the most classic and most colorful representative of all enamel technologies. ‘Butterfly Love Flower’ is also the world’s first silver billet filigree enamel splint watch (the main splint double-sided enamel). Maybe its details cannot be impeccable, but on the road of innovation, it is still a boutique .

  In addition, other enamel watches also have different design concepts and styles. Each dial is like a beautiful scroll, telling the history and culture of China for thousands of years.
 Accurate timing-mechanical watch

  In addition to complex styles, Beijing watchmaking also pays attention to the production of general mechanical watches, including hollow-winding mechanical watches, bracelet mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches. The simpler the watch, the more it will make people feel addicted.

  A simple mechanical watch does not require much decoration. This watch uses a small three-hand design, and the brand logo at 12 o’clock echoes the small second hand at 6 o’clock. Silver Arabic numerals and time scales reflect a simple modern style. The wide application of leather straps can make the watch feel lighter and more comfortable.

Summary: Any brand is a development process from scratch, small to large. There are periods of depression, rise, and success. For Beijing watchmaking, the road ahead is still far away and there is still room for improvement. Big. From any perspective, we have no reason to reject a growing brand, because the opportunity is for those who are brave and rapid. As one of the few domestic watch brands and authentic national watches, we believe that Beijing watchmaking will continue to progress and innovate, opening up a new world for China’s watchmaking field. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)