The Aliens Are Here Again! After 20 Years, ‘independence Day’ Is Making A Comeback

20 years ago, a science fiction film ‘Independence Day’ directed by Roland Emmerich not only created the highest box office in film history, but also the originator of alien invasion of the earth. This work can also be described as a science fiction classic in the 1990s. However, today, 20 years later, the war has not stopped …

 Before watching the new movie, I reviewed the first classic of the 1996 classic. Due to technical reasons at the time, the disaster scenes for ‘Independence Day’ were limited and the storyline was fairly reasonable. It is mainly about the sudden invasion of aliens, and the earth people suffered heavy losses when they were caught off guard. Humans have fought back, but due to technological gaps, even nuclear weapons cannot destroy alien spacecraft. When helpless, engineer David suggested implanting a computer virus into the alien carrier to remove the alien’s field of protection. The President of the United States agreed to his request and personally piloted the aircraft to fight the aliens, thereby preventing the aliens from invading. Defended the planet and all mankind.

 However, after a lapse of 20 years, director Roland Emmerich has brought a new war to the big screen. ‘Independence Day 2: A Comeback’ has been hit in mainland China. According to data from the movie box office, As of June 26, the film’s three-day box office exceeded 241 million yuan.
 In general, this movie is up to 20 years of expectations, full of emotions, shocking special effects, and touching the show of affection in front of disaster. For a person who is used to watching emotional urban dramas, the whole scene is still followed A little more nervous.

 ‘Independence Day 2: The Comeback’ tells the story that took place 20 years after ‘Independence Day’. The aliens invaded the earth again with more advanced weapons. Human beings could not resist it. Therefore, the global defense forces united. The science and technology left by the stars have jointly implemented a large-scale defense plan to protect the earth together. Several wise warriors came forward to save the earth from the brink of extinction.
 For more details of the plot, the editor will not say more here, and leave it to everyone to see it in theaters. Here are a few general observations from a 120-minute session as an ordinary viewer, to share with you:
Aspect 1: Feelings
 For many generations in the 1980s, ‘Independence Day’ may be the first Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster in memory. After a lapse of 20 years, the flower season teenagers are now parents. When they see the familiar faces in the movie again, in addition to enjoying the wonderful plot, I believe they will also lament the changes of the years. The 20-year classic will be the same Everyone’s feelings are magnified again.
Aspect 2: Look at special effects

 The huge movie special effects in the film have been greatly improved compared to the first one. The huge scenes of giant space battles, earth air battles, and the entire city being sucked out have a very strong visual impact and are dazzling. Especially through 3D visual display, it makes people feel more immersive. It can be said to be the level of the top film industry. Having said so much, in fact, I want to say that watching this film must have a very strong heart. I am a timid person, scared by several shots …
Aspect 3: Look at Chinese Elements and Angelababy

 Before watching the film, there were film reviews written, Chinese elements appeared in many places in the film, and it was true after seeing it. Twenty years ago, the aliens invaded the earth and made humans wary and prepared. They set up a base on the moon, which is monitored by China. All supplies on the moon base are Chinese products, including Tencent QQ, Mengniu milk, and of course There is also a Chinese face—Angelababy. Baby plays the number one female pilot on the lunar base in the film. It can be said that she is a popular character. Netizens teased her as “the longest actress in Hollywood blockbusters in history”. In fact, it is not a soy sauce. As a female pilot with a high appearance rate in the film, it is quite cool.
Aspect 4: Watch Hamilton Watches

 As a watch editor, the watches that appear in the film are naturally not to be missed. In the film, pilot Jake Morrison, played by Liam Hemsworth, wears a Hamilton Khaki series that surpasses the wind speed automatic chronograph. He is very handsome in driving a fighter plane.

Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 450 movies, and ‘Independence Day 2: Come Back’ is the latest film to participate. The brand’s first collaboration with the film industry dates back 65 years, when brand watches
‘Frogman Undersea War’ debuted on the screen. Since then, Hamilton has worked closely with costume designers and prop makers to provide watches for filmmakers.

 This tough watch that appeared in ‘Independence Day 2: Come Back’ has the brand’s traditional military lineage, designed for adventure, and the buttons on the 44mm stainless steel case are uniquely designed into an ‘X’ shape. The brown calfskin strap adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the watch. This chronograph is equipped with an automatic movement with day and date display and a yaw calculator for the pilot to measure crosswind.
Summary: Director Roland Emmerich’s relaunch of the classic 20 years ago gave us a chance to relive old times. Although the plot of this film is relatively old-fashioned, it is indeed a beautiful scene.