The ‘breitling’ Aerobatic Performance Team Performed In Singapore

On March 9, the ‘Breitling’ aerobatic flight demonstration team performed aerobatic stunts over the waters of Sentosa Island, Singapore.

 In 1884, La Chaus-Fonds was founded by founder Louis Breitling (La Chaus-Fonds). Initially, the company mainly produced timers such as pocket watches, and in 1914 began producing watches with seconds and luminous for the army. In 1936, when Breitling piloted the ‘Spirit of St Louis’ and flew across the Atlantic Ocean, Lyon’s grandson, Willy, saw a huge demand for accurate timekeeping in aviation and transportation, and began to provide control for aircraft. The instrument panel is equipped with the production of precision timepieces, and has since embarked on a production path that is closely related to the aviation industry. To date, large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing Douglas and Lockheed are still customers of Breitling.
 Ernest Schneider later took over the company in 1979. Since then, through a series of unique designs, Breitling has become the leader in the production of new, unique and durable multi-purpose watches. The experience of making watches for the aviation industry over the years has given Breitling products a remarkable feature. It always pays attention to the functional orientation of watches, giving its products continuous adaptation to the needs of special industries such as aviation, navigation, navigation and diving, making its watches become The perfect combination of practicality, functionality and diversity. Therefore, the Breitling watch is not only a timer, but also a precision instrument, known as the ‘aviation computer’.